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Are you looking to Create Duplicable Home Business Success? Here is my Battle Tested Success Work Flow, using a Freely available Resource.

Want to create long term Duplicable Home Business success Work Flow that brings predictable results on autopilot? ??Here is how I have done it. ? 

First the backstory….

Man we fell for it hook, line and sinker…You see we were shocked to learn that there was a different way to marketing one’s business online other than dropping our links on Facebook and hoping, waiting for the sales to roll in. aka hope marketing! 

Can you relate?

Well, I can tell you that like Eric Worre says, there is a better way.

We never imagined that our email could be filled with notifications of leads and sales on a daily basis. And when Facebook introduced Live-streaming, that my Facebook inbox would explode with people reaching out to me Julie Syl asking for more info about our business, or people inquiring about our coaching and mentoring program.

It’s crazy just to think that we get to recruit people online while working from home, traveling the world and all this using online resources esp. social media…Because we have a Duplicable Home Business success System. 

how to develop success habits



Duplicable Home Business Success – Where the deal Begun: 

The real journey begun way back just over 4 years ago, when Ray Higdon first introduced to us our now friend Tanya Aliza’s 3-video series. These led to her personal branding and blogging training The Ultimate Branding Blueprint (UBB). This training has given us the confidence, strength, knowledge that we have added on time after time. It has allowed me to confidently share so much knowledge and information via Facebook Live-streaming.  

This strategy and training though not a short-term plan, has allowed us to enroll over 80% of our Team Members Directly from our online systems and blogs. All this while working 4 hr days. 


NOTE: it is not for the freebie, quick buck seeker. Nope…In fact, its not for everybody…Yet it is definitely a duplicable home business success strategy

We now don’t have to spend hours prospecting, creating long form content or chasing dead beat solo leads! Paul and I can in all honesty say, we have been able to do this because of investing in our training and predominantly to the UBB. This recourse blew us away, and Tanya has added a load of value techniques that are taking our business to a whole-nuther level.

But before you dash off to uncle google. Or ruminate on the above bold statement…


Here is something to think about…Quite frankly aren’t you tired of being on Facebook prospecting strangers all day long? Making conversation with people who are not motivated to change? Dealing with brutal rejection? Are you not tired of creating content non-stop and then…crickets! 🙁

We don’t know about you, but bugging our family, friends, setting up coffee shop meetups or inviting strangers to our home for business presentations is something we never wanted to do. Neither should you, if you learn how to brand you and marketing your offers right!


Yes, that too does bear results. We know team members crushing it doing this kind of off line marketing. Yet, all this is well…HARD SLOG. And believe both you and we want LEVERAGE. 🙂

What do you prefer? Short term quick wins with no duplicable system in place? Which will expose you to having to find a part time job to bring the bacon home? Or do you want to consistently and predictably attract the highest quality prospects already interested in your business?


Don’t you want to generate 100s of leads monthly, make effortless sales weekly so you are FREE to do whatever the heck you DESIRE?

IT DOESN’T HAPPEN Overnight. That’s why many give up…More is the pity! Stop believing people who tell you success will happen in two ticks, with no work…That’s what we call scams! 


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Most importantly we wanted to help new and inexperienced entrepreneurs; get leads, make sales, and do both consistently.

We’re so grateful because after we learned and applied the lessons in self-development it actually became true for us so much so we have created our own Training courses and Published a book: The Art Of Pinterest Profits on Amazon.

Over the last 12 months we have generated over 1k leads via this blog alone. Remember we only post one blog per week now. Yet people are reaching out to us asking for help to grow their business. We have created various coaching packages to ensure we can serve our clients and still have time to do the fun stuff we want to. And what is the reason we are even Freer to do this? Three words….






This has resulted in an extra 800 Leads in the last 3 months. All because we have learned to leverage this amazing resource!  This wouldn’t have been as effective if it wasn’t for the Ultimate Branding Blueprint and Our Blog.


Because it positions us as authorities in what we do and gives credence to the Free training I do via Facebook video.

You can learn how to do Powerful Facebook Live videos here and increasingly grow your audience and your list! 

When you correctly mix blogging with Facebook Live, we kid you not you got a recipe for exploding your business. 

See we got to learn way back, that Tanya Aliza generated a minimum of 20 leads per day via her blog, and had over 20,000 leads online. She and her husband have enrolled over 1,000 people into their Home business.

And they train thousands of entrepreneurs on how to successfully grow their online business, we trusted her 100%.

We became friends and actually went on a dream holiday for their Destination wedding in the Caribbean, this pic you see is Julie Syl & Tanya at her wedding in Punta Cana.

A Duplicable Home Business Success Plan that is exploding our Business! #homebusinesssuccess


So, here is the deal, while the UBB is not for the feint hearted, quick buck seeker, it will set you up for long term success. This resource has helped us streamline our systems so well.


You can tune in to learn more about our work flow today in the video below:



Your Duplicable Home Business Success Workflow:



Did you get value? Then….

Let no body lie to you. Credibility is built and earned. But Posture can be part of you or you can learn it too. You don’t need big results or experience to have posture…

In the long run, with patience, focused action, you Could produce massive results and easily make sales monthly like clockwork.  

You don’t have to blog daily. We used to, (to build up our content vault, our brand online and of course credibility) Blogging is only once a week!

And we post one YouTube Video a week too. I love Facebook Live so I do it 5 times a week, before I pick up my son and then its family time! You don’t have to do tons of videos, yet I LOVE DOING THEM. And they produce massive results in terms of leads and product sales so why not! 🙂

Are you spending all day prospecting disinterested strangers on social media, it doesn’t have to be that way! ATTRACTION MARKETING is the Yellow Brick road!

Yes, you need a bit of technical knowledge, I mean you can use your smart phone, right? You can use a computer, you know how to browse the internet, login to your social media, check your email? Then you got the basic skills you need.

The secret sauce in in the Way You Tell Your story. And we have just the resource to help you tell your story.



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See you don’t need to have results, you can share the results or testimonial of your team, or someone else who is using your product, service or opportunity… until you create your own results. MAKES SENSE?

If you tell your story right online whether in your social media updates or via a blog, you will touch many souls and attract lots of traffic, leads and sales…OVER TIME!  

Imagine going to bed knowing you have more leads and people reaching out to you than time in the day?

You wake up daily to 20-10 new people reaching out to you saying hey I’d like to know more about what you do…

You want that to happen? Then I suggest you spend more time sharpening your saw, rather than chasing the quick turn key non-solutions!

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint

As you get better and better, your system will deliver leads to you almost on autopilot..

Imagine you recruiting people daily into your business, teaching your team, how to do the same! This is the duplicable home business success holy grail…How much freedom would that give you?

Facebook is here to stay and Facebook Live is a great strategy. Your blog is your Own Front door where you send your Facebook live Audience, and I believe it is here to stay. It’s like a skill you learn once and you will leverage over and over and over…

It is working so well together I get so excited every morning knowing I’m going to touch thousands of lives today and that piece of content will be there forever…! You will be so busy you will have what we call a QP = Quality Problem of so much business coming your way.

So, if you would like to create a long-term brand that generates leads for you over and over Look no further than The Ultimate Branding Blueprint. And, get your glad face on and create content via Facebook Live-stream!



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Did you like our duplicable Home business success framework? Well what’s your biggest take away?

Share your thoughts below, like, bookmark… ? and what are you waiting for, go implement. Be consistent, persistent, focused to Cut your Live Videos, build your list, make Money. And success is only a matter of time for sure!

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