Okay I am having lots of conversations, I am connecting with people heck I am showing the video and they say: I am so excited this is great, then…nothing! Why can’t my sales conversations turn into actual sales? Pam is having the very same & common problem that 97% home based business owners, network and affiliate marketers have!  

So how can she turn her sales conversation into a success story, make more conversions, collect better decisions?

Today we share with you 6 awesome Tips plus 2 Bonuses on how to make more conversions from your sales conversation or business presentation! 

Many people see what you see, but cannot see beyond their mental obstacles and FEARS if you didn’t handle the conversation properly…I know, I know you think you did but you didn’t. You have to take certain steps to turn your business or casual conversations into sales or more sales. Or at least to ensure that…whatever excuse they use to shield the REAL REASON why Not, comes out.

If this is your predicament at the moment?  Then today is your lucky day. We are sharing with you How to turn at least 50% of those Sales Conversations into action even if they don’t join your primary business half the time!


Its important to know that marketing is sharing your message with the right audience so they are inspired to take action! And to do this you need learn some sales conversation skills. And today we are giving you some super sales conversation training to get you started. First before you go into your sales conversation meeting you must ask yourself he following questions:


1. On a scale of 1-10 how clear & confident are you on who you are here to help and who your customer is?”

2. What’s the transformation you want them to achieve

3. How confident are you on why people should work with you?  

In other words get very clear on your focus. You must learn to communicate your message with your heart and mind in order to touch the hearts and minds of your ideal clients! See there is nobody out there who is unique like you…BUT there are lots of people promoting what you do or like you are right now…You want to stand out, bring your heart into your marketing! If you don’t you will keep missing turning all those cafe conversations into sales. Here is a common example…

You get your friend Salina she loves your product, she loved the opportunity BUT Just won’t commit.

You know what? Either you didn’t appeal to her heart or mind enough. In order to turn such a conversation into a sale; ask Salina More Qns and then offer your solution instead of pitching! Here are a sales conversation examples or Questions you could ask:

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What’s stopping or has held you back from achieving it?
  • Which means are you using or trying to achieve it?
  • What would represent a big win for you in this area?

Once you have answers to these questions, propose a tentative solution that matches what you’ve learned. At that point segway into “closing,” go for the sale. This is how you turn social conversations into sales too!

Turn a Sales Conversation into actual Cash & Grow your income!

The process could take a bit, so patience is key. Listen up…Learn how to Communicate Your Client’s Journey. Not your Process. Do you understand what we are saying here? This is Deep…

And people are not ready when you are, they are ready when they are…Hope this makes sense to you?

Then quit trying so hard to sell to them and instead give them the space they need. Once someone says YES I LIKE IT…You are in…BUT, IN THEIR TIME! It could be now or in 2 months or 2 years…Yeah you heard! Find the REAL Issue and handle it, we have shown you how to handle common objections and Barb Wade gives the same lessons we’ve been sharing, learn more about what she offers hereIf you haven’t yet learnt how to deflect or handle common objections to your sales conversations or business presentations here is our FREE Objection Handling Webinar.

We also urge you to maintain great posture. Ray Higdon emphasizes this in most of his training. We learnt the lesson, and that’s when things started changing for us if truth be told. We started having interesting sales conversations with our prospects and turning more of those into decisions, collecting more of the decisions we want and making more sales. Not just in our primary business.


So remember when they are ready, they’ll come back to you because you showed great posture and respected their space and decision at the time. DON’T FORGET TO Drip Feed them info via your social media updates and a simple hello how are you doing every so often….no mention of the biz…okay! Carole Bozkurt nailed this in her article “having a sales conversation” read it here

Very few online businesses are built on first time exposures. So remember to follow up, we all know patience is a virtue. Sadly many of us, over 95% just aren’t capable of practising it!

People with patience are the ultimate winners, the rest run around like headless chicken trying to figure stuff out!

Sadly the only reason people run around like that is because they’re in a hurry to make money, rather than spend time learning and getting trained on what works, how it works. And learn how the Human Mind works, the different colours of People, yes people have different colours too lol.

Don’t prolong the agony, missing many chances at being successful and ultimately calling the business or person who shared it with you a scam or worse!



Effective Sales Conversation! 

Take a look at and claim your proven blueprint on how to design and implement Big Pay-days by turning many a Sales Conversations into Cash. See Info-graphic below if you want to improve your sales conversation skills: (Click to enlarge & download. Please Link back to source IF sharing)


Turning sales conversation Into Cash Is an art Form. Learn  Some Super Tips Here!

The above system has allowed us to make more sales of our info-product and even Private Client Spots in “one fell swoop” — maximizing our use of time and energy.

Remember DO NOT JUDGE anyone, you never know who will step up and become your biggest Producer. We’ve learnt that the right way to turn your sales conversation opportunity into a sale. Learn not to say the right thing to the wrong person or the wrong thing to the right person! Many a time we missed the signs because we missed a step in the process above!

Also if you are having lots of conversations on or offline and they aren’t turning into sales, you have a broken sales funnel. It’s definitely something to do with what you are saying via your messages on or offline. See a broken sales funnel is like a car leaking fuel, it won’t get you very far…..If you’re sending traffic to your offers (Conversation)  and they are not converting (Sales) it’s more to do with what the message is and how you have set up that sales conversation! It could be your entire sales funnel. Take the time to test, tweak and figure out how to improve and turn your professional conversations into sales, i.e. increase conversions. The fact is there are endless ways to goof up a sales conversation. But you are well armed, go out there and have an effective sales conversation or 1000…

The turning sales conversations into cash Action Guide above is a skeleton. If you are looking for the beef, the muscle & meat, get in touch with Paul and I or hit the image below!




We hope you have grabbed some awesome tips on “TURNING YOUR SALES CONVERSATIONS INTO ACTUAL SALES” Part 1, we will loo closer at this topic in a series. We would love to hear your views on how YOU turn your sales conversations into action! And if you found value do drop a heck yeah below, share and like will you 🙂

As always you deserve more!



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