Passion For Travel

A Passion for Travel? Live The Dream – Vacation Like Royalty

Many people are stuck in a rut having inadvertently closed many options. They do not know that there are lots of people Living the Dream through their passions, and not breaking the bank!

Ours is a passion for travel! Our family inc. the little ones have the travel bug and we decided early on to make sure we do what we gotta do to make it happen several times a year. And we have done so for the last so many years; traveling the world seeing exotic places, different cultures and always ending the year visiting family and friends to recharge the batteries ready for another year of Fun & loving it.

Our passion for travel is only rivaled by Pauli’s passion for engineering & our liluns passion for their schools & friends. Otherwise we would be traveling nomads like Ryan Biddulph does. 😀 Both Pauli & I love to grow & develop, and this has helped us create a life that suits our needs and is getting better day by day.

What we do helped transform us into people who reach out to others to help them grow & support them in their dreams. We always knew we had it in us esp. as Julie studied counseling & law. Today we look back on that person, a suited & booted legal corporate, to a housing professional.  Along the way we’ve had our setbacks and Julie suffered some bouts of anxiety and sometimes pure panic…thank God those days are gone!

We knew we had to make some adjustments, that even though we were able to travel the world, we both were capped by our jobs and what we could do was determined by the number of days we had off work. As a contract worker half the time it became a juggling act for Julie! Our whole world had to change, to ensure an even better lifestyle for our family esp. our growing children.

You must understand, that how we think & believe forms the core of our experience, even the Good Book says so! We are what we think. So the more negative thoughts you harbor, the more negative experiences you get…!

So we ask you, is it worth it focusing on what happened or didn’t happen yesterday, allowing your mind to limit your abundance waiting for you out there…! Allowing other people’s opinions to stop you? Why don’t you take baby steps, learn from babies and toddlers, yes…They learn everything a step & day at a time and by heck they never give up! 

Tweak what needs tweaking, abandon what doesnt work in your life, heck even cut out of your life those that drag you down, you owe it to you!  Before you know it you will create great things & take huge strides to your dream life.

Today Julie is a Tutor, Coach & Entrepreneur who does what she likes laptop style. 🙂 The purpose of this post is to let you know that anybody can do the same. No matter your background, your current lifestyle, your obstacles, YOUR LIFE CAN BE DIFFERENT starting today. If you Purpose to make the changes you need. You have it in You, you possess every thing inside of you to Create the life you desire if You but Commit to it.

If you have a Passion to travel like we do and want to get paid to do so, all the while doing whatever else you currently do to boot, you should definitely Start here and Now Today.

Know that which limits you, are your beliefs which really do not serve you. You too can Live your Dream.

Passion For Travel

LA California, Unforgettable


Have a Passion for Travel? What does “Living The Dream” mean to you?

Passion for Travel

Julie chilled at The Beverly Hilton

Everyone harbors different dreams. To Pauli & I living the dream means building a life for our family doing the things we love.

Personally I was always intrigued by engineering, so falling in love with Pauli & getting married to him, was a dream come true.

We both love serving the communities we live in traveling and we agreed to always do something different with our lives — so I guess we’re doing well on those fronts!

Living the Dream to us means living the way that fulfills us and makes us happy. We are on a wonderful journey literally building the life of our dreams along the way; creating memories to warm our cockles in our twilight years by God’s grace. This Journey also involves Giving back to those less fortunate and this attracted us most about that program!

So ask your self, are you doing what makes you want to get up every morning eager to do it?  Whats on your bucket list to do before you go to Nivarna?

Which places would you like to visit while you have strength and time and if resources were not an issue? Wouldn’t you love to go to Hawaii, Jo’burg, LA, Malta? Mauritius, Athens or maybe Rhodes, maybe you may like to spend the weekend in Istanbul, Or just chill out at the Grand Canyon..Is Peru on your list, Maybe its the Caribbean….!

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We have ticked a few items off our bucket list and we are not about to stop by God’s grace. Our children are world travelers too!

Waking up and doing what we want to do is on its way to become our standard. Our Passion for travel is definitely not yet quenched as its deeply entrenched in living the dream for us.

As we live in Europe, it’s literally a few $$ away for anyone to feed their passion for traveling. With a few clicks & a credit card you can Travel 5Star at 2 star rates That’s how we do it.

Passion For Travel

Paradise Island, wouldn’t you simply love to spend time here?

If you have the same passion for travel as we do but haven’t yet fed it, MAKE that choice. Use our Tried & Tested System where every dollar you pay is Yours To Spend on a destination of your choice i.e. [fill in that place/s you dream about].

You could feed your passion for all things supernatural & go visit the whacky houses of the world.  We have friends who own a Hotel & Pub here UK that is haunted…!

How long do you want to wait? Maybe you want to take another 2 years saving up, sacrificing today’s life in the hope of doing it when you are over 60, tired and maybe not in such great health!

You must take a leap of faith DON’T Stay Stuck another week! Feed your passion. If its for travel, go for it. We only live once so start living your dream. Plan & take your dream trips, travel the world, live life Living it’s worth it.

You may think that inspite of your Passion for Travel, How do you fund that travel lifestyle?

Do you need to save up first? In most cases yes.

But if you have been at that J.O.B for some 2+ years its time to start planning your First or Next Trip.  There are programs and we are users of one, where your money is Yours to spend & you don’t have to Live economy class.

So, no you don’t have to be a saver and if you live in Europe, Asia, America, you have no excuse whatsoever. We initially funded our travels by saving. These days our family have access to a full system that covers flights, Hotels, concierge, Transfers. All at 5Star Style at 2 Star rates!!!

Plus, I blog and train full time and we make money on our website through advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsorship. Off line, Pauli is a Professional Consultant/Engineer and I am a Tutor.

The First Country to feed our passion for travel as a couple was Kenya? Why did we choose it?

The Best Man at our wedding lived in Kenya and we always wanted to visit him. We both had friends scattered around Nairobi, but Paul (Yes the Best man 🙂 ) kept us so entertained we never visited anyone else!

When we moved to UK, we continued feeding our passion & started with Scotland. Then we decided we wanted to see the continent and off to Spain we went.

We loved Barcelona and our lil baby girl as she was then, was an absolute lil star. Greece, Crete, Turkey, Italy, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands and we haven’t stopped!

We soon realized we had never visited USA and have family over there. Our love affair with the US of A officially begun 2009 and its our favorite annual family destination of choice since! The children chose and we plan together, but many a time just Pauli & I take off for some quality time together!

Passion For Travel

Pauli & Julie at the Vatican Rome


Our Hawaii experience:

Passion For Travel

Our Hawaii Experience

If you remember “Hawaii-0-Five”, The lessons about Pearl Harbour then you know where we got the passion for this place…Plus we have an ace, we have family in Hawaii and we went with more family from Africa! So it definitely had to be ticked off our bucket list sooner or later.

Believe you me there are more Hawaii vacations than there are islands — Oahu Waikiki was ours. You’re sure to find your personal paradise too.

We relaxed at an all-inclusive Hawaii resort. Gave the adventurous trip to a Hawaii volcano a miss, but went for an all you can drink Catamaran ride 🙂 (My legs were sure wobbly when I got off that boat).

I don’t know where I read it but its true, the sun was the first to discover Waikiki. Its also has been a playground for Hawaiian kings and queens.

Today, from the beach and the silhouette of Diamond Head Crater to cosmopolitan, Kalakaua boulevard, it all belongs to you and its ohh so worth a visit!

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If we shared all the wonderful places we have been, places we have dined, cuisines we have tasted & things we have done we could write a book. And maybe we will. But today I just want to encourage you to Stick with your Dream & start Working it. If its a Passion For Travel, then you could do well reaching out to us. We definitely can help guide your passion to its faster manifestation through This Platform Right Here.




Our Passion For Travel is also fed by Giving Back to others

The beauty of this is the community spirit, the wonderful leadership, training  and mentorship this program offers our lives, the sheer fun factor is a fat cherry on the cake & is amazing. And the benefits go beyond physical.

How would you feel building a school for a community that desperately needs it, how about reaching out to people who have just gone thru a natural disaster to help them rebuild their lives, or you could jet off to help build boreholes for a community in Africa or the Philippines or Peru! The VolunTours come with the fun too! And the Results are Typical!

We know what we want, Do You? Many people actually don’t know what they want, even though they say they do, because if they did they would Go get it!

Yes many have vague dreams but don’t take the time to put them down on paper and concretize them so that they can work them.

Most spend years working in the hope that they will make a bundle retire & start living….What!

It Is time To start Living Today! Because Tomorrow is Never promised! Instead of being unhappy with your lot today, take steps to change the status quo.

Focus on the Good, the Divine, the Possibilities and take baby steps to make the Bigger dream come true. You alone have the power to change Your life. Do you have the Staying Power to Feed Your Passion and Live Your Dream? Ours is a Passion for travel and we fuel it.

Its time For you to start putting your energy towards Yours. We know you can, We believe in You.

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To Your Abundance


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