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Do You Have the Business Mindset to Succeed? We give you 19 Characteristics You Must Have or Cultivate to Unleash your Abundance! Infographic & Podcast!


Do you know that You Are an entrepreneur? Yes you…We all are…we all have that business mindset…Hahaaaa you are thinking No we don’t. Yes You do!

Donna M. De Carolis PhD is of the view that we are all entrepreneurs … So how or when do we lose that spark?


When does the entrepreneurial spirit flee some of our bodies?

What are the characteristics of a Business mindset?

And having read her article, by the way do read it, very insightful… I do agree with her! And today I am going to prove to you that we are all entrepreneurs. Because it’s a Mind-set. And we all have almost all the characteristics that make a positive business mindset. Like all good things we got to practice and cultivate them. After all even the best talent left uncultivated becomes redundant…right!


The first thing we want you to understand is that abundance is your NATURAL state. Deep inside, you are no different from Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Simon Cowell Heck, John D. Rockefeller, Warren Buffet, Arianna Huffington.

Or any of the other men and women in the ranks of the world’s super rich. We all are incredibly powerful and energetic beings with infinite potential. You are capable of anything, you do have a business mindset inside of you… truly you do. Regardless of your background, life choices, current financial status, career, or education…YOU ARE WORTHY!


Abundance is your birth right, yes it is and you were born with a natural instinct, a business mindset or entrepreneurial spirit!

And that will always remain true. Aha, you might be wondering, if I have a business mindset and abundance is my birth-right, why am I not where I desire to be in my life or business?

  • Maybe you’re neck deep debt, living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Or maybe you’ve struggled for yonks trying to get your business off the ground.
  • Or maybe you lost a bunch of money in the process or in the economic recession.

Whatever the case may be, there’s only one reason you’re here: you want to breakthrough to that next level and are having a hard time doing so. But Today, we want to assure you that you have what it takes, you have the business mindset to change things, the law of attraction does what it does. The universe responds to your mind…So what do you feed your mind with.


So below are the characteristics of a Business Mindset and leadership and at the end I will espouse why how put together they can create your business success beyond your wildest dreams! Ready? Let’s do it…



Okay this is gonna be interactive because I would like you to go inside of you, find that inner man let’s get your business mind-set on so you can start to focus on whats important for your business! Go through this checklist. Tick off each of the characteristics you feel you have. Be honest with you! Once done, look at the characteristics that are left unchecked. These are the areas of your mindset that you need to work on or outsource.


Find some practical guidance on how to put your business mindset into gear as you ask yourself the Question: Do I have a business mindset? No need to reinvent that wheel!

1. Vision

2. Passionate

3. Persistent

4. Consistent

5. Competitive

6. Responsible

7. Focused

8. Risk-Taking

9. Mindful

10. Grateful

11. Networker

12. Acceptance

13. Growth Mindset

14. Confidence

15. Hustle – Planning

16. Creativity

17. Flexibility

18. Positivity

19. Patience


We have focused on 3 below, others are self-explanatory and We’ll let you TUNE IN & SEE the rest on iTunes and the Info-graphic below.

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1. Business Mindset – Vision:


Now let’s agree that without a vision, we literally just drift in whichever direction the winds blow. Vision is an essential aspect of a business mindset that every successful entrepreneur has. Everything we see on this planet started as someone’s vision or dream.

Without a vision we keep looking for that new thing to validate our existence. For some it’s a shiny new object, others simply follow whatever someone else says is right, others settle for less than they deserve and for others it’s total paralysis and thus acceptance of the ordinary or average or what we call our lot.

Vision is the absolute Foundation of the business mind-set this is where is all starts! You may argue that it’s an idea. In fact I did focus on this in a video I shot for the post on whats the most slippery thing you ever caught.

Here is how you can hone your vision until you have clarity of where you wish to go. Assuming you have your Dream board. That is definitely a good thing to have. Take some time to think, document, research your own ideas. Create a vision book so you can track the ideas. Once you have put this down on paper you have basically asked the Universe and if you keep your thoughts pure and free of negativity the Law of Attraction dictates that you must receive.



2. Growth mindset:

Is really an essential business mindset or characteristic.

Do you attend events?

Are you investing in your personal development?

You need to have a business mindset PDF or several, business mindset books, the whole shebang! Which successful person do you know who doesn’t read, have a mentor or coach? Be strategic in your choice of training and which events to attend. Not all events or training was created the same!

Do you know what it really costs you to attend a training session or a networking event – Money, family, time, babysitter, gas, accommodation, Food, transport, etc? In order to recoup your investment your reasons for investing in the training must be things other than meeting people and “I just want to learn something.” Why?

These are a given, see when you go to a networking event (meet people) or training (learn something). So your purpose for attending any event must be:

#a Aligned with your vision and

#b Focused on profitability and ROI

So make sure you have a specific outcome in mind before investing in business activities like networking and training. And make sure you create great content from the events and share such value you increase your subscribers and ultimately sales!

Recoup your costs and make some profits; as soon as possible after the event! We shared our Surge in traffic in the Month of August in our last blog post. This has resulted in ROI on the last couple of events we attended! So remember we are talking about a business mind-set strategy for success!



3.Having a business mindset is FOCUSING:  


On what you need and knowing what part of your business needs your personal attention and which can be delegated or outsourced. Connect with your businesses and that connection is… profitability. How?

By knowing your finances – Income and cash flow, expenditure or overheads, Tax responsibilities & advantages, benefits, competitive advantage, sales goals, and your key profit indicators + margins…Focus.

Any activities that don’t ultimately lead to a “Connection with your business” are NMMAs i.e. Non Money Making Activities and Must be limited to a time outside your core business hours! See if its not creating results for you its draining them!



And now below are the rest of the Business mindset characteristics explained briefly. Go deeper on each, check your self, remember the checklist! And Work towards unleashing your abundance.

INFOGRAPH – Click to Enlarge and Download

The Busines MIndset, Unleash your Abundance in these 12 Characteristics!


We always say we don’t like to re-invent the wheel and clearly the above Infographic has explained very well 12 of the different characteristics of a successful business mind-set. So we encourage you to download it and start cultivating these and the other characteristics. Before you know it you will be creating such massive success in your business and life in general!


Expanding your mental capacity is done through understanding and experience. It’s a relationship between your mind and body… believing it can happen, then making it happen. Yes you can…


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Live. Learn. Love


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