37 Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites for Home Business Entrepreneurs!

37 Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites for Small & Home Business Entrepreneurs, Network and Affiliate marketers!


Hey, I truly missed you…

I’ve been away for a month working in India and I loved it. See a snippet of my hiatus below. I was creating tools for our clients and I thought about what useful tools and websites you might need to grow your home based business! To be honest I missed creating content just for you. To help you achieve your desired results. So even though I flew straight to Edinburgh, (Jules not happy bout this shhh); before I head home this weekend; I had to get this off so you can make some headway.  So I hit the ground running…

• The Ultimate Guide To Useful Tools And Websites from my desk in Delhi!

Right back to the task at hand…

When you started your branding journey, that you’d need numerous useful tools and websites wasn’t on your agenda right! Well today allow me to break the news to you…In order to brand you; you’ll need a plethora of useful tools & websites. Good news is most of these useful tools and websites are free…

In this post I am going to share with you the #37 incredibly useful tools and websites that you should have in your toolkit. If you’re struggling to build your site/brand or just starting out in any kind of business, you will find a useful website or 10 here. Each in its own way to help you grow your business.

Simply check out and apply what you’re going to learn here. You’ll begin to enjoy your journey to branding you. Coz you definitely need to start building the brand your business needs!  And see the results that you have been looking for.


This dude gives a huge list of helpful and useful tools and websites for all kinds of stuff…I felt that you may prefer to be more targeted and streamlined..so not to overwhelm you or anything…

On the other hand Dan walker & Mat Carpenter give some random useful websites quite fun to check out what they could come up with!

So without further ado below are the incredibly targeted useful tools and websites for you the discerning network marketer….



Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites for Email Marketing

Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites On A Budget! #usefultools, #emailmarketing

1. getnotify.com – Get notified when the email you sent is read. This is truly awesome esp when you have a small list you can segment & laser target “your Hot leads” the ones opening & reading your messages! Or for team admin. If your downline is not taking action they cant blame you can they…

2. wetransfer.com– Transfer up to 2 GB of data. For free. You may have heavy files and your email provider won’t take it due to size…well here is a resource just for ya 

3. scr.im – Share your email without getting spammed. Man Julie gets so many emails definitely scrappers or such like…this should help. 

4. Aweber.com– (get started for less than £1).Create email newsletters, broadcasts, followups, basic capture & landing pages etc. for your users. This is a CRM like Mailchimp  or GetResponse. I like having a couple just in case. Be warned mailchimp are very finicky about MLM or network marketing so your account could be shut down with no warning whatsoever! 

5. surveymonkey.com– Create surveys, get answers, learn what your audience needs, give it to them and make more sales…Simples.

6. unroll.me– Are you like me…Boy I have a shed load of unread emails every end of month. Yet I am soft enough not to hit that unsub button. So this will help you save time, by cleaning up your inbox.



Useful Design, SEO and Analytics Tools and Websites!

Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites On A Budget

7. similarweb.com– Get insights for any website or app, you will also learn a bit more about your site traffic and how you can tweak your website to get more traffic!

8. nibbler.silktide.comAm sure you think google analytics is the beesnass! Well here is another one. A tool for testing website accessibility, SEO, and social media. It also helps you find where your website falls short for ranking and guides you on how to fix that. Very important for that organic traffic! An incredibly useful tool for your website!


9. woorank.comAnother analytical website tool. Close to similarweb, but on speed.  We can’t get our sites well optimised enough. So this website is truly a useful tool.

10. builtwith.com– We get asked this a lot. So here is a useful resource to help you find out what websites are built with.

11. strikingly.com– If you like having several sites for different uses, but don’t wish to buy a domain, then use this to create a beautiful website for free.

12. hemingwayapp.com– Remember user experience is key, so you want to make your sentences and paragraphs short but impactful. You can even make them bold.

13. marker.to– Want a fun web based highlighter? Highlight stuff on webpages and share it.

14. iruler.net – An online ruler. Really does what it says on the package!


15. disposablewebpage.com – Create a disposable webpage in just a few keystrokes. This is great for short promos that you are sure you won’t repeat! Super easy to use & better still its FREE!


16. pdfgeni.com – A PDF search engine. For your content marketing research and comparison purposes before you offer whats already been rehashed! Frankly whatever you are looking for is out there on the internet…whether it’s all of it is the question!

17. howsecureismypassword.net – Test your password making skills. Now I don’t know about you, we all like to think we create unique passwords. Yet there are people out there sat waiting to grab it. Would you type your password into a website you don’t trust…your call! But the resource is here



Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites for E-commerce

18. wufoo.com – A super invoicing and online form building resource. Links to various Payment processors. We love it!


19. slimvoice.co– As an entrepreneur esp. if you do sell tangible products you are gonna need invoices. Enter slimvoice, you can create insanely simple, manage, export, and send unlimited invoices for free. See outstanding balances at a glance.



Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites for your Visuals


Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites On A Budget! #videomarketing, #coolimages, #networkmarketing

20. compressor.io– Ya know images do chomp your Gb space. Those large images slow down your site load speed, not good for ranking. Of course you can smush them…but why not impost an already optimized image. Use compressor to optimize and compress your images online.


21. picmonkey.com– Photo editing made easy & fun. Create unique images for your content!

22. canva.com – This is photo editing on speed. Create awesome event,  blog or social media images, watermark them so they are evergreen for you and pay just $1 if you use their unique ones!

23. tineye.com – A reverse image search. This will help you find the original author of an image if you really want to use it so you can credit them and avoid Copyright issues.



Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites for Social Media Marketing

36 Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites for Home Business Entrepreneurs

24. crowdriff.com/riffle– helps you build instant rapport with anyone on Twitter, giving you insights into the current and potential value of every user so you can prioritize and personalize engagement. So get your Twitter engagement, interest and activity analytics in real time. I absolutely love Twitter’s own analytics, very comprehensive until I found this. Go try this useful tool.


25. redditlater.com– Find out the best times to post on reddit.com. This is a free service that lets you schedule a link to be posted to reddit at a later time. Apparently, the reddit ranking algorithm is time-sensitive, so timing your post is key. The same post could be a hit, or it could never make it out of /new/, depending on its posted time!

26. hootsuite.com Streamline your social presence, manage & auto share your content they have some super cool new features get over there and improve your hootsuite experience!

27. screencast-o-matic.com a Screen Recording tool free for up to 15 mins! Super cool

28. joinme.comInstant screen sharing for meetings. We use this a lot esp. for short team webinars!



Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites for Web Sounds 

29. whosampled.com – Discover music through samples, cover songs, and remixes for your video background sounds or just pleasure.

30. coffitivity.com Ambient sounds to boost creativity, can be played in background before a webinar, podcast etc… Could be distracting during though. You know what am saying…!



Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites Just Because…! 

31. growthhackers.com– A marketing discussion community, & another traffic getting resource.

32. thenameapp.com– Find a unique name for your idea.

33. reruncheck.com – I truly don’t watch much telly but if you wanna chill out after a long day, You can find out if the television show you want to watch is a repeat this week.

34. howstuffworks.com – A collection of explanations for how every single thing in the world works, I threw this one in for the heck of it…If you nothing else works, well you got the tool.

35. govdeals.com – I love this one, usually the Govt takes, now you can buy stuff from the government on the cheap.

36. differencebetween.net – Learn the difference between things.

37. wheresmycellphone.com – you can sometimes forget the cell phone in the dirty diaper. Now you can call your lost cell phone. Ditch that stress!



So there you have them, some unique, some new, some not so new to you! Did you find any new Useful Tools and Websites for Home Business Entrepreneurs and network marketers? Would you like to share your secret sauce? Go on then do so below.

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