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Do you believe that each and every one of us is selling whether we believe it or not? If you are in business and things are slow it’s time to ask you self the question “What Do I do to Make the Sale?” We all sell whatever we do, time, product, service, we all exchange something for another, usually what the other person wants!

BUT are you this person: “It’s bad enough I feel like I don’t know the rules of the game anymore, but I don’t even feel like I know the shape of the ball!”

…Guess what 97% of home business owners, affiliate marketers, network marketers, direct sales, are in the exact same boat. BUT WILL NOT ADMIT IT… ostrich syndrome we call it i.e. burying their heads in the sand in the hope the world will change when they come up for breath! You need to make the sale. In other words unblock the sale, build your team and earn some money and Today we are giving you a strategy to do so!


Why Are You reading This Article….?

Because you want to Make the Sale, to sell more you might say upsell, cross sell, improve and develop…Heck whatever is kosher to make that Sale!

Make the Sale, Its a game of Numbers

Play To win And Make The Sale


If you have got a product and another that matches it that’s an upsell…. Or cross sell. Anyone goes to MacDonald’s or maccies as our son lovingly calls it? A mac…. Or a large mac or a large MacChicken sandwich ….that’s an upsell. We are upsold and cross sold so many times we don’t even realise it. Yet in Network Marketing its usually very clear. You check out a link & decide to buy &…wait. STOP there is this super awesome amazing all singing all dancing BONUS for ONLY TODAY never to come back again at this give away price! UPSELL or DOWNSELL…has that ever happened to you…it has to us numerous times. You see the fact remains a buyer is a buyer is a buyer…we did say so in our email marketing post!

The late Peter Drucker said in effect, “The only two legitimate functions of business are marketing and innovation. The rest are expense.

Thus there’re are only three ways to unblock & make the sale…

  1. Get more customers
  2. Increase your average sale
  3. Get your existing customers to come back and buy more often.

BUT HOW DO I ACHIEVE THE ABOVE When I don’t have a single subscriber you may ask…read on!

Let’s look at some Sales Statistics so we can make the sale huh!

Unblocking the sale…Follow up Statistics:

  • 2% of sales are made on the 1ST contact
  • 3% of sales are made on the 2ND contact
  • 5% of sales are made on the 3RD contact
  • 10% of sales are made on the 4TH contact
  • 80% of Sales are made on the 5TH or Beyond contact

The 80/20 rule works & you already know; the Money is in the Follow up. Contact your prospects my dear and FOLLOW UP, CONSISTENTLY, this is how you make the sale! And don’t you dare say you have no prospects. PULL OUT YOUR PHONE…there that wasn’t hard! It doesn’t bite nor does it weigh a ton. Now pick a random number…Make that call. Be Natural…chat like you’re at a bbq and MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO SHARE SOMETHING EXCITING & IMPORTANT. Be on time at agreed appointment, share your exciting news and COLLECT A DECISION…Simple!!

Okay now that you have made that call…carry on you got numerous phone numbers. You Have something you Love and Believe in RIGHT? DO YOU? If you don’t Please Get in Touch and Lets have a chat. Maybe we can help! Otherwise whats holding you back, share it, shout it from the roof tops, use the tools available to you! So let’s look at some more Statistics…which part applies to you? Be honest with YOU

  • 48% of Sales people never follow up with a prospect…WHAT
  • 25% of sales people make a 2ND contact and Stop….crickey!!!
  • 12% of sales people only make 3 contacts and stop…. Keep going!!!
  • ONLY 10% of sales people make more than 3 contacts….! Now you know why only 3% of people in sales or network marketing are making any profit! The Follow Up is POOR or Next to none and we wonder why!

Seriously; how many of you can hand on heart say they’ve called a prospect more than twice, esp. one who seems to be ignoring your calls, not texting back, refuses to fix a time and seems to be altogether too busy…If that person is a close friend, well we literally start feeling like we are helping them somehow by not giving them the nudge they need to CHANGE their lives!


Let us tell you now, if you don’t impact that Facebook Friend’s life for the better today, do you reckon they will ever come to your funeral…let alone ever remember you! So whats holding you back…Contact them, communicate, inbox, invite them to take a look at something that could Help them! A NO is as good as a YES. Who knows whose future you are about to change for the better! You do believe in your product don’t you? Unblock and make that sale brother, Stuart Leung shares different ways to make the sale without being salesy Here!

Sick of being told No …aren’t you?

Tweet_IconWell that’s the holy grail…the more NOs you get the closer to that YES you are and the sweeter that Yes will be. We have so many non-self-serving beliefs & thoughts going on in our minds. We almost always talk ourselves out of our breakthroughs or delay our success as we keep postponing for one excuse or other! CONTACTING & FOLLOW up IS MOST Online Marketers Achilles Heel, what we need to fix to make the sale and beyond! The Infographic below gives you the simple system you need. NETWORKING is meant to be simple!

Make the Sale – Infographic (Click on Image to enlarge)


It’s about perseverance. You’re offering something of value and you need to allocate the Correct Amount of time for making contact and make those sales happen. It’s one of the most important Money Making Activities…Not email, not playing Zynga games, Not Sleeping 10 hrs…8 are enough  You Agree with us that selling takes time don’t you?

Beware of “coffee morning customers” i.e. those that do talk to you, make all the right noises, and then take you on a wild goose chase, and never actually buy anything off you…Excuse after another why now is not a good time, but definitely tomorrow will be…Well there is no time like the present to Take that leap of faith and ALLOW yourself to grow…is what you must tell them. Then Guess what…WRITE THEM OFF! They just don’t have the balls to say no! They think they are being clever by taking you round in circles! Time wasters is what they are…and they are definitely blocking your sale! By wasting time you could be spending on a real prospect, or a team member who needs your time!

In order to make the sale let’s look at the following:

WHY Do People Buy?

  1. MONEY – they have a few bob want to buy stuff & you come along at the right time
  2. TRUST – they trust you and buy from you, So build those relationships make sure you are Remembered and Hopefully liked & respected!
  3. NEED- They need your product, service, it’s a solution to their need, they desire it etc.

So What Is Blocking That Sale for You & Solutions?

  1. There is No Budget – budgetary cuts aka lack of funds, not enough money can stop you making that sale.
  2. They have an alternative supplier – someone made a better impression on them… have you ever made contact with someone, followed the up, showed them your presentation…The next time you see that person they are promoting same as you…with so, so & so….Who may have undercut you, given them an incentive, made a better impression. Had a cheaper product…whatever their game they got the sale and you didn’t…bugger that!
  3. They don’t need it anymore…. Needs changed, they are DIY, No longer in pain, problem solved etc. Their requirements changed. Maybe they want it in a different colour, smaller. Their customer may have cancelled on them too… OR they have learnt to extend the life of existing product. Timing is key My dears!
  4. You Haven’t built a strong enough business case. This then boils down to they can’t justify it to themselves why they need your product, sale etc. Same as a job interview…you may be better qualified and experienced, but if you don’t do a good job you get piped to the job by a better “sales person”

How to Make the Sale i.e. Solution to Above Blockades!

  1. Understand the client budget process and calendar, when do they put in their budgets. Make sure you are talking to them then…For NM its about half way the month so your product is on the Salary expenditure list
  2. Alternative supplier…Is usually monetary so Find out the price they are willing to pay from the get go and the value of your product to them! Make it easy to do business with you. Some people go about with gloomy faces…even on the phone it shows! If people find it easy to talk to you, they will buy from you. ABOVE ALL UNDERSTAND your Competition! Put yourself in their shoes. If you are in a position to give a discount…Then You must understand Cost Margins. Decide how much you can cut the price by to keep customers happy!
  3. You definitely didn’t do your research…! Ask your clients/subscribers their requirements for the future. Use surveys for goodness sake! Find a way to work collaboratively with them to solve their issues, and maintain this relationship!
  4. To Build a strong business case…You Must Create a Compelling offer! Always try to give value and promote the Benefits of your product and working with you rather than the Comp plan or Biz opp! The best way is to give your prospect a major win if its in your power to do so…They will always buy from you! You definitely know to ask Your self Whats In It For Them (WIIFT)….So Address a need rather than Sell… even if we all know we are trying to get that SALE! Make it easy for them to say yes…HOW? ASK the Closing Qn!

Return Calls, answer letters and emails in record time! Be professional! Also Grab Our 100% Free Training on How To Handle Objections Here it will sure help you make the sale!


Here is How You Know they got an Alternative: They point blank tell you; missed & unreturned calls, excuses, cancelled orders, they stop taking your calls or emails. The SOLUTION to still make the sale IS to always ask for feedback, even when they aren’t taking your calls, send them a letter asking for some feedback. Once received decide if you want to learn from it!

We definitely felt that we needed to get back to Business admin & sales 1-1. Because these skills and lessons are most often not taught by your uplines, or even team members unless we Attend events or Get self-development As a Daily Part of our lives! This will in turn help you unblock the sale and To Grow your Business

We know you are totally focused on making this a great year and we definitely hope we are helping you on that journey. We believe in you. If you have found value in this post, by all means like, share and share your thoughts below!

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You Rock!


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