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Stay Motivated in Your Home Based Business! We share 5 Tips on  – How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Your Business Goals


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Well do you want to know how Paul got me so excited…that post on vacations to re-energise brought back great memories. It also got me thinking how to stay motivated at work.

Let me ask you a question how do you stay motivated working from home? What keeps you motivated working from home day by day? If you are considering a home based business whats your first impression of the job at hand?  Have you asked yourself how to keep motivated to work from home? If you feel you aren’t up to it, who convinced you that you can’t succeed? Maybe you feel that this market is impossible? Do you reckon that when the economy bounces back, your personal economy will bounce upwards too?


Well, I got good news and bad news. The bad news is motivation for anything is an inside job…! It comes from within you. So shame on you for allowing outside forces to influence your outcomes. You don’t have to be in California, Paris or London. It’s easy to stay motivated in Florida, Timbuktu heck anywhere if you determine it.

Wait…there is good news…

You can Make it. You can succeed. You can train your mind on how to stay motivated at work, its the psychology of the mind. There are lots of ways and the two I recommend hands on heart are Meditation and Personal Affirmations. I’ve Learnt lots on How to motivate myself in our home based business and here below are some tips:

#1. Stay Motivated in Your Home Business – Who Are You Listening to:

First let’s address the question of Your so called “Cannot succeed” mind-set. It’s a Lie. You are created for infinite success so you need to stop and think about who you have allowed to influence you. Is it your friend Bob who has never built a business let alone held a high paying job? Or Pat who’s been unemployed for years and on the dole! Hang on I could be wrong, this person you are taking lessons on motivation and success could be a millionaire in waiting, who hasn’t made a dime in any program they put their money in but didn’t apply themselves to? Motivate yourself…

Come on, if the person giving you advice is struggling, not successful in anything, isn’t earning a mega income or even a millionaire, doesn’t live the type of life you aspire or wished you had, STOP LISTENING TO THEM. To take it further, condition yourself to only accept advice that HELPS you toward your goals.

Learn to Listen to the roght People to stay mitivated working from home!

You need to build such a massive invincible force field around you to protect you from all malignant statements and events. Anything negative said by anyone including parents, friends, workmates about your future is a curse, a cancer and need to be quickly uprooted. Use negative events as lessons to learn from, not something to ruminate about and go on thinking about till they grow roots. Let me give you an example. Last week I created our blog post, got the images done, got my resources linked and hit publish and guess what…everything disappeared. To-date I’m not sure what happened…! I checked every plug in…I checked last saved revision and there was none, I had been saving after every image upload…so I was flummoxed. Heck I screamed at the walls (our neighbour must have thought I was having a crazy moment – Yes it’s good to release the negative energy lol). But I didn’t sit there feeling sorry for myself and moaning. I got my Audio CD’s on the secret and listened for 20 minutes. In fact this is a definite resource on how to motivate yourself.

I started afresh and created an even better blog post! I encouraged myself and said it was okay, these challenges are meant to make us stronger…! I sat down with my daughter that afternoon and simply chilled…to get a fresh perspective… You see, everything happens for a reason. Even bad events are meant to help you or stop you in your tracks from making an even bigger a**e of yourself! Or they may happen because you don’t currently have the mental level to accomplish the goal you are focusing on. The best thing to do is to stay motivated in life to keep going no matter what!

Tony Robbins tells us that we can get anything we wish for in Life!




#2. Stay motivated in home based business: Reward Yourself

And as you go, remember to reward yourself every time you achieve a goal. See you are the boss, you are the one to give yourself that golden bonus J Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Take credit for your hard work and use this to be motivated to keep achieving more and bigger goals in the future. A home business entrepreneur that never rewards themselves or praise their team has low energy levels & never knows the satisfaction of accomplishment, it’s all routine!


Your Personal rewards help you to Stay Motivated in Your Network Marketing or Home Business!

#3. Stay motivated in home based business – Believe in Your Brand!

As said before, staying motivated has nothing to do with external factors, its all in your mind. BELIEVE in Your Brand and Product both of which are YOU. There is nothing that stops us from becoming one of the top brands other than our minds and lack of vision!  How? By staying upbeat, positive and moving toward (versus away) from your goals then you will succeed, period. See while the company you work for or products you promote may change…You are the constant. The one others will look up to as the leader when things aren’t going too great! So keeping motivated working home should become second nature as you will also be called on to help others stay motivated as they learn the ropes!

You Are The Brand so you owe it to yor self to stay motivated in your business!  


#4. Stay motivated in home based business – Have Daily Affirmations

Here is something you can do today to motivate yourself…after all you have the time…Yes you do so get on with it! I do it and its working a treat in helping me stay motivated in my work. Every blessed day, first thing in Morning (takes all of 5mins), write down what you want to accomplish in the present tense, then read them out loud and night! Below are some examples of my more generic affirmations that you can re-purpose for your own:

I feel wonderful now that I am having a productive and glorious day!

I am so happy and grateful now that I only have fantastic things happen to me.

I am so happy now that I generate 50+ targeted leads daily.
I am so happy that I have such amazing relationships both personal and business.
I feel so happy that money flows easily to me in such large amounts from all kinds of sources…

Notice that, I state/write them in the present tense, I only use positive terms and you better believe it I say them with feeling. Never mind that I too had a hard time believing them statements at first! With repetition, keeping positive energy and blocking negative forces around you, they will start to stick. To start this process, pick one statement/something you can focus on and can measure shortly. The more results you see, the more you believe, and the more they will work for you. If someone owes me anything inc. money, then I write a statement saying how grateful I am that I was paid back by that person…You know what you want…Write it down!



#5. Stay motivated in home based business– Find an Inspiration

To be and stay motivated in life, associate yourself with people who are driven and success-oriented. It’s true that we tend to learn from those we associate with the most. Their habits, the way they talk, their styles…Let the good and great lessons of the successful people you aspire to rub off on you. Take inspiration from their experiences and train others too.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s a feeling of isolation that demotivates you, well guess what I do? I call a friend, I check out my WhatsApp messages and I will always find a funny clip of some crazy Ugandan doing something totally incredulous…! Or I simply open my family folder and look at my children enjoying different things…this gets me back up and also reminds me why I am doing what I do! Bingo I then get motivated and endeavor to keep it that way! and I leave yo with Colin Powell’s words:

Facebook post reach is now an artform...be casual and engaging!

So I hope you enjoyed and learnt  something from our “5 TIPS ON HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED WORKING FROM HOME” and if you did please consider sharing and leave a comment below your tips on keeping motivated working at home!

As always You deserve more

Julie & Pauli




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