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Budapest & A Sip of Magic at the Corinthia Hotel – Ever considered World Travel 5* for a Living?

I literally couldn’t pronounce how the Hungarians say Hello. But I definitely know how the Hawaiians say it. So Aloha y’all & Mahalo for dropping by and sharing in our travels…How is your week so far? You know that every so often we share our life esp. travel, you also know about our passion for travel as we have written a few travel blogs! 

Well after the gloomy, grey days of winter, we felt we needed a reawakening and decided to book a week’s get away with our Elite Travel Club.

Remember dreaming of visiting that place you always dreamt of…Whats that place on your bucket list? Cannot recall? Have not dreamt it yet?? Go dream NOW…You stop dreaming, you start dying…I’m not sure where I read that but hey it’s true!!!

Today we’ll be sharing with you our experience of a DreamTrip and the gorgeous beautiful city that is Budapest! We were based at the amazing 5* Corinthia Hotel on the Andrassy Boulevard and had been upgraded to a Suite oh yeah, like I died and went to paradise on earth…what! See some photos below…. Be alert as this post could turn into a floral and very sweet space… 

Budapest views & food

On left: One of the Most Outstanding Structures in Budapest, Some of the meals we Had, the Sunset on the Promenade & The Corinthia Spa. All our photos!

Let me first tell you that I didn’t expect anything. I learnt long ago to keep an open and clean mind and be pleasantly surprised…Yet with DreamTrips we EXPECT the Absolute best at Value Prices.

This was no exception like others before. We are normal people like you…Nurses, teachers, engineers, doctors, truck drivers, Stay at home parents, single parents, administrators, soldiers serving state & home, even discerning students.

A friend of mine said we must be loaded to travel like we do…I showed him how we do it and well am happy to say that today he’s a member.  He simply saw how much great value it is.


Many say they cant afford to be part of an Elite Travel Club. They are too busy, they have  no time, they are doing other stuff, they don’t like to have to tell friends or family…! (This one gets me lol), they are already part of another program. Trust me I get it and respect that 100%. YET  it makes me feel for them…! Why? Because most people work so hard, save up to TAKE A VACATION OF A LIFE TIME. Maybe once in their lives, or work even harder to WIN it from a 9-5 Job or even from their company!

Yet Paul and I and over 2million+ people live this lifestyle and can take an awesome 5* vacation anytime we want. Seriously we feel like shouting it from the roof tops every time we take a trip! Be it a weekend getaway, a Hide away, a 2-4 day voluntour, a full on Dreamtrip! We even have students (lovingly called the Rat-pack) who saw the vision. They are traveling the world like royalty and most are debt free, living it up!

Some people think they have to take part in the Opportunity! NO YOU DON’T, its a Club and members who are customers purely enjoy the club aka product which is 5* travel; without paying crazy prices like the Hyatt, Marriot, Hilton Club or even recently the Mile Low Club.

Budapest has an old world charm, intermingled with pure contemporary modern structures… Click To Tweet



Back to Budapest

Budapest has an old world charm, intermingled with pure contemporary modern structures it’s a dream to visit. So what is so unique about Budapest?

Nope it’s not the Disney world of Europe and it’s not the London craziness that you can literally feel in your head. It’s literally…it’s like a beautiful rough diamond that is ready to pamper and transform your life if you let it. I tell you now that I feel transformed, and yet I didn’t use any product that could for instance turn your hair into a bouncy healthy crowning glory!!!

Budapest' old world charm

A beautiful rough diamond ready to pamper and transform your life if you let it! #Budapest… Click To Tweet

Below is a short video on our Budapest Experience

Now our Hotel was Amazinggggg and according to the Locals,

“The Corinthia Hotel Budapest is The Hotel to be at in Budapest, if you have a deep wallet”.

Well there we were, how did we end up here? Because we are part of a culture, a movement, an Elite Travel Club and as valued members we were upgraded from the also Super awesome InterContinental Hotel at the foot of the Chain Bridge in “Pest”, overlooking Castle Hill. Another one of the three luxury hotels along Dunakorzó (Danube Promenade).

A Superior location with many historic sights nearby. Quite close to shopping and entertainment areas in Pest.  We were upgraded to The More Awesome even more prestigious Corinthia Hotel. If you don’t know this chain of hotels simply check above or Google it and you will know what I am talking about.

The hotel has  first-class restaurants offering international cuisine including the Rickshaw Oriental restaurant that offers gastronomic experiences reminiscent of the far east.

The chef dazzled us with traditional Asian flavours prepared exclusively with the finest ingredients. We literally felt like we were in Singapore AsPastries at the Corinthia Budapestia…! I tell you we tasted the delicious pastries every morning at breakfast and we truly believe the chef has a secret recipe; these pastries melted in your mouth…the image below would never give you that!

Like I said we were very briefly at the InterContinental BUT stayed at the Corinthia so we have tried both and love them for different reasons…We also took a city tour, part of the package; 4 course Dinner, plus an all you can drink session that lasted till the wee hours of the night…Small surprise we all managed to turn up for the mastermind 8:30am the next morning…just goes to show how determined this one big family is.

In our opinion, the Corinthia has got an unmatched location in the city of “Pest as the locals call it” and the InterContinental has got the Stunning views of the city, no contest. Wow the sunset above Castle Hill was one amazing sight.

Well I cant go on  saying pest without sharing why! Buda means hill and Pest means flat or desert land. Budapest is a tale of two cities…Buda & Pest together Budapest…I guess you didn’t know that huh!

The Conrinthia Budapest is an Award Winning member of the Corinthia Hotels Brand. Originally called The Grand Hotel Royal. Amongst its awesomeness, this hotel features a Majestic Grand Ballroom and Royal Spa that is Budapest’s most Luxurious Spa. We just couldn’t stay away from it, daily…! Who would, unless they needed a lobotomy.  Mind you we did try the natural thermal spa by the Ice rink & Budapest Zoo which has natural healing hot water that comes from underground and is so hot it has to be cooled down for human enjoyment!

Every morning we had an amazing Champagne Breakfast; with all the trimmings…Hello champagne breakfast…I mean this is what life is meant to be like right…!

So anyone who tells me that they won a trip to wherever after so much hard work and they love what they do. I say Keep on doing what you do BUT…hey I get to live like that as part of my life…Don’t have to wait or work so damn hard to achieve a paid for company trip once a year. We simply check out what we got and know we will be treated like royalty from the moment we step off that flight till we leave!

I don’t have to be a director of a Company (by the way I am…) slaving away 70 hrs a week in the hope that my company will fork out for a trip as a thank you…It’s already part of my life. I chose where I want to go, any time and I will always receive 5 star treatment! 5 Star vacations and Travel is our product and I love it. Paul and I are so all in and grateful for this life, it’s Amazing!

Champagne breakfast at The Corinthia Budapest

Let’s not forget Corporate Social responsibility! It’s in giving that we receive and we truly believe in giving back. Our elite club gives back in such fun and fulfilling ways it makes it easy to give.

I mean who wouldn’t want to go paint a school for little underprivileged children, or free meal serving for people in need? You will always have such an opportunity, a mini voluntour tailored into the trip. Sells out within a day!

Then all were treated to a full laid on 4 course dinner with bottomless drinks, at a 5* location or on a luxury river cruise as you see the sights by night, at no extra cost to you! We believe that we should go beyond donations by leveraging our strengths and resources to raise awareness of the importance or corporate and personal philanthropy, and encourage society to pay more attention to each other’s needs.

Anyway, while away in Budapest we hit 2 birds with one stone. We attended a Super Duper Mastermind at the Budapest Tuske Arena, 5000+ people literally took over the city and we all got so pumped up on our focus for the future it’s unbelievable.

First let me explain this was unlike any event I have ever attended. The love, the support, the fire in that room definitely ignited my lil flame afresh. The line-up of talent on that stage was unbelievable. People who were in such dire straits the only way was Up and by gosh they did it. They shared some of that fire with the 5k+ arena occupants…I can tell you now I am fired up, more focused than ever, committed to my Dream and its manifestation.

Committed to travel more, see more of the world, voluntour more, give back and have fun while doing it! So I am so glad we mixed our Budapest R & R with some serious Mind food and fire. I got me some extra fire in my belly and by gosh I am ready to share some golden nuggets in the next few weeks.

As Stavros Said “If you want change, You Got to Change You



Budapest – Travel, the New Living Its a Wrap:

So to wrap this up as I can assure you I could go on and on about how awesome Budapest all is & was. The cultural and leisure opportunities of Budapest are massive. And our Concierge service and Rovia host team were always happy to recommend new places and sights to enhance your life and enchanting experience.

I trust you have enjoyed a lil bit of what we enjoyed last week and enjoy as members of an elite travel club.

More Memories of Budapest

BUdapest I fell in Love with

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