Home Based Business

Home Based Business, Why we do it! Learn Why You Should, Can beat the J.O.B Frustration and create the life You deserve.

Do the words Home Based Business Entrepreneur make you turn your noses up in disdain?

Well some people, others look blank and others simply don’t know what it means so they act all uppity. 🙂 Well let us tell you why we do it. Its so rewarding in so many ways and yet a huge challenge for many esp. at the beginning!

In addition to the reasons we explain in detail in our “About Page” We do it because it allows us to do things for our loved ones and support family & friends and live our lives the way we want to!

For example over the weekend we had a “family” wedding and we cant tell you how much fun it was getting to D-Day. Below is a photo of the happy couple. Its been a long journey for them but with a lil help from friends and family the day dawned.

So our question is, wouldn’t you love to do stuff like that for friends and family, support & get them to their special day because you have the time & resources to do so! We do and love doing so. There are various reasons why You too should consider a home based business and we list but a few below:

  1. Pay off Your Debts e.g. mortgage, college debts, credit card debts
  2. Save for a rainy day
  3. Spend time with family esp. young ones & elderly  parents
  4. Take a Well-Deserved Vacation
  5. Save for your Dream Home or Car
  6. Enjoy Tax savings, this one is explained a bit more below
  7. Save for or Add to Retirement funds
  8. This one will surprise many. If you live in UK, you have Government Backing to Start a Home Based  Business as of 14th August 2014 🙂


Home Based Business

A Home based Business allowed us time & resources to help plan and stage a wedding for our friends.

Bar the above listed reasons, this is not a some rosy tinted glass post about working an home and being a home business entrepreneur! No its  more of telling it like it is with some personal experience thrown in the mix.

Many join network marketing with rose tinted glasses and a whole lot of pie in the sky ideas. But don’t have a clear vision why they want a home business other than “To make Money.”

Yes we all know that money of itself is just a means to an end, whatever that END RESULT IS. That’s your basic “Why” for looking into home business opportunities and investing your hard earned cash!  So we say take them off rose tinted glasses. Focus your vision, write down your Reasons, have a strategy however minimal and seek to learn & enjoy the journey daily.

You will be better placed to make it work for you as a Business. So without further ado we’re gonna share with you 7 reasons why we believe that a Home Based Business is a good way to create an income with bits of advise thrown in on how/what to focus on.



Home Based Business – 7 Compelling Reasons to Start Today!

#1 If you are a stay at home mom/parent, you may as well become a “work at home mom/parent.” You could be running your own home based business in a niche you have passion for or which is the easier for you to promote.

There are millions of home based business ideas or opportunities you’re spoilt for choice these days. We don’t mean that in a weird way either. See, when you learn traffic getting strategies and get an army of affiliates working smart and hard with you, you have the holy grail to minting residual income.

A home based business or working at home is not for the faint hearted, quitters, mentally lazy people. Its highly misunderstood by the “Salary mentality” that you invest $50 and in 30 days have $1million….What!

Working at home is a business like any other, it doesnt come tickety-boo, you have to put in the basic hard work at the start, be consistent, learn new skills, be coachable and learn to be “The Boss”, you don’t produce results, you don’t get paid period!

So if you are at home counting the hours till school pick up, those hrs could be better utilized to create an income as a work at home parent running a home based business! You will feel and be all the better for it long term.




#2 If you have a huge dream, and I had this huge dream to have a podcast on iTunes and that Dream is just come true Check out my Tunes Here coming to you on an iTunes gadget some time in next few days    …Anyways we digress

We can assure you working 9-5 24/7 will not get you to your Dream unless you earn 6figures per month and are very strict with saving & reinvesting…The catch word here is Reinvesting, in the right businesses!

But, finding a home based business idea, set up & done properly using the right tools and resources consistently will get you there in 12 – 24 months or even less!

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of Self development in order to get up to speed with whats working now to make that home business viable and profitable. Above all you need a supportive mentor and Team! Because despite what you think, a home based business opportunity usually gets you networked to a group of like minded people; its literally a business from home but not alone!



#3 If you are on the fence about home based business opportunities, lets look at other options…

Investing in stocks & bonds, shares, real estate, bricks & mortar business etc.? You will need a small fortune & small army of professionals to help you get that investment going, earning you a good income.

The capital outlay…Well you need deep pockets or a very amiable Bank Manager. That army of “pros” will also cost you a pretty penny. Many of them have never invested a penny themselves, they are “Theoretical” or Graduate advisers and thus oft times don’t get you to that fortune you dream of!

That’s why we see many stressed & sad OAPs after investing for years find their pension pots not as fat as they had hoped. If anything they find them depleted and pathetic, forcing many to find some kind of work, in their twilight years.

Years they are meant to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Years when they don’t have the energy or zest or even health to manage a 9-5 again!

Eric Worre launched a whole movie on “The Rise of The Entrepreneur.” Basically why starting a Home Based Business is the thing to do today with the whole economy going backwards and job security becoming a thing of the past. Sandy Botkins 7figure earner shares why you should start a Home based business while you can in the video below:


Here is a home based business that you could enjoy even as you build. Its your time, Make your life less Taxing. You deserve it. 🙂 See you do have residual bills, your utilities, taxes, water, gas, electricity, cable, phone, insurance etc.etc. SO, WHY ON GOD’S Earth don’t you embrace a way to Create Residual Income?





#4 Its a heck of a lot cheaper to start a home based business, more so if you Aim for a High Ticket Offer. Bear with us on this…! A Home based business may start you off on the much needed small profits. We equate these to small stars. They’re nice to look at, but they aren’t too beneficial to you really.

You would need to get a whole lot of $7.00-$47.00 commissions and yes these are to be celebrated as you start to earn them. But you don’t invest in a home business to focus on the small stars as they wont change anybodies life by much unless you make sales in huge numbers.

And likely, they may not make you one red cent, because acquiring a customer isn’t cheap these days. In our opinion, you want to be able to play big.

Both in what you can afford to acquire a new customer and in the size of your profits. Ironically, these two are closely tied together. You must have a marketing budget to get to the bigger earnings or a Steady flow of Residual income, this is Business remember!


For example:

Do you have a budget of $200/month? You can only afford to spend, say $.50cents per customer. If you can make more than that back during your average customers lifetime with your business you are in business my friend.

But if you are at $47 profit, and acquiring a customer at $50? Well… ya won’t be in business for long!! So you need to spend your marketing budget wisely.

Do you know that some spend $250 to make $1,000-$9,000? It is what most big hitters do and they wont tell you about it, well we are here to tell you!

Be ready to play Big in the long run! Have a Huge Vision for your home business and look for a high ticket program/product.  You need Lucrative Offers if you plan to THRIVE, or to even break even for that matter. And we want you to do better than just break even.

We want you to make more money and live a better life than you’ve ever even imagined possible. If you want that for yourself & loved ones, then check out this brief presentation it is worth every penny! Aim high, you are so worth it!

The reason we say this is we mastermind with 6-7 figure earners in that platform and get to create amazing memories while being paid to do so! starting and running a home based business doesn’t get better than that! CLICK TO TWEET



#5 We know its a bit of a hard message but here is the good news. Starting a home-based business is a great way to create an extra or full time income.

In fact, 52 percent of U.S. companies operate as home businesses, we can point out many of today’s biggest brand names established by stay-at-home moms Fields by Mrs. Debbie Fields, (Dorothy) Gerber, and Julie Aigner-Clark (Baby Einstein), to name but a few.

So you see it all boils down to Your Mindset & Vision! All of which we have mentioned in earlier posts! and Caron Beesley gives some really good places to start from as well. Clearly we have a soft spot for Reason number #4 above as our favorite; but we cant let you down by not sharing Caron’s Home Based Business Ideas 



#6 Did we say you could save money on taxes

Well there you go. You can enjoy valuable tax Savings thus keeping more in your bank. When you own a home based business, part of your home becomes business space.

The rooms you work in, the computer and printer you use, and your Internet service and cell phone all may become business expenses. This means they may be deductible on your taxes, saving you money! That is more money you can put to work paying off debts or taking a hard-earned vacation, or whatever your reasons are.

The UK Government as stated above is backing home based business entrepreneurs all the way and we know what this means; tax breaks, low interest loans and even dare we say Grants…! So Go for it, its your time! In USA its the same thing and Botkins explains it better in the above video. In the primary platform we get back every penny we invest on Day one in non taxable dollars. That’s ROI at its best. Check it out below

things to do in Tamoa are so many its impossible to share them all here!



#7 If you have a unique skill, talent, Idea, then the easiest way to get it up and running could be through starting a home based business.

Create a website, lots of free resources out there for domains or free websites like WordPress. Make sure your SEO Optimize it as demonstrated by Quicksprout in this Info-graphic and you start promoting it on Social Media. Ask all your friends and family and local media, local businesses that will let you put some flyers or cards etc etc..Its not rocket science…Remember we said from the very start its not a tickety-boo wake up to Cinderella prince thing.

Put in the hours and you will have a business to be proud of, to pass on to your children if they so wish years later, or to build your Dream lifestyle and other bricks and mortar ideas you may have. Start with a home based business idea get to work and grow to heights as high as your dreams!



If you are looking to start an online home business and want some ideas, there are millions on the internet and lots of pitfalls.

Its best to start with a recommendation from those that have done it, been there, gone through the pitfalls and know what to do. Anyone with focus, commitment, a huge & specific why can start a home based business and succeed. Creating a steady flow of income and changing your life and that of your loved ones, is possible! So, what are you waiting for! Start today, for that tomorrow you dream of!



P.S. Find out how you can have a whole new lifestyle with your own home based business. Here is more information on this once-in-a-lifetime way of Living your life with a home business opportunity that’s a lifestyle in itself! There is no better time than now to start owning your life!



As always yo Deserve more so…


Live. Learn. Love









Julie & Pauli Kalungi







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