Knowing These 10 Secrets Will Make You Feel Accomplished! #newyearresolutions

10 Steps to Feel Accomplished now and Manifest your New Year Resolutions and Dreams Well beyond the New Year!

Feel Accomplished Now, And see Your Life Change! #mindsettips #yourpowerechoes


A lot of people end the year and still do not feel accomplished…Do you know why?  Because we mostly focus on and measure our successes based on what we haven’t got than what we have achieved or accomplished in our lives.

We love what we do. I now do what I want in my own time and enjoy doing it, and earn a decent income while at it! I feel accomplished…yet someone else would feel like that’s rubbish! Why do we do that to ourselves? Because we focus on the negative! 

Statistics claim that 97% of new years goals are not achieved that means only 7% of us pursue our dreams…! Its also been proven that 30% of new years goals are broken in the 1st week…what! Crazy. Well my dear we believe that this is your year, the year to pursue, overtake and achieve your dreams! Success starts when we start to pursue our goals as daily activities. Its Attracted to us by the person we become. Jim Rohn told us that! We have shared with you our Daily Routine and some super habits that we too adopted and have got us to where we are today…If you don’t know what we are talking about, or haven’t got to where you wish to be thus far, read this post


Do You Feel accomplished this year? You Should and Here is Why!

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OMG don’t you feel accomplished…already?

I do…No time to slow down, burn out is for those not aligned to their divine path, out of purpose. I’m fully pumped up doing the things I am meant to do in life. I know where I am going and fully engaged with the platform I am promoting…You love what you do, your eyes are wide open…right? Boy it’s the same every blessed year…I see this lots, heck I used to do it too!

Thats why I wrote a letter from me to you that truly could help you focus your vision and actions towards your desired targets, read it here!

What drives you? Joy or Pain? I say pain for most…yet what should drive you is Pleasure, the joy you get when you do or feel accomplished. This is what you should do when you create your new Year resolution…create them around JOY not Lack. Does that make sense to you mate? It sure should! Also its very important to Look really look and appreciate where you are Today Now in order to know which direction you are gonna take and how far it is you need to go. If you have no clue where you are today and accept that it is what it is, then you will find it hard to feel accomplished, an important step to moving forward!


As the year comes to an end I am watching my little ones chat and say they are making New Year’s Resolutions. And it hit me. When do we celebrate our achievements, when do we allow ourselves to Feel accomplished?  This is a major step towards attracting more of what we want, it’s a positive feeling. It’s akin to gratitude. It’s warm. We like it. So let me ask you a Qn today. Do you feel Accomplished? Paul & I jolly well do and so should you!

Our children have picked this up from somewhere and we intend to help them make better choices in their “Resolutions.” Actionable steps. And we thought we should share these steps to help you feel accomplished more so that you attract your dream lifestyle!


Here is the deal, most of us tend to look to new life changes aka change resolutions for the new year. These are usually based on what we feel we haven’t accomplished or quite achieved in the past year and we are gung-ho to change!

STOP right there bro! Today we would like to encourage you to stop and Smell the roses, the coffee the wonderful things you have actually done. The seemingly mundane, routine things you have overlooked in your rush to create a New Year Resolution! You hit that gym right? You created an action plan a mind map and followed it…you have created super content and its evergreen online, You have consumed so much new stuff and read so many books you are a moving encyclopedia…! Do you dismiss all this as no progress towards your goals? You need to have an abundance mindset and visualize that which you wish to accomplish with gratitude. Without that you won’t have the patience of a farmer…! Have you ever seen a seed planted that sprouted and bore fruit the next day, week, or month? The Bamboo actually takes years…!


10 Amazing Hacks to Feel Accomplished and actually accomplish stuff!

So Below are our 10 tips to help you feel accomplished and actually attract Your Dream life:

#1 Remember, your Resolutions will become daily action steps as opposed to waste paper. So Instead of writing those goals down once and making them average. How about making sure you take a step towards your goals daily? Write them down daily as action steps, your To-do list! Seriously you will get some action going and start to see some results sooner than later and then you will start to feel accomplished and that will get you doing some more and getting even more better results…Who’s the daddy! You will be saying, we promise you that! Don’t procrastinate and don’t retreat from taking those actions you know you desire to get to your results. And guess what will get you those results…Make those Resolutions/goals HUGE. Yes As Les Brown keeps telling us something to that effect:

“Aim for the moon in your actions, and if you fail at least you will land among the stars”

In other words you will achieve way more than the person who wrote their Resolutions once at the start of the year and threw them away in a bin 2 months later! You will feel accomplished. You will enjoy your life, feel happier, have a better relationship with you and others the list goes on.



#2 You need to GET VERY EXCITED, if you ain’t excited it ain’t gonna happen, not in a million years. And you do know that to feel accomplished or generate that feeling you gotta find that excitement DAILY. You have to get connected to YOUR Personal goals it’s the only way to achieve them without burning that midnight candle!



#3 Look at all the amazing, powerful, wonderful focused ways in which you have grown and got closer to your dreams. Improved your life and positively impacted others? Personal acknowledgement is super powerful in getting you into the New Year a manager, mother, or entrepreneur on fire!

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#4 Take time out right now before the Year ends and reflect on the past 12 months.  Do this with a purpose of only focusing on THE GOOD and POSITIVES you have accomplished. Because you definitely have.  Take an audit of the past year in your mind; what decisions, actions, or conversations have got you that closer to your goals? Write them down. Only positive thoughts allowed.  How do you feel as you write these things down, the idea is to feel accomplished! A sense of self achievement and pride in your success!



#5 Have you made a difference in someone’s life? It doesn’t matter how small you think that difference was? And not necessarily only on a business level! As Tesco keep telling us…”every little helps,” so count them blessings! As you count those blessing, be mindful that not only were you able to help someone else you now have these wonderful feelings of joy because you did. Gratitude can be for others too


Feel Accomplished On speed in 10 super Tips! #successtips



#6 You made sacrifices over the past 12 month’s right? You gave up TV, slept in the wee hours, burnt that midnight candle, ditched that negative friend, spent less time in Facebook let that knees up go so you could study some resources or get that content created…What did you sacrifice or give up to get closer to your dream! Celebrate these things! Because guess what you are that closer to your dreams because you let go, you gotta feel accomplished by these things mate!


#7 What new habits have you developed – We meditate, we affirm and reflect daily. We have clear goals and plan daily etc. Self-criticism is out the window. This is a Let’s Celebrate You Party, you gotta learn to feel accomplished with small wins and the big wins will roll in like a stream to the sea. So trolls and gremlins NOT ALLOWED okay! You have walked on fire in the past year/s, you have made huge changes in your life and You have made huge leaps towards your desired lifestyle all the while helping many others do then same. I tell you what I feel accomplished on your behalf even as I pen this post. How about you?

Apply These 10 Secret Techniques To Help you Feel Accomplished! #leadershiptips


#8 In order to feel accomplished and attract what you want, you got to make a conscious decision to avoid focusing on the not to pretty, sometimes down right discouraging parts of our lives. Doing this allows you to start controlling who you are in the world. Today I chose to be a person of honor and character. This means appreciating who I am right now because I deserve all the good that I desire.

Imagine your body that has stood by you and carried you thus far! Isn’t it better to love it that hate on it and criticize every love handle? You can do something about it see. By acknowledging their existence and accepting those parts of yourself that you don’t like so much; you will purpose to work smarter to rise above the limitations they create for you. You will obliterate the limitations or accept them and move on. I know this is much easier said than done. I know I am my very our own worst critic. Yet I know from personal experience that something amazing happened when I started to accept Me, dents, handles, bulges and all. I realized thats the outer packaging, which I can do something about by working on the internal & mindset. The good inside of me has to shine.

The magic happens and you discover one of the most essential qualities of a great leader. Why? When you do the above because you then start to see the good in other people—even those who seem to be truly nasty.



9 steps to feel accomplished into the New Year!



#9 This is The Practical bit to Feel Accomplished and accomplish more: Make sure you write down your goals for the day, every day and your successes every evening then create a plan to deliver 10 times your desired target. Now here is the secret sauce, allow you to feel accomplished for getting stuff done every blessed day. This is what Grant Cardone suggests in his book The 10X Rule. Get this book if nothing else if you genuinely wish to create success in your life period! So back to the feeling of accomplishment to attract it:  You don’t have to bloody accomplish all your daily goals, you just have to have such a zeal for success and fill your day out so much so that you definitely have no room for time wasting and you will achieve so much more. I have been mooching around this book for months and not getting it. It was on my Christmas List, hint hint Doc.  So the thing is if you don’t write it down, you ain’t gonna get it done mate! Quit talking about it, Get it done!

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#10 The final step in how to feel accomplished and thus create lasting resolutions for the New Year, based on positive energy is….

Take a look at your past year with such unabated joy. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for accomplishing so much. So what if you don’t yet see the shoot or even fruits, you have planted the seed, you are a bamboo shoot you will rise higher than ever before and many others before you. Because you have resilience, you persevere and you are keeping on keeping on! Allow yourself to be open to receive the abundance that’s yours by right in the new year. Be open to your calling because you are definitely being called to a greater destiny. Start to Feel Accomplished right now!  Success is a Feeling Right Now. If you can’t feel it now, you may never feel it my dear.

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