Our Top #Brand #ListBuilding Hacks and Turning Nays into Yes! #emailmarketing #list building

Proven Brand List Building Hacks and How to turn those Fence sitters into Subscribers and buyers! Branding Part 4

Brand and List Building Hacks that work Today! #list building #branding

You want to Stay in their Minds Esp. when Out of Sight!

Whats up mate, thanks for stopping by we really do appreciate you and to show you how much, we are going to share with you our online real estate Brand and List Building Hacks. Our conversion machine so to speak.

As a final part of this Branding season we want to veer left and share some of our list building hacks. As home business pro and online marketer building your brand, you definitely need to have a way to collect the contact details of your happy audience and help them reach the same level of success if not more. You cannot do this if you are not collecting their contact details esp. emails or failing to hit their sweet spot! 

Let me ask you a Question….

Do you know how many people actually optin to your offers, and how many actually stop half way? Do you even have an email management system? Truly in this day and age as an “Online entrepreneur” or Home Business entrepreneur   possibly also a blogger you should have that in place. We use 3 systems for different types of offers and I will be sharing each and why we use it the way we do.

What I want you to know is that whatever the number of optins you get, over 25% are actually walking away…Or worse still sitting on the fence…Hoping for a better offer or looking for the Freebee. So we can agree that you are losing out on over 25% optins even with all the effort of promoting your content.


In our attempt to turn more of our subscribers to buyers, we learnt that many are actually not getting that email. Be it the initial welcome email or even the optin confirmation mail!  This is not good for your blog and brand is it!

Sadly it does and can happen for any number of reasons:

  • Your email lands in the junk folder aka SPAM…eiiikk
  • It lands in the Updates or Promotions Folder…for g-mail users this happen sot a lot of our subscriptions! Sadly we can’t whitelist every single one and most people honestly don’t!
  • The Subscriber created a folder where your mails are automatically diverted…Bummer!
  • It’s lost in the multitude of emails he/she receives…Life happens right!

Still we believe you deserve to be heard if they seriously chose to optin and receive value from you! So we are sharing our list building hacks and tips to get more of your subscribers off the fence and into their inbox for easier conversion.

Luckily, for you, we have learnt and tested out an easy way and you are gonna love it. And at this point I suggest that if you don’t have an email management system in place or use a free on…Get serious with your business and grab Aweber for just $1 NOW.

So here is numero uno of brand list building hacks: TWEET

So here is numero uno of brand list building hacks #listbuildinghacks Click To Tweet

Daily I open our Aweber and check all subscribers across each of the campaigns we run. I filter each list by unconfirmed subscribers and sort by date added as below:

Brand and Blog List building Hacks for you! #emailmarketing


Go on login to your list and follow along, we’ll wait

So by doing the above, you get a list of all the subscribers (from most recent to oldest) who opted in yet DIDNT click the confirmation email link you sent them.

So now what?

Well you resend the confirmation link to each of them again, esp. those in the 48hr window!



By saving that segment of subscribers as a new list and resend the email. What we do is remind them of which list they opted into and when. We let them know that in order to receive the offer, freebie or training, they need to confirm the email they used. If they left a number I send an SMS too.

List building hacks that you didnt know! #emaillistbuilding #leadgeneration

Yes Send Them a Mail with an e-stamp! 🙂

I also give them the option to unsubscribe of course. We don’t really mind these, coz they were never going to buy or become great business partners. It’s like a tree minding the one leaf that falls off a branch…You gotta learn to let go of those non-productive leads too!

So this less than 5 minutes list building hack each day gets us an additional 10-20 email subscribers each month! It’s worth every minute of the daily effort! TWEET

5 minutes list building hack each day gets us an additional 10-20 email subscribers each month Click To Tweet

It’s the little things in branding, that extra customer care that actually gets you standing out and making more sales.



List Building Hack#2 – Stay in Their Mind!

We knew this yet haven’t been applying ourselves until our A has been kicked by our mentor.

You do know out of sight out of mind…and in branding and blogging parlance that’s super true. You also know that most readers scan your content ad bounce or leave a non-productive comment, that adds very little to your post value right. Yet you are on a brand list building mission to share value with your adoring audience right! Well here is the thing, you need to give your audience multiple chances to opt-in (without pissing them off). The most non-intrusive way to do this is to use an In-Content form!

You gotta capture the lazy readers? So place a branded form in the middle of your post. Remember you are building a brand…See Actual example below, and of course go ahead and subscribe! 🙂 

Boom ANIMATED visuals demand attention and if that visual is offering content, chances are at least 20% your audience will bite! We have been able to collect a cool 123 emails by adding banners at the end of our posts Yet in a particular post where we added a form/banner in the middle we actually collected 50 of those emails. How cool is that! SO from now expect to see visual in-content forms on our posts! 

It’s really simple logic, we can assume that the more a person reads through your content the more interested they are, and possibly more likely to opt in to your list to receive more.

I feel sad when I see people using generic pop ups and opt-in forms that say something like “subscribe to get my free updates…” What? What Free Updates…STATE WHAT THEY ARE ALREADY!

Research has proven that: people are more likely to optin if you embed a form every 1,000 – 1,500 words. And absolutely place one at the end of the post. It’s your own FREE online real estate right!  

If someone reads all the way to the end of a post they liked what they read, and probably want more 🙂

So if you are still here then you qualify to learn what our two other list building hacks and resources i.e. MailChimp where we have built a list of over 4k and Sendblaster, which we use to blast to a list of over 10k leads we received as a prize for hitting a leader board competition. We also use Crowdfire DM to get more optins via twitter by directly targeting anyone who opts in via a tweet. So they can confirm that they are actually happy to do so. To learn how we actually get more form our list using these resources you need to be on a specific list on our campaigns. (hint the form is above)

Okay enough sauce, we know you get the picture….

And in our next Branding and List building Season we shall focus on Online Brand Reputation management! We believe we are due a lil SEO and Website management so that’s what we will be looking at next week…

Did you get value in this our yet shortest post in months on Brand List building hacks? If so we encourage you to like, share especially on Facebook…


You are absolutely amazing and deserve more…

So Live.Learn.Love

Julie Syl Kalungi


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