How to Succeed in Your Home-Based Business #successtips

How to Succeed in Your Home-Based Business – The Power of Intention!

what is the first rule for a successful home-based business?

We’ve got some bad news for you — there is no Magic bullet for how to succeed in your home-based business. It is hard focused, thankless work, EVERY DAY for months. 

When we started building our business four years ago, we didn’t know how to succeed in a home based business and we had no clue whether we could even succeed! It could work out so why not!

We made so many mistakes it wasn’t even funny; you can read about them!  We didn’t know if people would care about what we blogged about or if it would work at all, but we kept doing. Paul and I kept writing even when our posts were only being read by our kids and a few mates. We kept on publishing posts and attending late night webinars in the wee hours following the 9-5 or shifts, exhausted beyond measure.

We have been showing up consistently sharing answers to home business owners and internet marketers’ questions! For most of that time, after our first Online Business where we hit leader boards, enrolled over 250 reps and Made 5 figures in 6 weeks, we kind of hit a wall!

We met the Duplication gremlin…We couldn’t duplicate our success in that business, and we were baffled until we learnt that, we hadn’t been recording our steps! Just doing!

Lesson 1: What you lack in experience you can make up in Numbers…! Action Beats documenting every time!

We learnt soon enough, from working with some amazing leaders that Home based business success is rooted in a huge amount of patience, Smart Hard relentless work and focus on your vision!  

When you can’t see the light, you have no answers, don’t know when the money will ever come, you feel discouraged, guess what you should do? – Put your head down and WORK some more!  


So many internet marketers and home based business entrepreneurs, and we must say so did we at some point; question why we spend so much time and energy blogging, building an online business, prospecting etc.!

You see like you, we were missing the point that IT IS A BUSINESS.  Our efforts weren’t translating into dollars, mega home, new cars bling or any of the other types of benefits most consider as a yard stick for success. Until we analysed the timeline of a business break even and profit point; 2-5 years man!

And here is what we say on that front:

If you continue measuring success based on the above yard stick or external factors, chances are you will never find success. Plus, you will very quickly fall out of love with the business and industry.


Now to the Critical Steps: We cannot guarantee that your home-based business will bring you the returns and success you wish for but there are steps you can take to ensure success by 80%. Let us get this straight.

The results you get out of your home based business will be a direct result of the Plan, effort, perseverance and Intentional Actions you put into it. In other words, what you put in is what you will get. From the Neck Upwards…! Mindset baby!

So let’s dive into how to succeed in your home based business…Our 10 point blueprint!

Our 10 Critical Steps to Home-based Business Success



Well we sure hope you got value, I specially like Point #6 because that’s when Residual income flows and you cant stop it! Esp. as we love to over deliver. So if you missed watching the video, Just Listen to it as an audio and get the value! Now to the….

Bonus: Plan To succeed by Crafting a Daily To Do List:

There is no quick fix or silver bullet quick when it comes to building a lasting, successful, profitable business. There is, however, lots of FOCUSED LEVERAGED SMART work and in many cases Hard work. Cultivate these 19 Characteristics to a business mindset too! 

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You absolutely must have a daily routine that keeps you on track and focused on income producing activities. It is the key to your success. You only have 24 hours in a day – and those that maximize their time see the most success.

Replace non-income producing habits with ones that will maximize your income. Make sure you are not busy being “busy.” Leverage your time on social networks, as I am sure you already know, time can get away from you that way.

So set your timer, I do 90 mins focused power hour 10 mins Break stretch, cuppa etc! and when its social media time, well Its 90 minutes of connecting, prospecting, follow up and chatting, emails  etc.  Keep yourself accountable and on top of your game.

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Listen up, just work Smart, Leverage resources and make it happen.

How to Succeed in your home based business- Its a Wrap: 

So to wrap up, here is how to succeed in your home based business: Set out to make a difference, to positively impact people’s lives – and guess what, at that point, the numbers wont matter. Do serve, always give value, Share your unique personal testimony, experience. Show people you know and feel their pain coz you have been there or are there with them! 

Here is the Deal, “The Harder and Smarter you work, The Luckier you’ll get & Others will think so too!” 

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