5 Highly Effective Tips for Entrepreneurs to Turn Neighbours into Customers or Reps!

5 Highly Effective Tips for Entrepreneurs to Turn Neighbours into Customers or Reps!



Sure Fire Ways To Turn Neighbours Into Clients! #salestips

Want to grow your home based business or network marketing or even MLM team but don’t want to be considered smarmy or aggressively salesy?

This will share strategies on how you can turn neighbours into customers or partners without becoming a pushy salesy robot.


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So who is a neighbour? In my view it’s anyone in your locality.

According to the Oxford Dictionary a neighbour is:

“A person living next door to or very near to the speaker or person referred to…”

Yet we prefer the biblical definition from the same dictionary:

“Any person in need of one’s help or kindness…”

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But how do we turn neighbours into customers? Well…

Can we agree that networking is an essential part of growing your business, whether home based or network marketing portfolio! It also is key to growing your brand and improves your brand visibility! Are we also in agreement when we say you can turn neighbours into customers? Of course you can unless you had a huge fall out with your neighbours and don’t even day hello! We also agree that for many our neighbours may run a mile when they hear the word business from our lips, and we always say you don’t have to chase your family, friends or neighbours to grow your business…Who said miracles can’t happen…  


Yet following our earlier post about the mistakes I made starting a Home Business, we’re about to drop a bomb shell and say you can actually share your business with neighbours…once you have mastered the art of Selling!


Now the assumption is you are reading this because you are either a home business owner or are contemplating one…Well if still in doubt or feeling like you may have made a mistake, stop right there for you need to see our  7 compelling reasons to start a home based business.

Why do we say this? Because there is plenty of business opportunities & resources right in your neighbourhood waiting for you to tap into. You can form a business relationship anytime and anywhere with live human beings! That girl on the B&Q till or local super market could be your next big hitter or refer your next big client…Sweet!

Although online networking has become instrumental in the way we cultivate and leverage connections, it will never replace the meaningful bonds we forge from face-to-face interaction. Nurture an extensive network within your own community, and then be bold enough to ask for the sale. So let’s talk about this as one of the ways to turn neighbours into customers or team members…



#1 Turn neighbours into customers by Asking for the sale.

Do you love Getting referrals? so do we, So learn How to get them the right way for more sales!

We’ve talked about this before yet we feel it fits this discussion too. As entrepreneurs we must always remember that good relationships are critical to building and operating a successful business. It’s imperative that you are not only a good neighbour, but an active member of your local community. As you nurture your relationship with members of the community, don’t be afraid to directly ask for the sale.

Personal example: Julie is an active member and general secretary to our Local Ugandan community in Liverpool aka UCAL, over time we have not only created great personal relationships with several members, they are also part of our local team and customers. The lesson here is People are more likely to consider your services if they know, like, and trust you.


I have been asked this and answered on one of my Scopes, and re-purposed into a “Your Power echoes with Juleskal” podcast you can grab the lessons on either if you’re looking to sharpen your sales skills.

Bottom line is make friends with your neighbours, genuine friendship. And you won’t find it awkward to share your business or products with them, and asking for the sale. Neither will you be attached to the outcome; Yes or Nay both are okay!



#2 Turn neighbours into customers – Volunteer in your Community

Create a Team Culture steeped in Giving Back! #successtips

The Good Shepherd Trust in Zimbabwe, Helping Build a School for Children in Need!

Now, this is different from the suggestion before. How?

Volunteer for conferences and community events freely, it’s called Giving!  As you freely give of your time to your community, you will learn who they are, what they do, what are their pain points. WHAT DO THEY WANT, NEED, DESIRE….Focus on the Desires…because these we justify and go for them faster than wants or needs! Once you know who they are, you will learn who is business material and who is not, who can NEEDS or DESIRES your products/services and who may be a negative energy. Listen to your gut instinct, intuition here.  

And the fun bit, you will inadvertently expand your network hugely. In giving back to your community and neighbours, when you do share what you do as you will, coz they will ask…they will truly relate to your brand, a brand that has the community spirit and that is priceless for your business or team growth. Who would you rather buy from? A stranger down the road or your “neighbour” whom you attend community events with?  

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Personal Example: We are part of our local parish ministry and we actively participate in the activities. Recently one of the parishioners who we had in passing told about our travel club last year, decided to purchase our product as a customer. She happily shared it with a couple of her friends who decided to purchase too. It’s a ripple effect this giving malarkey. Give and give freely. It’s in giving that we receive…So true! So our tried and tested advice is, even if you may not have children, consider volunteering in your local school or community center. Trust us what you do may have nothing to do with revenue. Yet you are investing in your community and the rewards shall come guaranteed.

“If you show love to your community, your community will reciprocate to the benefit of your business in ways you cannot imagine.” ~ Julie Syl Kalungi




#3 Turn neighbours into customers Join a Local Meet-up Group. For the bricks and mortar Owner Share work space aka Co-working.

Sure Fire Ways To Turn Neighbours Into Clients! #meetups

Again Meetups are a no brainer esp. in the USA. I joined several meetups and finally settled for two both of them on Mindset and Law of attraction! One of them called The Fellsters run by an amazing woman who has overcome cancer twice called Gill Fell find her website here. I have met some amazing people at these meetups. It was great to know that my thoughts were not loopy lol.

Gill has recommended some amazing business ladies, aka neighbours to myself! In addition to meeting some amazing people. See you can turn neighbours into customers! And remember its true: the size of your network, determines your net worth! Reach out and make friends with neighbours who share your passion and enthusiasm for enterprise. People in complimentary businesses so the element of “competition” doesn’t arise…although competition in our view is healthy!


Now Sharing work space or Co-working as it’s called, involves sharing workspace and collaborating with like-minded individuals. Quite ideal for a start-up or sole-proprietor who needs office space but cannot afford the whole room or floor! While we haven’t tried this yet, we know a few solopreneurs who’ve formed great business relationships and got their co-workers and neighbours to become customers of clients. Imagine way back in high school, usually your neighbour in class became your best friend…right! Well working in the same space means two things, you get close or hate each other’s guts…chose the first will ya!  



#4 Turn neighbours into customers – Welcome New Neighbours and Connect with Other Parents.

As parents of two active teenagers, we can’t resist getting to know parents of other children in their various activities groups and those in the same school as our children. They can be great people too. So what I do: I introduce myself as warmly as possible, ask about their lives, children, work, business, easy chat etc. For new neighbours I simply go knock and welcome them to the neighbourhood or drop off a welcome card with my names and address of course. A warm pie or box of fruits is usually welcome too! 


And I ASK FOR THEIR Business card. I then make a point to make a social call just so my number is in their radar, and maintain a level of interest in what they are about until we are socially aligned or have a mutual interest or…If we find we aren’t compatible thats okay too. See how easy it is to turn neighbours into customers? Its as easy as making contact and being your awesome self.



#5  Turn neighbours into customers- Do you know Your Banker? 
5 Highly Effective Tips for Entrepreneurs to Turn Neighbours into Customers or Reps!
Recently a friend had some issues on her account, fortunately for her we use the same bank. We suggested she go have a chat with the bank, and she said I called them and they haven’t been very helpful. Well we suggested we make an appointment to go see the Local branch Manager whom we happen to know… She was so helpful and actually managed to find the tangled net and untangle it for our friend. They found they had mutual interests and are now working on a project together.  For a small or home business entrepreneur, I’ll tell you that the best kept secret to networking is your banker. Make sure you find and have a good, trusted bank with a long history in the community, get to know the manager they are always happy to help and give advice. These people have been known to help connect business owners and turn their network into real business!


Leverage those personal relationships for your mutual and individual businesses…heck be the Einstein and start such a group or community in your area and see your net worth grow.

Yes you can turn neighbours into customers, clients or business partners. You just gotta be BOLD, step away from your desk sometimes, meet real people without expecting anything in return, enjoy the giving and ask the right questions at the right time!

“When you embrace the responsibility to show others the way, to root them out of their complacency, you also show them that life, as seen through the lens …, is abundant, compelling and deeply fulfilling.” ~ Wayne Nugent

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