Home Business Success Factors: Sorting Vs Convincing

The 2 Key Home Business Success Factors You must learn to Create Success and Grow a Solid Team! (Includes Downloadable scripts)

Did your upline or team sponsor share with you the Key Home Business Success Factors?

Many new people in online business, your business inclusive make a major mistake. (Been there got the Tee.) Instead of connecting and sorting, you look for people who are seriously looking for a business like yours. You try to convince people to “join” the business.

And the results are you:

  1. Spend too much time and effort on uninterested or unsuitable prospects.
  2. Feel upset at their response or lack thereof and Quit.
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Let’s expand on this briefly:

Let’s say there are 60 people in your contact list that you are going to talk to in the next 2 days.

Out of these 60 people, one of them (let’s call him Paul) and may be 2 others know about Affiliate/Network marketing, love the idea and are seriously looking for a good company to join. The others out of 60+ are sceptical, have no idea what network marketing is and/or their timing is not right.


2 Home Business Success Factors: Sorting Vs Convincing! #prospectingtips

Do You see the Ready to Join Happy Coachable People on Your List? Not until You Share with them!


Paul happens to be #16 or #27 or #53…on your list.


The Wrong way of Doing it is:

Do you spend a long time going through each prospect, trying to convince him/her that it works? Even when he/she is clearly not open minded enough to listen to you? In fact, he/she may go ahead and try to convince you that it does not work and suggests you give up. I spoke to so many if such negative nellies…I almost quit myself!  

There may be a heated argument and you know what? You end up losing a friend and feeling very upset. Again I did

You then tell yourself: “Never mind, let’s try prospect two“. And the same thing happens. Then prospect 3, 4, 5, 6, 7……… After 11 disappointments, you come to the erroneous conclusion that IT DOES NOT WORK, IT TAKES TOO MUCH EFFORT, IT IS A WASTE OF TIME… And horrors, you QUIT.

IT Can Get WORSE…Prospect #16 who is seriously interested in a business could and does sign up with someone else and builds a massive business… Ouch! 

Here is some exciting news for you, you only need to connect with and attract 3-4 good leaders in your team to create amazing results! The thing is You gotta Become the leader you wish to attract…So stop moaning and get networking! 


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So lets stop this brain drain and pain for you….



The 2 Key Home Business Success Factors and the Fastest Prospecting Technique:


Great stuff, Yes, yes? If you appreciate this training on prospecting – key home business success factors and my 14 Conversation starters, please comment below and let me know! Feel free to share with your friends in the industry or team mates.

Remember, Success comes with consistent, persistent ongoing effort!



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