You are being called, Accept the Call and step up to your greatness!

Being Called as an Entrepreneur is not only when you get a phone call, Its way deeper than that! Are You Responding to your Callers? 

One of the “inner game” concepts that PJ Van Hulle’s been sharing with us lately is that if you feel called to do the work you’re doing in the world, there is someone (or more likely… multiple people) on the other end, energetically calling you. (We will share her blog post “Are you being Called” later in this article). BUT Below is our take on it…

Imagine a phone ringing… someone is calling you, and you decide not to pick up the phone. Why don’t you pick up…? But are we talking about physical phone calls? Maybe..lets find out!

If you felt called, where did that call come from? Oh yes some of you may say- I don’t have the time, our answer is right below: 


We all have time ot answer the call of "being called"

You Absolutely HAVE The Time, You Just aren’t prioritizing!



So what’s your excuse for saying you aren’t being called? Don’t you owe it to you and your loved ones to make a go of things. To build your legacy…heck no one said to quit your job now…you absolutely have the time if you allow it! 

For a believer, some could say you are being called by God or the Universe!. See we believe that he uses men to deliver miracles and solutions to our needs and problems!

So do you know who was on the other end?


Many of us ignore that call. Are you that person, who constantly lets the call go to “voice mail?” Waiting to first know who is calling and if they are relevant to your life today? It’s time to stop…you see quite simply, we attract what we give out.

The more you ignore people the more others ignore your calls! It’s the law of life or Karma or the Law of attraction, call it what you want! Are you a home based business owner or Network marketing entrepreneur? Then You are definitely being called to serve and offer value. To provide solutions to other people’s pain and problems. You could entertain them, yu are called to be an agent of change! Do you agree with this?

Let us tell you, if we call someone to give them our custom and they don’t pick up, that’s us gone. To the competition! See how that works?

Do you feel like you are being called?

Then all you need to do is pick up the phone and connect with the people that are already calling you…There are millions out there who need YOU…yes you. You see the world is occupied by over 7.2 billion humans and there’s one born every minute.

There is abundance in every direction you look. Stop imagining lack, competition, not enough. Why?

Because all that is garbage that you must clean out of your system.

Ignoring your calling is not your portion, start serving the people you desire to work with or be your customers/partners. Start being Open to receive their call for help. Don’t mind if they resist you at first…That’s because your energy is not yet aligned fully. If you are open to receive that call, your phone will ring off the hook. 

Abundant Gratitude


We all have the power to create and bless someone through our work and Kris Carr put is best in her movie “being called to create” 

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Today we really wanted to share this story that was inspired by a PJ Van Hulle Mastermind and her Question to us: Are You Being called?” Sit back crack that lager or glass of vino with ice and enjoy!

We’ve been experiencing this strongly first-hand…READ PJ’s Message RIGHT HERE


And if you are struggling to build your list, you hear the call, you know you are being called. You just have no idea how or whom to respond to. We strongly recommend a couple of choices for you today:

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Ask yourself, “What do I need to do today and everyday to step up & show up for my people?” and “What do my people need to hear from me today?”

Be present

You could do any number of things, these are but a few!

It’s time for you to accept that you are being called; show up for your people like never before! Only then will you too achieve what you want! 

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Have you enjoyed our Share today on “Are you being Called?” Do you hear that calling? Can we tempt you to share with us how/when you heard the calling and how it has affected our life? Do share below 🙂 and on facebook…


As always You Deserve More.


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