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Do You Lack A Dynamic Social Media Strategy, You Must Have one to attract Lots of Organic Traffic – Infographic


I am sure you know that Social Media is Huge. It’s a beast that’s not going away anytime soon and Your Social Media Strategy Must be dynamic to SELL! Social media marketing is literally Word of Mouth (WOM) on Steroids…or is it? Believe you me its hard work, there is no magic pill so let no body, guru or otherwise lie to you that you will get on Twitter or Facebook and in 1 week/month make killing with organic traffic. You could do with PPC if you know what you are doing, which sadly most don’t have a clue about. The more reason to create a working social media strategy that fits within your life!

As part of our 2015 Strategy we sat down last year and put together a draft plan of attack bearing in mind the New Facebook Fan Page & Newsfeed changes that were coming into play Jan 15th this year! Our young son simply told us the answer is to keep Posting interesting stuff….Pow Wow!! That literally was from the mouth of babes…! Light bulb moment and the gist of our article & Info-graphic. So below is our Social Media Strategy that to be honest has worked for many successful businesses before. The essence hasn’t changed today even if the social media platforms may have changed goal posts…The answer is “POST”more…!


Industry leaders and successful marketers have embraced social media across departments. Smaller businesses that are focused on growth have taken note, realizing that social media has become core to marketing, sales and beyond. Can I just say that if you are managing your social media like a junior employee, it is time to rethink your social media strategy and goals. Learn more how you can manage various strategies here by Wordstream! As you can see I did some extensive research of course and found that Hootsuite actually has some guidance and this can help you out too!

Whats your Social Media strategy for 2015? I was asked by a client, My response in The Infographic below (Click on Image below to enlarge & download)

Social Media Strategy that Sells


Research has proven that Social media is the number 1 activity of online Americans! So as a home business owner Learning a social media marketing strategy is essential to your business growth to be visible on the social landscape.


The Video Below explains Above Social Media Strategy Info-graphic:

Neil Patel of the Hello Bar & Quicksprout Fame, a man we admire greatly, hope to meet one day and glean some more wisdom from has this to say about having a dynamic social media strategy. In fact in his own words social media is the new SEO!

Tweet this Tweet: @juleskalpauli - In fact in his own words social media is the new SEO! http://ctt.ec/sDXwd+


Now Guy Kawasaki the Chief evangelist of Canva gave an interview with Hubspot and his social media strategies are in his own words “Unconventional”. In other words in order to be a winner this year on social media, develop an unconventional strategy and implement…Post post post   listen to said interview here.


And as a final bit of advice to wrap up your dynamic social media strategy is to make sure you Own Your Social Brand presence. What we mean by this is Definitely Reserve Your Name on popular sites asap. This will help you stay on top of your brand. You don’t want to have issues with your brand when someone steps out of nowhere claiming to own “Your Name” just when it’s becoming super popular! Don’t allow someone else to take ownership of your brand name. So If you have not yet done so, we recommend KnowEm to check the availability of, and reserve your brand name across social channels TODAY!

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