Feeling Stuck? My 4 Proven Steps to Get Unstuck in Your Business and Career Fast! 

How to get UNstuck in Your Business #mindsethacks #successtips

Often times people reach out to me saying “I am really stuck, overwhelmed and I want to know: how do you get unstuck in your business?

And so, today I want to help you out if you are in that funk, I want you to understand that its not Hard. That it depends on a part of you that you have 100% Control over. I am speaking from my soul to yours.

I have come to understand and believe that we get stuck in our lives, career and business due to 4 things. And today I am going to share those 4 things and HOW to change that!

Let’s get you unstuck! This may be the very thing you need to create the momentum you need to get your breakthrough in your home business or life in general!

By the way, it’s not about hard work, although many may lead you to believe that! Don’t get me wrong, there are real benefits in hard work. Yet I know some real hard grafters, they wake up at the crack of dawn and go to their garden and work till sunset. With barely a break, back breaking work…And still stay the same. So, it’s definitely not all about hard work, although it does contribute 10%. I can tell you its definitely everything to do with unblocking the sale really! 

By the way, it’s not about hard work, although many may lead you to believe that! #getunstuck… Click To Tweet

Now, how does one get unstuck in your business if it’s not to hustle harder?

Let’s dive into the details so that you can get out of the funk you are in or avoid it altogether!


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The 4 Main Reasons People Stay Stuck in business:

I need you to understand that; people stay stuck and even end up quitting on all kinds of things. You could be stuck in your school/training. Or maybe you are stuck in your job, i.e. no promotion, no pay increase. Mayhap you are stuck in your business and haven’t met your sales quarter or targets. That rank has eluded you yet again…And its almost the half way mark of the year!

You feel so frustrated you are about to quit on your dreams.

If this is you, you need to tune in to the article I wrote about feeling accomplished. I wrote it at a low moment in my life, or what I thought was a low moment. It turned out to actually have been a blessing in disguise. A moment when I was looking at everything I hadn’t achieved and why, instead of focusing on all the great things I actually had got done and moved closer to our Vision and dreams! Talk about beating oneself up with a leather whip…!



I hope the ideas I share will help and teach you how to get unstuck in your business, career or whatever you are stuck in!

If you know us, you will know…

For example, when we started building our home based business 4+ years ago,  I had walked out of a managerial job and sat at home for 2 years. Threw a major pity party in that time. I was struggling with my weight, and don’t even go to my mindset. I struggled with my self-worth at that time. My children got the brunt of all this and my husband was a saint to be honest!  Our story may inspire you go check it out in the interview we had with Erik Christian.

Yet in all this, quitting wasn’t an option, this gig had to work. Today, I see so many people with big dreams get stuck in their business and even quit on those dreams months even weeks into starting a gig. I wanted to dig deeper into why.

I believe there are 4 main stuck-ville roads shared below:



 Do These and You will Get Unstuck in Your Business Fast!

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I hope you got value and some comfort that you can change your life. If you did please do leave a comment on the video and Subscribe to my Channel and you will receive notification of new Value content I publish over there too! 

Having learnt the Why and What, Here is HOW…Yes I am giving away the shop today.



Here is How to Get Unstuck in Your Business

#1. Find and Hire a coach or mentor. This is critical to your business growth and success. Yes, it Will Cost you. But that will be cash 100% well spent.

#2. Evaluate your business. Do a Self-audit and be really truthful to YOU. That’s how you will uncover WHY you are stuck. And guess what, the answer will manifest as to how to get unstuck in your business. Its #thelaw 😃

Way back in 2014 when, I was on the brink of giving up, I decided that I would give myself one more chance and invest in Coaching from Ray Higdon. At that time, I learnt what I am sharing with you today. These nuggets are valued at over $10,000 and I am literally giving them away free…

 Do a Self-audit and be really truthful to YOU. #Successtips #YourPowerEchoes Click To Tweet


Below are the 4 Questions to Focus your Self-Audit:

  1. What is working in my business right now?

Go through your resources, tools, strategies, your daily activities, behaviours with a fine-tooth comb. Determine whether you can do more of what’s working now, increase the time you spend doing it…Put more of your resources there if need be. Like Ads, social media promos etc. Get to it!

  1. What is missing in my business?

This you probably know and are holding back, usually finances are involved. If you have money sat on your account and you are struggling, you need to ask yourself, what is tha money doing for me or my loved ones sat in the bank? Is it building up major interest? If its not, invest it in Your Coaching and COMMITT to soak up the knowledge. Apply the knowledge and Create the results you deserve. Including 10xing that cash you invested in you! 

So, ask yourself: what are the missing pieces of the puzzle that are keeping me stuck in my business? What’s limiting your growth? What could you add to your business right now from a system to a coach to a blueprint? What are those missing links? Go Get them. Or Shut the shop and go find a job. No shame in it and you can save yourself the heart ache later.

  1. What is NOT working in my business?

Let me say this, the biggest block is in YOUR MIND. Work on YOU Daily. Feed your mind with the right cuisine. Then go look at what skill set, system, resource action is dragging you down. Go fix it or change it. Eliminate whatever is not working period. Stop the cash drainers. You will be the happier for it.

  1. And final Question: Where do I go from here?

Having done a thorough audit above, it’s time to determine the way forward! By this stage in the process, you should be in implementation, ACTION Mode baby! So, the questions to ask you is: What can I do going forward to change my business? What do I need to implement to fill the voids that I’ve unearthed?

Here are some examples:  If you haven’t yet got it, NOW is the time to hire a coach. Find a blueprint and start Implementing.

Go sharpen the saw aka skill up and learn prospecting and closing! Or hire someone with the skill set to do that part of your business!

Did you know that the Antidote to every business ailment is FOCUSED ACTION? 🙂 And with this word to the wise…

I hope that these very simple, yet so essential nuggets will help you get unstuck in your business. That they help inspire at least one person to do the needful and breakthrough!

Did you like the video and Can you see yourself Loving you some, Letting go sometimes, I sure hope so! By the way, you are designed for success, for closing and happiness so don’t even consider quitting. Your dreams are on the other side of service!

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As always, You Deserve More – Seize the day!

Learn. Love. Live

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