3 Reasons why Personal Branding Will Make You Money!

We give you 3 Super Reasons You Should Be Branding You staring today and Why Personal Branding is important for Your Business! Teal3 Notes

Have you heard of “The Brand Called You” by Pete Montoya?  This man is a super authority on all things personal branding related! And we ain’t talking about Skin Art 

Personal Branding for some....Not in thne business sense! Learn which type!

                                    That looks like pain…The kind some seek!

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By the way even if you are focused on your corporate career you can still brand you & shine! Meg Guiseppi tells you why & how!


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OK, Pauli and I have been married 16 years. We are parents and love to think we’re bringing up our children right…We are also creating A brand that will last the test of time. That’s why today we are talking about why you should be starting today focused on personal branding too!

We are also sharing with you why personal branding is important in marketing and is a super-efficient way to getting customers in Marketing and Sales, when done right!

See we know that while it WILL take time to put things together, it’ll free you even more to spend time with your loved ones as we do with our children. By branding you, you are ensuring you will be synonymous with something of value that others want and will pay for.  Allowing you to enjoy the things you love. We love travelling, hiking, cycling, camping, action packed experiences, taking cruises etc. and we do all these things regularly. You too can and should!

Lets digress a lil….

Our daughter has made us super proud, she got strait As in her GCSEs and nothing beats that feeling you get as a parent following your guidance and sowing the right seeds in your child! Hazel worked hard, nurtured the seeds, watered and fed them and the harvest is sweet. She focused on the 3 sciences and has been known as the go to person for any Maths, Chemistry and Biology obstacles her friends had. In a very basic way she has branded herself as the lil scientist & mathematics expert in her peer group… Branding you can be at any level in time and Personal branding is absolutely the way to go! CLICK TO TWEET

Paul planted the mathematics seed in her, I am more the arty one. 


In order to have a harvest, a seed has to be plated. No seed, no harvest. Network marketing is like this. Someone introduces you to a platform…seeding. You take action and invest yup preparation and you start marketing – nurturing! It takes time for that seed to grow. But with cultivation, care, rain, and sunshine there will be a harvest.

Listen up, if you don’t start branding you today, that growth will not last. You will always be looking for that new platform to promote while running out of friends and family to share with! Here is Neil Patel’s Complete Guide to Building your personal brand Infographic it’s awesome & will help you lots.

We have along the way joined a few companies, spent a lot of money on leads and advertising. Yet didn’t know how to train people who joined us. We didn’t know how to mentor, motivate or lead a team until we invested in coaching and in Personal Branding via the Ultimate branding Blueprint by Tanya Aliza. Read our Review of that product here and if you are genuinely looking to brand you…we strongly recommend this program!

Personal Branding Rockstar Ray Higdon and I! Its the way to go!

When we first connected with Ray Higdon (See the man, the legend above) and he recommended this personal branding course, we’d been trying all kinds and getting along by trial and error. That’s why we highly recommend that you have an efficient system, if you haven’t read that article read it here. By the way it’s a 3-Part series so be sure to read the other two! Anyway along the way it clicked. We knew we had found awesome mentors in Both Ray Higdon & Tanya Aliza and a proven, duplicable system, step-by-step instructions that anyone can do. Above all that we had to create a Solid Personal Brand! CLICK TO TWEET


We’ve learnt that if you are not branding you, someone will be taking your customers or downlines in their team sooner or later. Seriously. We’ve learnt how to evaluate a company, to be critical thinkers, to generate our own leads for free, to call leads, how and where to advertise, personal development, to identify our prospects by personality. BUT the best of all was Building our personal brand for long term gain and profit!


So when last week we had the opportunity to attend the Top Earner Event in Tampa FL, We grabbed it fast. And guess who was on the panel of speakers! None other than the Branding Juggernaut Peter Montoya here is his website! And I literally scrambled to grab his limited edition book “The Brand Called You.” Get yours today special discount link at the top.

Global Personal Branding Expert and Author of The Brand Called You. Learn His Tips in This Article!

So below we’re going to share with you 3 Reasons Why personal branding is important!



#1 Why Personal Branding is Important!

Personal Branding Reduces The competition. Theref is No competition in Abundance!

Branding you gives people irresistible reasons to work with you! This is a fact stated clearly in Peter Montoya’s book and which Tanya Aliza emphasised in the UBB course. As a network marketer or home business owner, you are truly your business! People chose to buy from or join you because they like or trust you! So creating your personal brand should be natural progression!

Fact: Your business success depends on your ability to find and attract the right customers or business builders! So if you are not spending money on marketing…well your competitors are and getting them. While you work like heck, burning the midnight candle, buying solos, and wondering whether you made the right choice! BUT here is the good news. There is abundance, billions of people worldwide, looking for you. There is no competition. You need to FIND YOUR TARGET MARKET here is how!

And by the way IF you are going to have success with your personal brand off or online. Stop trying to use all those namby pamby free tools and take your business seriously. It may cost you an additional $ 19.99 a month to do it right but what will it cost you if you’re doing it wrong? TIME…MAYBE YEARS….errm no thanks! CLICK TO TWEET

Personal Branding in your niche brings you the right custom!

See “once you create a powerful, compelling Personal Brand, business comes to you instead of vice versa.” ~ Peter Montoya & Tim Vandehey


A personal brand creates perceptions of positive value in the minds of your target audience and gives them reasons to work with you! So branding is important to consumers too. Once you have done this you can scale back the hours you work or even sell the brand for a packet & retire to the beach or mountain log cabin…how cool is that! 

By the way a personal branding strategy requires a Personal Website grab one from GoDaddy and for hosting we recommend Hostgator for those of you just getting started! The reason you want to have your own site is so you can control and own your brand and site(s). You can get started with Hostgator for as little as $5 a month. Owning your own domain is a major step in the personal branding journey for A successful network marketer.



#2 Why Personal Branding could change your life!

Personal Branding 1-0-1, Learn It Get IT Make Money on Tap!

People Trust other People more than corporations, so if you do build a solid personal brand you will undoubtedly attract quality customers. NOW HERE IS THE DEAL…this takes time, effort, focus, investing in YOU and above all being a super fan of delayed gratification.

Creating a lasting trusted brand needs patience and creativity, integrity and a real zest for wanting to help others by solving a specific problem. So it is a Specialism! Personal brands are 100% easier for people to relate to, they are a showcase of real people and people buy from people…Irrespective of what is behind that name. So ask yourself – Who do people trust more, who’s more likely to do the right thing, or be accountable for their actions; a corporation or a person? The answer is People and thus the reason why you must be branding you as your company brand. This is why creating a personal brand is important esp. for small businesses. It’s more compelling in the long run! And here is how you can start today to build your personal brand:

By making your personality the center of your brand.

Pick the right name, A rose by any other name in this case won’t wash! Pick carefully!

Chose the right forums and paths to promote your brand

Specialize, zone in, serve a niche. The more specialised you are the more money you will make

Know that visibility of your brand is way more bankable that ability i.e. secular qualifications etc.

And from personal experience please do BALANCE YOUR PERSONAL LIFE AND PERSONAL BRAND!

Do you begin to see why personal branding is important to marketing too? To be honest branding is important to companies and organisations too. They know WHO they are dealing with has a system that’s traceable and proven!


#3 Why Personal Branding is Essential!

Create a LAsiting Trusted Brand, Basic Steps Given today!

Creating a personal brand will give you a sense of purpose! You will have a mission, a vision to achieve and something others will be able to identify you with.

And here is how you can do this as a home business owner or network/affiliate marketer:

– Interview famous people in your industry,See Robert Frank’s interviews of 7 Industry leaders here!

– Plan & create an event and invite successful keynote speakers to deliver great value and promote their offers too.

– Network as hard as you can.

– Find ways where you can create meaningful Joint ventures or two way relationships with successful people and always give first. Learn how you can do that in this article.


By associating yourself with big brands, both you and your brand/company will start to gain more attention, which will start to attract subscribers and sales for you thus driving your income!


Why Personal Branding is Cool too Lets Wrap it up 

We can assure you that personal branding is about differentiation or specializing. See it will help you stand out from all the noise, everyone else promoting the same, using the same resources or who claims to be in the same business as you. With a personal brand you have more power and control. Personal branding puts you in control or driving seat of your business, the clients you have, the projects you work on, and how you want to deliver services and ultimately the results you get.

Always remember that personal branding & its promotion is about building a network of contacts that could lead to more business/clients.  How you act, speak, dress, and how you treat those around you is extremely important.  Every time you meet someone, you have the create an awesome impression.

We like to sometimes we get spiritual. So humour us. To have the harvest we want in life, we need to get the weeds out of our mind. What we focus on expands, its the law of attraction right! That negativity and low self-esteem has to go. Consider yourself a BRAND. Learn to paint new pictures in your mind, of who you want to be, and what success looks like to you, appreciate where you are at and how far you have come!

Get away from the Cow Pasture and head for the Jungle!” ~ Jerry Clarke CLICK TO TWEET


Network Marketing is in addition to being about the money – it’s primarily about people. Build people and the people will build the business and of course your brand!

You want a renowned personal brand? Speak now your future into reality. It takes focus and persistence and faith. You have to believe it before you can see it. We know that if you plant apples, you will harvest apples. Similarly, if you plant good seeds in your mind by reading good books and getting together with like-minded positive people, then you will reap a great harvest. Our Hazel did us proud today, we are on a glorious path to that solid brand…How about you?



So what are you waiting for? First go grab the book and then start your personal branding journey now.


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As always you deserve more.


Julie Syl & Pauli







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