How to Spend A Day In Barcelona – You Arty, love history or A Shopaholic! Here’s your Whistle stop! 

What would you do if you had a Day to spend in Barcelona?image

Okay, Okay I know I sneaked onto my iPad and scribbled this post against Dr Kalungi’s advice…Yet he got into the whole spirit of sharing a day in Barcelona through our eyes…! You do know of our Passion for Travel…Well if not now you know & today we are sharing our vacation in Spain!  


Word of caution: If staying overnight in Barcelona, have a lie in. Respect the Siesta hour so take a break too.  Eat lots. Take Barcelona at a leisurely pace coz the Spaniards are not to be rushed!  

Our first visit to Barcelona was in 2002 with our little girl only 1.5 yrs old and full of swag!

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We fell in love all over again with Barcelona city—the street artists & performers, cleanliness, warm summer sun -scratch that, hot hot summer sun, delicious cuisine ahhh bliss. Barcelona is steeped in history, and its people are pretty friendly. So now 13 years later, here we are again thanks to our travel community. 

Our daughter would have loved it but she is off on her own dreamtrip/pilgrimage to Lourdes. Our son had commitments as chorister. So Pauli and I got to come back here and we decided to make it a lil honey lovey dovey trip of our own. In addition to meeting up with some seriously cool entrepreneurs. Shut the front doorA few thousand to be honest.  



We can’t emphasize how inspiring and surprising Barcelona is to us yet again! Mind you be warned that it’s a lil on the addictive side. A typical European Citi. It’s like New York lol! Yet you can’t fail to find something to keep you engaged and interested.

Here is what we did one of the days…

And so if you have a whistle stop 24hrs in Barcelona, here is what you could check out or do to maximize it.





A Day in Barcelona: Take a Bus Tour:

If you want to see the common touristy sites some people don’t, “we did.” Then absolutely try one of the big bus tours. If you want to experience the “real Barcelona” try walking the lil cobble streets.

But remember you got only 24 hours and you gotta rest, eat, breath.  So go and really see so much more of the city and let a knowledgeable guide tell you about Barcelona’s history for a reasonable price of course.

To be honest Barcelona offers several fantastic city tours to choose from, e.g. the city sightseeing tour allows you to hop-on-hop-off at each of the attractions. For transportation the Barcelona Card is preferred by many. You could save some cash with the card as it offers reductions for many city attractions, restaurants and shops, as well as leisure activities!



A Day in Barcelona – Visit La Rambla Street:

We got to see, Barcelona’s most famous walking street. And by gosh there’s lots to see, shop, or simply window shop. Stop for a coffee, check out the street art and those silver/gold painted human statues!

Believe it or not, legend has it that if you drink from the Canaletes Fountain in La Rambla, you will return to Barcelona. Akin to the Trevi fountain in Rome! So go for it, we did and here we are again…it’s taken us a while. Coz we got so much of the world to see lol!

At one Top of the Famous La Rambla Street in Barcelona!

A word of caution please: while the Rambla is a delight, look out for the  pickpockets, they are rampant and very fast! 

Shopaholic and got your platinum? You can pick up real some cool stuff here OR if like us  head over to Gracia for some unique goodies. You will enjoy your shopping in Gracia without the tourists crush.

Or visit the Born, one of the areas packed with boutiques and exquisite shops with local designs. You could have your bite around La Rambla or simply soak in Barcelona at its hedonistic best, head over to…




A Day on the Barcelona Beach/es:

Trust us your visit won’t be complete without spending at least an hour on one of the famous beaches. It’s best to go there after your meal or take your snack over there and have a siesta.

Let your eyes have some visual stimulation as you work that tan. Or dream about your big break.  Many locals spend their siesta on the beaches. So, you will learn a word or two of Spanish as you ponder what you are gonna do the rest of the day and here it is

Here is a short video at a Barcelona beach:

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Or or go to the absolutely gorgeous parks scattered all over the city with fabulous pieces of art and greenery. Seemed quite safe of a day time too.


An historical hour in Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art: This we found in the Raval area of city. Its absolutely amazing if you love modern art. We noticed lots of Spanish exhibitions and took some sneaky photies…Gosh we wish we could share the whole album, this city is lovable!

And we know we would be doing you a disservice is we didn’t advise you to…. 


A Whistle stop in Barcelona!

Food, Tapas, Sangria, Sagrada and Some Beautiful Architecture…Bliss

Check out Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia Basilica, By Gaudi: 

Of course you wouldn’t want to leave Barcelona without popping over to this amazing piece of architecture that’s to date still incomplete. This was created by Gaudi, Barcelona’s most celebrated & famous architect!  His work is unique. This church has a mould of the Face of Jesus that follows you everywhere you turn…its uncanny we tried it and well trust us you could feel spooked out. Gaudi’s unique style catalogue of work draws a lot of attention and visitors to the city. But remember you got only 24 hrs. A whistle stop so to speak! Save yourself the crowds aggro and visit in the morning when sunlight reflects upon the stained glasses and the interior is in full glory – book online you won’t regret it! 


Inside The Sagrada Familia Basilica Barcelona. Awe inspiring!

This Basilica is amazing inside and outside…We sneaked some photos, look at that ceiling an engineering feat. I felt like sitting down with my pencil, like I used to as a child. The outside is a feast for an artistic eye…Gaudi was anointed!

Mad about Soccer: The Barcelona Football Stadium is for you.

If you love footie you will love this stadium, go and tour it with its historic museum. It is one of the largest in Europe sitting about 110,000 fans. Football is an obsession over here. 

Go take a seat on the stands and pretend there is a game…, feel that adrenaline kick in as Liverpool FC Show FC Barca why they are Red blooded right there in their Stadium

We can dream hey!


Home of Barcelona FC not to be missed by Footie Fans!

Other sites you could stop by on a Day in Barcelona!

You could visit the gothic quarters and the ruins.

By the way Barcelona is very accessible. The subway system is very easy to use.

Or you could just wander down the cobbled streets. You could plan in advance and have a food tour, many can be arranged in advance and have cookery classes and of course tasting lotsa sangria along the way.  Don’t forget one of the most beautiful sites, the Tibidabo…

Have a lil cheeky drink as the day sets at Manu chao’s bar called Mariatchi…you will love a chilled lager, vino or sangria there! We ended up at The VIP Beach Club – Opium till the wee hours one night. This is where it all happens on a night out! (Images coming soon)



What else to see in Barcelona!

A riot of colours is our Barcelona, even the Buses are colourful!




Barcelona Harbour is a hive of activity with huge cruise liners and cargo vessels. And it’s a rich people’s playground with hundreds of yachts and tall ships. We loved it.


Hey surely, isn’t it about time you went and got your sexy on. Put your face on as we scousers say and go grab some dinner? Where better than La Fonda, Escudellers, 10. Mind you our Hotel Princess restaurant is amazing in itself, yet variety is the spice of life.

A night out in a Barcelona Discoteca Night out The Juleskals

Have some Tapas, Paella and Sangria why not, you are in Spain, no! Don’t rush to dinner though…the Spanish like it late, after 9pm is okay. Plus they drink till the wee hours. 12 midnight is early at the bar trust us lol!

Then stroll over to one of the beaches to the discotecas, and shake what your moma gave ya.  If you are Irish or English and want a taste of home, head to one of the Irish bars over there very friendly! Very Irish lol!


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Well we hope you enjoyed Barcelona for a day through our eyes! If you did and have been before please do share your insights below. Share and like, its good to share the love and good things some to those that give and share

As Always You definitely deserve more


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