Apply These 6 Secret Techniques to Improve your Getting Referrals

Apply These 6 Secret Techniques To Improve Getting Referrals without Paid Advertising

Do you love Getting referrals? so do we, So learn How to get them the right way for more sales!

Wouldn’t you like to be Getting Referrals more from friends and acquaintances?

Well here is TIP NUMERO UNO…A referral is EARNED…Okay I will share a resource on this at the end of this Blog that you could find controversial, on getting referrals  & how to earn them fast. Okay we’re done here…Ski time 🙂

Wait I just have to share this experience with you.

A while back Paul and I decided that we needed to give our old kitchen a makeover. I’d been nagging him for months. In fact at some point I went online and checked for DIY kitchens and how to do it. So what has this got to do with Getting referrals or Local Customers without paid advertising?

Well keep your hair on coz I am getting to that!  

I am a sucker for a good pot roast and I like preparing it in a Lovely kitchen. So I decided to contact a few joiners and kitchen fitters.  I literally went online & a local trades bulletin and called over 10 Joiners. I also asked our neighbours who they might recommend; this is getting referrals at its simplest!   Out of the 12 Joiners I found on Ask Jeeves, only 5 kept the appointment they made with us.

Our neighbour recommended 3 aka word of mouth.  They all showed up for their appointment.

Now as an entrepreneur do you want to know how you can Get more Local Customers without Paid Advertising, and a super-efficient way of getting referrals? Well then…

I’m going to share with you why we chose Mark; because he had a unique story…

Mark said, “In all of the jobs I’ve done, I have found that if I do a great job, you will be happy.  And if I do a great job, we’ve built a relationship and not only will you ask me back when you need additional joinery work, but you’re more likely to refer me to others just like Jimmy did.”  


Jimmy is a neighbour.

Mark asked us many questions. He educated us on the different types of hinges, surfaces, doors, tiles, but the important thing is we felt that he focused on US, Paul and I as people, not our wallet.


If you’ve ever experienced tradesmen like carpenters, joiners, electricians, plumbers, and most professionals, you’ll agree with me that they are in the Close the transaction/deal fast business. They show up, estimate the job, do the work, they leave and that’s it. You’ll be lucky if they do it right first time. But let me assure you if someone was referred to you, they will want to keep the reputation of the referee good too! Getting referrals this way is not only great it is easy!

It’s much better to do it Mark’s way, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Get in the relationship business. See the Job he did below:

We had this Kitchen Redone by Getting referrals from Neighbours! Are you Earning the referrals?

Our Lovely Kitchen done by Mark. Getting referrals Can be as Simple as Asking!

I know.  Everyone talks about doing this. In my view talk is cheap; Doing it is the answer. So get Referrals the right way!



#1 How To Make More Getting Referrals By Doing Less:

Get started by sending out a newsletter to your house list/Street. Pack it with personality, just as Tony did, and most importantly, Ask for Referrals.

It’s really that simple. WHAT….You expected more….No magic wands here mate!

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#2 Getting Referrals – Create New Local Customers without Paid Advertising

Lately, I’ve receive lots of emails, where our subscribers ask us to address some of the problems they’re facing. Each Friday I feature one such problem and give a step by step resource or guide to solve that problem. We help them build their business by generating more leads & making more sales. 

And here is one of the tips I gave one for getting referrals. By marketing in a local geographic area you will save money and time in travel costs or even online paid advertising.  See you can create new local customers without using paid advertising.


Almost each web based method I know, can be optimized for local searches. Then you focus your adverts locally and this can bring some custom. You then make sure these people receive a super-efficient service and then you ask them to give you referrals. See getting referrals also depends on creating a great relationship! But paid advertising costs can quickly run out of control. 

Here are two More to reduce paid advertising costs, increase your chances of getting referrals and positioning yourself as the LOCAL EXPERT in your niche! 




#3. To start getting Referrals on Tap, Host a workshop, seminar, teleseminar or educational event.

You could JV with an organisation to be a Keynote speaker at any of their regular events. Network like crazy, build relationships with your network & build up to hosting your own. I truly picked this up from the recently concluded Teal3 Event. Hosting & attending events is Key to an entrepreneur’s success.  In addition to attracting new customers, events can also provide the means to educate current customers to want to do more business with you. It’s easy getting referrals from event attendees too, resulting in more sales. 

Below are some types of events you could host: 

  1. Workshops or seminars that educate about your services.
  2. Workshops or networking groups for client attraction e.g. Business building seminars.
  3. Workshops that show the benefits of or how to use your products. We call these Product Parties.
  4. Regular meeting of clubs, civic or networking groups e.g. meetups.

And don’t forget that every so often give your participants referrals and Ask for referrals. See with time you will become better at asking for and getting referrals. Practice makes perfect!



#4. Getting referrals without online paid advertising, Host an Open House:

Create your Open house events with super giveaways, entertain your attendees. Give them social value. Add several unique things that are sure to attract a crowd. For instance….


  1. Use social networks, community bulletin boards even supermarkets, doctor’s surgeries, etc. to get the word out about your event. Use newsletters and other free off/online resources to spread the word.
  2. Give something away at the event that people really want such as a GoPro, iPad, Free Vacation etc. (We won a GoPro for taking massive action prior to an event see image Below)
  3. Incentivize subscribers and existing customers to refer or bring a friend to the event to increase the buzz beforehand.
  1. And for the most important bit; have a system in place to collect contact information for later follow up. A Form each attendee must fill out and a flier with, upcoming events!
Apply These 6 Secret Techniques to Improve your Getting Referrals

We Won This GoPro Prior to a Company Event for Taking Massive Action & Delivering A number of Sales!

#5. Create Future Customers by Getting Referrals

4 years ago at a networking event in Los Angeles with Paul, I witnessed what I later realised is one of the best ways of getting referrals for sure.

One of the participants, an Engineering Consultant, mentioned that he needed an introduction to a very good Physiotherapist. In about 30 mins one of the attendees approached him and said “Let’s talk after the meeting.”

Several weeks later, the consultant spoke up during a meeting and thanked the person who made the introduction and reported that he had signed a contract for over £100,000 in equipment. This is getting high quality referrals from your clients.

But here’s the kicker.

The physio has since referred 4 more therapists to him. This one introduction also resulted in over £1.2 million in revenue. If the Consultant hadn’t been looking to increase his circle of acquaintances, he wouldn’t have found this source for the original referral nor the extra 4+. This is getting referrals and making sales at its best. And these two didn’t even know each other…BUT the rapport & trust was built with the consultant presenting at the event…So never forget that that has to be built too & fast if possible. Also the consultant gave a testimony…social Proof! And ABOVE ALL GRATITUDE…!

Moral is if you don’t ask, you won’t be getting referrals…or anything else for that matter!

Get help getting referrals and increase your circle of influence and business growth; and getting referrals from people you know or meet is one way of doing that!


My Super tip for today is: You should have a well-rehearsed and naturally flowing “personal infomercial” that reminds your circle of friends & acquaintances of what you do, and that you always need new prospects. Here is how. Be Consistent in your words, the value you offer an actions you take! In fact I did a podcast on Consistency I encourage you to tune in below!



#6. Secrets to Getting Referrals from Social Media Platforms

I’ve lately been asked and wondered, why do people, who visit your various Social Media platforms stop communicating with you after that first visit? A prevalent problem faced by many network marketers and even social users!

And I believe this could be the answer… drum roll please


YOU ARE NOT ASKING THEM THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Call it A SOCIAL CTA! It’s just not enough to just say “Follow us on Twitter” or Like our Facebook Page”.  You have to give them a compelling reason to do so. How about sharing with us THE BENEFITS of what you have to offer in exchange for giving you a like, a follow, comment & even share your content with our Followers? This is getting referrals online or asking for the referral online…you see!

Here are 2 examples: “If you have got value in this post, video, podcast etc. Follow us on iTunes for daily Marketing Tips podcast.” Or here is one that I learnt from an event myself:  “Like us on Facebook, we promise to make you laugh at least once a day.


Aren’t the above more appealing to you as well?

I think this approach is a lot more social, personable and gets you more followers & referrals than a mere like or follow me…

I know some people who’ve bought fans or followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. They think more followers equates to being successful.  WRONG. 5000 non-interested followers or “Click Farm Fans” will not make you any Sales. And if you don’t have engaging content again your followers won’t be interested. You would rather engage with the few you have, have personal conversations with them, engage with their content too and when you share some killer content ask them to share it with their team…leading to you getting referrals see!  

Great Content is king in getting engagement online and getting referrals without even asking as people share it so they too look cool or knowledgeable! Recently I shared Brendon Burchard’s quote and It got 7 more shares from my wall within 30mins and God knows how many more! Whether Brendon is getting referrals from his daily quotes is not even a question. Social influencers have learnt the Secret to Convince Everyone to Connect with them.

I followed up with more pictures and tips as well as my Daily Videos which are getting 250+ views each and with the Facebook algorithm that’s something good!


Guess what?


People are commenting and sharing these videos too. 

If you’re a small offline business, find a niche related people pages, Like & follow them and you could Inbox them & say something like:


“Hello Sol Contractors.  Jules Joinery is your newest fan.  Do drop in and like my page too!”


When an area business likes your page, their post goes on your wall and vise-versa so more exposure for you. If they are a dynamic ones you will be getting referrals from them. Why?  Because, one day the Contractor is going to need an extra joiner on a big job.  The idea is that when they do, they’ll remember the guy on their wall. SO KEEP VISIBLE. BE SOCIAL!

After you gain business pages on your page, take the time to go to their wall and “like” a post AND “Share” one of their posts on your wall. Do it.  Why?

First, you are promoting them and the law of reciprocity says they will also promote you now as one of their friends… Remember: some will some wont so what! Keep looking!

Trust me.  Liking and sharing is a participating friendship.  Most importantly, it gives you exposure every time they share your stuff on their wall. Also be sure to provide quick access templates for referrals on your Fan pages & emails and Point it out to your Followers.

And below is the Controversial Resource on Getting referrals that I Promised you:




I truly hope I’ve shed some light for you on “Getting Referrals without paid advertising.” Esp. if you are just starting out. This is 3rd party endorsement at its best so get referrals. AND if you do have a Question Why not ASK JULIE. You could Feature in our next blog post, Podcast or Vlog

Because you do deserve more…



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Live. Learn. Love


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