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2 Top Tips to drive More Traffic & Backlinks to your Website – Meet

We did Promise at the end of November to share with you some tricks and resources we use not only to earn over $11k in 3 weeks in one program but also to increase our website SEO and rankings as well. This is of course by getting more traffic & backlinks to your offers and website! Backlinks to your website are literally votes for your blog. The more backlinks you receive the higher it will rank in search engine results.

It’s true that anyone who wants to become a pro-blogger must master content curation and present the best content online in your niche and make sure it ranks! These in turn will increases traffic to your website/blog and backlinks to your content! 

#Tip 1 for more traffic & backlinks to your website:

Many wonder what the heck content curation is, are you one of them? I bet you may not have heard about Twitter’s lil baby & potentially powerful resource today we are going to focus a little more on this Tool we just discovered so we are excited about it as we test drive it! As Facebook keeps changing the goal posts almost like Google we are determined to find and share with you whatever tools we use & find and we have so far shared and more series focused on increasing organic aka unpaid traffic and natural backlinks to your blog and offers!

We stumbled on while commenting on a tweet by Ann Smarty, it’s been around for a while and is Twitter’s baby! is a social newspaper publishing platform, and Guess what …you are the chief editor! It’s a content curation service that enables you to publish newspapers (blogs/tweets, newsfeed updates, content) based on topics of your choice. You can then share the newspaper with your audience as frequently as you wish e.g. daily, twice a day or weekly. You can generate a free online newspaper from your tweets or those from people you follow on twitter by entering your username. Any updates/links you’ve tweeted to your own site are included & do help your SEO!

Below is Ileane Smith’s Tutorial on Find out how it can it you Get more traffic and Backlinks to your content


Now for my opinion of, as I said it’s new to us too, we are test driving it and  would love to hear your views on its effectiveness if you chose to use it, if you have used it before, or use it! I like the concept, but to me it feels like a “lazy newsletter” I doubt you have editorial control prior to publication? On twitter you could have lots of “content” that may be out of sync with your brand. I’ve seen tweets on why the other person loves squirrels or a YouTube video with content that may be totally unsuitable for your image, people being silly or doing stupid stuff …seriously and they follow you! And your twitter is for biz e.g. could be about Travel or health and wellness or your digital products! So the Jury is out on how effective is to drive more traffic and backlinks to your blogs. Will you try it and share your views then?

Watch this space for further updates as we get jiggy with it!

#Tip 2 for more traffic & backlinks to your website = Guest Blogging

This has been around for a while, so I am addressing new bloggers or those not in the know! New Bloggers tend to be “selfish” they cannot envisage anyone else posting a blog via their website i.e. guest blogging! It’s one of the best ways to JV esp. with someone else with a bit more influence than you and getting your website & brand out there while receiving some link juice back to yours! Getting your blog content found these days is hard…right! Every blogger/marketer/business including Ourselves 🙂 is seeking more traffic and backlinks to their content, it’s very “busy” out there.  This is also one of the professional’s ways to increase exposure for your business & using blogger outreach avenues? I highly recommend you explore these! I won’t go into deep details as guest blogging has been massively addressed by others with even more experience than Pauli & I! Our only advice to you is make sure the content you allow from guest bloggers is relevant, well written, unique and optimized, preferably original; and enhances the value of your blog. It should have clean code, relevant links to authoritative sites i.e. link juice or bait.
Can I tell you that there’s no one better versed with guest blogging and driving more traffic and backlinks to your content, than the founder of MyBlogGuest, MyblogU, and co-founder of ViralContentBuzz Ann Smarty. She in fact freely shares her E-book on the subject Grab Your Copy Here 100% FREE No strings attached!

In her own words, “Based on many months of hard work and guest blogging Ann Smarty, owner of, the first guest blogging community ever, shares her tips and actionable advice on how to guest blog for maximum benefit”

Very briefly the advantages of guest blogging in addition to driving more traffic and backlinks to your website include: establishing authority, getting targeted traffic which should lead to increase in subscribers and backlinks of course, gaining exposure, and last but not least building your brand. You should consider becoming a guest blogger as its an excellent way of putting yourself out there, advertising you to become better known within your niche and attract even more targeted traffic to your offers.
And lastly here is what Ann Smarty says you should do to become a guest blogger:

• Select an appropriate blog
• Make contact with the Owner aka webmaster
• Agree Clear Terms
• Do your research;
• Create unique, engaging, optimized content
• Don’t use the same blog post on another blog…(what Google calls “Low quality article banks)
• Submit your post for editing and publication, within the agreed time
• Promote your guest post as aggressively as you would on your own blog
• Respond to all comments after publication of your guest post…

P.S. On that note I invite anyone who is a Fan, subscriber or regular commenter to propose a guest blog on Our terms and conditions for Guest Bogging are very well laid out under our Privacy Policy. Please do read them before you proceed; and we are more than happy to host your blog, or Be your next Guest Blogger!

Facebook is making things harder, so use other media, the www is your oyster! What are you waiting for, go find a blog to be a guest blogger, comment like crazy, become a staple on that blog for a month or so, Offer to become a guest blogger. Don’t forget to Publish your newspaper via, after all the whole aim of blogging is to drive more traffic & backlinks to your content. Happy guest blogging!

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