The Frugal Entrepreneur Guide to Pinterest Traffic! #pinteresthacks

The Frugal Entrepreneur & Blogger’s Guide to Pinterest Traffic in 5 Simple Steps!

The Frugal Entrepreneur Guide to #PinterestTraffic #pinteresttips

If you’re looking for a magic bullet, a “quick fix’ for overnight success on Pinterest, or how to get Pinterest traffic overnight, this ain’t your Cafe .  This is your guide, to help you create Great Visuals within your blog, Pinterest Friendly images that will make your blog real Pinterest­-friendly and help you leverage this visual search engine effectively for blog traffic, subscriptions and ultimately sales.  In order to do this you gotta have the tools and strategies to get desired results. Talking of Tools, we shared a monster post on Various tools we use to improve oir workflow and create busienss success.You can read it here

So let’s dive in for today’s Pinterest Worthy Tips

Pinterest Traffic in 5 steps Watch the video below

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Recap on Pinterest Traffic: 

1. Optimize your Old Pins and Posts – If you have an old pin that’s gone viral or attracted lots of engagement yet its not such a great image. Go create a better Pinterest Optimized image via Canva add some text overlay and of course the text/Keywords that seem to have attracted engagement to the older pin. See you want to keep the repin count on this image. And this is called reviving the pin!


2. LIKE YOUR PINS – If you don’t how do you expect others to do so? And this is a simple way to get your pins seen more. When you get a notification that someone repined or liked your pin, go like it & Thank them too. Its only polite isn’t it!  When your pins come across your feed, as they are doing more so lately, Like them too, Boosts them. Every little helps! This also tells Pinterest that your Pin is popular and your content is liked. Guess what happens, Its shown to more people not just your followers.


Pinterest Traffic Hacks - How your pins are weighted! #pinterestmarketing

3. Your Pins are Weighted then Pinterest decides if it’s worth putting up on the Curated Smart feed – this shouldn’t surprise you. Your content has been ranked for a while since the last Algorithm changes and now the Feb Changes confirm it. This is how they are weighed, i.e. is your content liked by other Pinners:

  • The number of repins you get on the same content
  • How many people are pinning from your site.
  • Likes and Comments your Pin/Content is receiving across Pinterest
  • The amount of Click Throughs to your Site!

However, you could rise in ranks if an influential pinner shares aka Pins your content! Pinterest wants more quality content, no disrespect intended, It’s also now focusing more on how your followers engage with your content before it shows it to non-followers. So get active in Re-pinning your content, and also getting more people to do the same for you, like & comment too!

Check your analytics for Pinterest Traffic and Upscale! #pinterestmarketing

New Pinterest Analytics Layout – Weekly Stats!




4. Your Pinterest Analytics – Lets assume you do have a Business account, and if you don’t its very easy to turn your Personal account into a Business account where you will have access to amazing analytics. Use your analytics to Create Content that your audience is interested in what you share and to do that you need to ask yourself these 2 Qns:

  • Does my content match my audience needs?
  • Am I serving the audience I intended my content for?

Be sure to Pin MORE content in your niche, esp. other people's #Pinteresttraffic Click To Tweet

Be sure to Pin MORE content in your niche, and some in Your Personal Interest always consider 80/20 rule. And not all pins should necessarily be yours use the 60/40 rule here, we talked about this in our post on the Feb Pinterest Algorithm Changes! Find similar Pinners with more success see what they’re pinning that you aren’t. Emulate and apply. You’ll start to see better results too! Keeping tabs on related successful brands is good for keeping up with the tide.


5. Clear Recent Searches – Yes you don’t want Pinterest to remember everything you do search esp. if it’s for personal purposes. Simply go into your Account via that Gear/cog link, Click on Settings, scroll down and “Clear Recent searches,” everything you have searched recently will be deleted. In the same way You can CLEAR RECENT CONTACTS… cool huh!When you ‘Send’ Pins, Pinterest will keep displaying profiles of people you recently interacted with to make it easy for you to send more pins. You can clear this so you can send to new people esp. new contacts!



Since Feb, Your chances of getting more Pinterest traffic will also stem from encouraging your readers to organically PIN DIRECTLY from your Blog post. When you check your Analytics, you will see Activity from your website! The 50 top Pins from your site, top 20 Boards and how many clicks, pins & impressions you got! These Analytics will help you understand which posts or content is resonating with your readers that they take it a step further and actually PIN your images/content. To do this make it easy for them to do this with the Chrome Pinterest Add-on or Use the Sumome Image Sharer, amazing. See how all our Images are Socially shareable, example below!

Encourage your Audience to organically PIN DIRECTLY from your Website or Post. #Pinteresttips Click To Tweet

Pinterest Traffic - Make it easy for Audience to share! #pinterestmarketing


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