Go on Vacation, its Essential for your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, Its also Great for your Business!

Go on a Vacation to Re-energize

Are you feeling the pressure of summer coming, the year almost half gone and you feel stressed? You Definitely need to go on a Vacation to re-energise, get away form it all and re-plan your next 6 months for success. So let me ask you, do you go on vacation to recharge or to get your adrenaline pumping?

Do you love travel? If you do…I want to tell you its the best way to re-energise your self. Doesn’t matter whether its a Staycation or a Vacation abroad! Stay with me, here…

Travel and Vacation gives me back my power and love!

Since our daughter is doing her GCSEs we had to stay put and have a “Staycation” over the half-term! Taking time off to re-energise helps us through the speed bumps. We all have those moments in time when you feel a bit low.  The length of these moments vary from person to person.

Take time out, slow down, go for a vacation and rest if you must, but do not give up.  Remember retreat is not surrender; this could sometimes be the necessary move to re-energise or recharge, build up momentum to go forward, OR Change Strategy or even Investment vehicle!

In order to maintain high productivity levels to create extra cash flow towards your goal of financial freedom, you have to take time out and re-energise.  It is imperative that you program this time into your annual activities, considering the fact that even entire nations have public holidays or bank holidays that are officially recognised.

This time helps you to re-focus your mind and to refuel in readiness for creation of your future. Try a vacation to re-energise, pump up adrenaline, action packed vacation, road-trip staycation, beach vacation, a safari, a voluntour, whatever floats your boat! I love taking my family on a variety of vacations because travel is the new living see a snippet of some of our vacation fun!


#1. Program your time-out into your annual activities:  Ensure that it is recognised as time-bound and treated with due respect like any other activity. This gives your mind a feel good feeling, looking forward to enjoyment and relax knowing that the activity is planned for and does not impinge on other activities. Your break does not have to be an expensive one; it could be a weekend away or even shorter. A movie date with friends etc!

I’ve had Lows and highs & share with you some of my experiences. Some relate to my time on holiday and how taking a vacation can re-energise, create a long lasting bond and give you back your mojo!

#2 Make time on a Staycation or Vacation to re-energise

As it happens, I enjoy world travel and a while back after a few hard months at work, I noticed my productivity levels were going down…fast! Luckily this period coincided with my booked time out, boy was I looking froward to going on this vacation. So I decided to & knuckled down to deliver results and to prepare for a well-deserved break. The time then flew to our all Inclusive family vacation to a beautiful location in Europe.

We made new friends and we had a good time on the sandy beaches, ocean waves lapped at our feet. My Julie had a great time. I can tell you we recharged our batteries and to-date we’re in touch with some of the friends we made!

Staycation or Vacation re-energize and make friends!

Not only were the local people some of the most generous folk in the world, but my wife, children and I did some sightseeing and participated in some tourist activities that left us wanting to go abroad a lot more frequently…and we do!

Like I said we usually love to connect with locals when we visit a new place. We check out the local tourist spots, the cuisine, and have a whale of a time. Taking mini cruises is a fav of ours. So on this vacation we did the needful and went on a wonderful boat cruise!

Take a mini Cruise on your vacation or staycation! Is worth it!

The ocean was crystal clear and a tad cold according to my lil boy who took a dip (braver than me for sure). I can never forget the look on his face, the sheer excitement as he jumped into the water and swam around with a school of dolphins nearby. I was so mesmerised I didn’t take a photo, he never forgave me for weeks…! It was all so beautiful with the water sparkling reflections from the sun’s rays…At this point I thanked the Lord for our lifestyle. That we a normal family can do this several times a year…by taking family vacations and bonding, priceless! Everyone deserves this!

Vacations help you bond with your loved ones!

I spent time on the deck sun-bathing with my daughter and son. As we lay basking in the sun, my mind drifted into deep thoughts of how living like this is also helping us gain financial freedom too. This was a great moment and I could easily have been out for hours.  I effectively used my time re-energise, re-strategise and recharge my batteries. 

I appreciated even more the benefits of being a member of a community of travelers, an exclusive elite  International Travel Club for normal people to save on travel without compromising on quality! There are numerous vacation ideas and DreamTrips available you choose! Now let me tell you about more travel tips & experiences…

Tactical breaks for recharging

Some people don’t have lots of days to spare, for instance my friends in USA tell me they get 10 days off…WHAT??? So should they work till they drop…heck no. My advise is take tactical breaks, mini vacations, weekenders, get-aways, city break, short road-trips. It can be a shoestring budget travel, or all out luxury travel; depends on your interests & funds! Whatever you do, take time off, away from the daily grind to recharge and refocus your mind. Time away to do some of the things you love. Heck life is damn short and we die once…You want to know you had the best time of your life whatever your circumstances! After-all there is beauty wherever you live!

We vacation and travel for Life NotTo escape Us!

Take an Activity Packed Vacation to push your body: When I was younger I used to do athletics, long distance races.  I put my love of action packed adrenaline filled activity, adventure vacations, down to my love of athletics.  I know I am super competitive and I am no quitter and boy do my children follow suit! Athletics training taught me to take control of my mind to push my body beyond the pain! Winning is something I absolutely love and being in the top 3 became my drive. Now you can imagine how competitive our vacation activities can get. As long as there are no heights involved, Julie is happy, she is such a sport. Our children are unsurprisingly super competitive in sport and in school…(Apple and tree comes to mind) its all good fun on vacation though. When we went on our very first trip to Disney World.  I am talking about a Disney Vacation to Orlando Florida, you should have seen us on the rides. Who would stand the most roller-coasters…! Can I just say that its important to plan your vacation time for a few days of R & R or simple sheer poolside or beach lazing to regroup and have some days of rest after the adrenaline pumping activities! Otherwise you would need a vacation from the vacation

Below are some pictures from our stay in Orlando. It was super incredible for us!

Activity Packed Vacations are Great for Bonding!


We couldn’t believe our 5* Disney Hotel, it was the highlight of that year for us all to be honest. All because we are members of a travel club! A lot of people thought we spent a fortune on this trip. The answer is NOT AT ALL! One of the primary reasons that people don’t travel more is that they believe it’ll be too expensive. They believe that staying in 4 and 5-star resorts much like the one  we stayed in during our Disney vacation is something that is totally out of their reach. But what if I tell or even show you how to travel the world like we do; that you can travel way cheaper than staying at home, would you be interested…Crazy huh, its our not so secret travel hack! Well if you are really serious about this I encourage you to Email me at admin@juleskalpauli.com and I can send you some more info or simply let me know here!

Take a Hideaway Vacation – Withdraw if you must 

Another way to re-energise and regroup is to Withdraw from all the daily noise and have those quiet private moments to re-energise, take a vacation to go. 🙂 Learn the practice of regular withdrawal to spend time alone to meditate, plan your priorities and recharge your batteries go on a hide-away vacation. It is important to comprehend that in order to be effective with your customers and with your business, you must learn to be comfortable alone with yourself.

Address your own mind in those quiet moments, encourage yourself listen to some motivational speakers. To condition yourself and push beyond your comfort zone OR that threshold of wanting to give up. Whatever you do, don’t quit. Use this time to tidy up, take stock, tie up any loose ends in your mind and here is the fun bit, make memories allover the world! Try not to DO your DAILY WORK OR try complete any of the tasks that you have been putting off for a while. Simply PLAN HOW you will tackle them when back from travel or vacation!

3 (2)

Re-energise and keep going

Energy is the main thing that keeps anyone going. If you can exploit those low moments to do what energises you, you will create the reserves from which you can draw the energy to share with others. And what better energy than that from enjoying life and having fun. Summer is a great time to take a vacation. The time you take out on vacation is Your time to recharge or re-energise.  Make sure that these vacations are scheduled into your annual program.

The secret to success is about knowing your capability and what you are gifted to do. Focus on these things and delegate the rest or let them go. Otherwise they become time-stealers and divert your attention and energy from the more important things, thereby hindering your progress. Obviously it all gets easier with time!

Identify the activities that energise you and fill your tank, make them an essential part of your life.  Identify activities that drain you and unless they are essential, avoid them.  If they are unavoidable take a break and do them after other activities that you enjoy.

Do some training on something new.  There is never a prescribed time for training.  It can be done anytime.

In order to create your vision for a life of more fun, freedom and fulfillment, you will need to put in commitment, effort and discipline to have the resources to get to such a life. Do not forget to have fun and enjoy yourself along the journey. Your ability to maintain a healthy balance between your work and time-off will position you effectively for maximum productivity towards your goals.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more guidance online. Did you enjoy our “4 Super Travel Tips – Do you vacation to re-energise?” Then I think now is a good time to hand over to you,  please share what type of travel and vacations you like or what you like to do when you take time-off to re-energise.

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