Joint Venture List Building, the Fastest ad Least expensive List Builsing Strategy!

Joint Venture List Building – Are You Leveraging it? This is How to Build a Massive List With Joint Ventures!” Part 1



It’s not OK; it’s not fair is it?

Building your website, & sharing creating content, working you’re A off so to speak and …nada, zilch no leads…Is this you? 

Over the weekend we had a wonderful Joint venture deal with The LMI Group and the Face of Liverpool You may have seen some images on our Facebook page or even Julie’s profile

The Juleskalpauli Marketing - LMI Face of Liverpool Joint Venture was Awesome!

So let’s share with you how to build a list with a joint venture or 5!  And we aren’t talking about venture capital here…just so you know we are talking about leveraging joint venture advantages to grow your list and business!


Don’t you feel that by now you surely should have thousands of leads and a huge audience! Because truly you are this close to that breakthrough and you got the balls….I mean you got started didn’t you! So, you’ve been burning the midnight candle…cancelled that hen party!  And still getting nowhere…

BUT we’re here today to tell you, you made The Right decision…and believe that a Joint venture is what you need for your client attraction!

While there’s no simple switch to magically flip your success, there’s one thing the top-earners mastered that you haven’t yet… Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances!  You see it’s not about being busy creating content etc etc…Jeff Goins, author of “The Art of Work,” is all about saying “yes” to the right things and “no” to the wrong things. “Being productive is the result of actively addressing the most important items on your own to-do list.” He understands that saying no is not a rejection. It’s how you protect your priorities…So joint venturing may not be for you…lets find out shall we? 


Joint Venture Anyone? The Basics


What is a Joint Venture?

A joint venture (for business purposes) is where 2 or more people combine their efforts, strategies, assets, resources, knowledge and of course profits for better business results. Joint ventures help you; have more impact and influence, more fun in your business and stability long term. Joint ventures are list building on speed. Create your own community without spending a fortune.

It’s time to start joint venturing no matter where we are in our businesses! See every successful business is a result of having access to the right people who follow our teaching. Peers who support us and spread the word about us! People have been joint venturing time immemorial. Exchanging services, products, barter trade etc. The internet just took it to a whole new level! We would like to think that this could be your Beginners’ Guide to a  fruitful joint venture. So if you’re looking to learn more about joint venturing 101 you are in for a treat in this 2 Part Blog Series!

Today You’ll Discover:

*  Why Joint Ventures are the FASTEST way to build your list! & How to approach JV partners to get them to promote you

*  Biggest Reasons Why People don’t use Joint Ventures to List Build & grow their income!

*  How to make Money in a Joint Venture




A joint venture is the fastest way to build a massive list & become an expert in your field without doing all the hard work…Leverage someone else’ list and sweat and grow your business to boot. It’s a great strategy to get clients & sell more. Joint ventures are also the least expensive way we have found to grow a targeted email list! They are fun, simple, have minimal start-up and according to Rich German & Leshinsky of once done right you create a predictable massive income!

Joint ventures (JVs) are the #1 marketing strategies for the vast majority of the top coaches and experts in the world. Today we will share with you what we have learnt thus far on “how you can start joint ventures at a high level.” Derek Fredrickson wrote about how to build your list with a joint venture way back in 2013. His case and strategy is still valid today.




There is no need to Fear a Joint Venture, Fear only blocks your success!

  • Because they are not ready.
  • They lack confidence to approach someone they don’t know well or do a JV.
  • They don’t know how to.
  • Not the right affiliate tools.
  • This one is a killer, they worry that “competition” would take business away from them!

We don’t always know what needs to be done: specifically, why we should or if it’s even necessary to join forces. Sometimes it is easy to overlook the “hows” and “what’s” in the excitement of the moment as you share your idea…Missing the important bit the WHY & What’s In It For Them? And so loosing an opp to joint venture with someone! 




Now we recognise that Joint Venturing is not for everyone as shown above…BUT if it is for you below is a scenario how you can leverage a JV partnership to build a massive list ad make money!

Drum roll please

Imagine if a joint venture partner with over 3k members on his/her list agree to JV with you and you create a FREE OFFER that:

200 of his list members sign up for. E.g. a free fitness class, a free sky diving lesson etc.

20 of the 200 buy your $150 product

6 Upgrade to your $500 product…AND

1 person pays for 6 months coaching @ $200/month …

Do the maths and tell me Joint ventures and strategic alliances are not a great way to build your list and grow your business?

The sauce and wealth is in the list you got from that JV partnership. If your offers and products are great, you will have customers for a long time to come…

We have built a nice list and create a residual income form the program below, we can show you how & help you do the same.


Say you grow your mailing list to a targeted dynamic 2000 people and you launch an info product or coaching class at $97/month and 100 people join = $9700 that’s almost 10k in one launch!

If 3 people buy your 6 months coaching that’s $3.6k

NOW IMAGINE  if we have 5+ Joint ventures with different partners…we can easily hit 6figures! And that my friends is how you make money with Joint Ventures.

Okay alright keep your hair on, we hear you asking HOW DO WE Get to the above sweet spot?

By doing what the Top Notch Earners do…Find your Peers with at least 3-5k Lists…Don’t worry about the size of your list, focus on the Value of your Offer! If you did your research about WHO you want to JV with, what do they do, like, passion, dreams, desires…You will know exactly what To offer them…the bait so to speak. So that they’ll agree to at least start a Trial Joint Venture with you. It takes time. It takes building a relationship with them. It takes Offering To support them as opposed to Selling to them. This will create a snow ball effect as E. Brian Rose calls it.

And next time, in PART 2, we will tackle HOW to get there and a few more morsels so watch this space.

 Below Professor Singh Explains Joint Ventures And Strategic Alliances:





A joint venture strategy & partnership will help you make more sales & have more opportunities to make money. Getting your first joint venture partner/s takes patience, and skill. Today most people prefer to JV with others that have at least 5k list…don’t let this stop you reaching out. What you lack in skills make up for it in numbers. Create today your community of JV minded people, Join – Create

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As always We know that You deserve more!



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