Basic Cross Pinning Strategy – Make Money on Pinterest Part 2

Basic Cross Pining Technique for More Blog Traffic 2017– Make Money on Pinterest Part 2

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How do you get more Blog Traffic from Pinterest in 2017 and beyond and make more sales?

By the way, I am definitely not talking about holding up our luscious locks with pins or Maybe hanging your cheating ex with a pin doll and some real sharp pins…Lol 

In this post, I share the Most exciting technique I use to get our Pins seen by more people.


We attract more blog traffic from Pinterest, get more Opt-ins and Make more sales with what I am about to share with you! Without spending a penny or a ton of Time on Pinterest!

This training is a follow on from Part 1 which laid out a good old Battle tested Strategy for you for More Pinterest Traffic for 2017. You might like to go check it out! 

Yes, we all want more traffic right! Well does a cat love milk lol! Of course, we do!

It is simply not good juju to sit back and let a FREE resource that is WAY easier than Google SEO sit online and not send you traffic. It’s like having a real painful sore and you have a store full of amazing medicine to heal it and you kind of hope it will heal naturally! Which it will but with lots of pain, and leaving an ugly scar maybe…

Aaanyhoo…let’s not paint that image shall we!

Speed up the process by doing some simple actions. Most of which I lay out in my Free training on YouTube a very well laid out Play List, do go dive in!

Talking of Speeding up processes…


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And without further ado, dive in to your real unique Complimentary Training to explode your blog traffic 2017 and beyond

My Award Winning Cross Pinning Strategy for More Blog Traffic from Pinterest!

It is so simple you will wonder why you never did it before!

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As always we ensure our audience with a hearing impediment can get the value we offer so Below is:



Your Strategy for Massive Traffic 2017 from Pinterest – Cross Pinning

Pin/Save your Blog Post, affiliate Offer or Give away to your relevant board. Let’s call it “Valentines Travel Gifts Ideas”

The next week, you’d save that pin to your generic “Travel Gifts Ideas” board (an example board name just to give you an idea of how this works). 

Then, the next week, you’d save that original pin to your Blog Category Travel Trivia” board.

The next week, you’d save/repin that original pin to your “DIY Gifts for Sale” board. 

That last week, you’d save that original pin image to your “Travel Products and Accessories Ideas” board. 

Each board has its own target audience, so what you’re doing is showing your pin to a new target audience every week. 

Think of it this technique, like passing out flyers. This week you go to 1 Street, the next week a new Street or neighborhood, etc. 

Basic Cross Pinning Technique for Massive Traffic from Pinterest to Your Offers!
























Think of it this Pinterest Technique, like passing out flyers. It works like Gangbusters… Click To Tweet

Cross Pinning is kinda like that.  You wait a week between pins so you always have a pin to that Mega Blog post, Offer or Give away that is new. Its not advisable to cross­-pin all at once unless you are a viral and influential Pinner, or have lots of boards, over 40 boards at least! 

BUT for a new account with limited boards, Do space them out.

HOW you cross pin doesn’t really matter in the long run ­ what matters is that you DO cross pin. 

Remember ­ never pin something just once! After all you don’t bath just the once! Well…some people do…

When you’re new to this whole concept, start with a week. It’s easy to plan and to remember ­ and much easier to learn the concept without confusing the heck out of yourself. You gotta make the most of Pinterest to build Blog traffic

Once you’ve cycled through all the boards you can pin that Roundup post to your Group Boards. You can also start over if you want to. 

(Yes it is okay to use the same images as long as the boards you are pinning to have moved with a lot of NEW pins since you last saved to them.)

Remember, you’ll be gaining new followers every day.  By the time a month has passed and you’ve completed your first 

cross­-pinning schedule, you’ll have NEW followers who probably have not seen that pin before. 

Just remember to keep your boards constantly moving with new pins and re-pins at least 8 of every 10 being pins and re-pins to  sites that are NOT yours. 

Way back in 2014 Neil Patel did state that Pinterest will drive more sales for you than Twitter and Facebook put together…in a Quicksprout Pinterest marketing Infograph. It is also one of his secret sauces for driving massive blog traffic.

So, if its good enough for Neil Patel,  the question left for me to ask is; are your Pinterest assets working for you? 

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And that’s how you drive massive traffic to your blog, get more optins and make more money via Pinterest – Cross Pinning! 😀 

Got that simple yet Winning Pinterest Technique or Strategy

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