Video & Visual Marketing Secrets They Don’t want you to Know – Part 1! #videomarketing #content marketing #visualmarketingtips

Our Advanced Visual Marketing Tips – Focus on Video  SEO Tactics to Drive Viral Traffic to your Website and Offers – Part 1 of 2

Visual Marketing what is that & is it the real deal?

Now you may be thinking these guys have gone gaga…are they hearing things, maybe they have seen some out of body experiences happening, Or is their hearing affected? Visual marketing, what is it? Is it one of those things like appreciation marketing maybe its attraction marketing! Well its something we learnt in a training mastermind over the weekend Plus what we have already been doing to get more website traffic

VIsual Marketing is Very much A targeted Activity. More of Money See, monkey do!

Visual Marketing is meant to be Attention Grabbing…! Monkey See, Monkey Do!

This is what Wiki says…even more confusing right…!

Visual marketing is the discipline studying the relationship between an object, the context it is placed in and its relevant image. Representing a disciplinary link between economy, visual perception laws and cognitive psychology, the subject mainly applies to businesses such as fashion and design.”

What it really is in simple terms is: any use of visuals to enhance your marketing drive like images, info-graphics, pictures, videos…

HANG ON A MINUTE So if it’s about fashion and design, what has it got to do with Network marketing or a home business? You would be so woefully wrong to think we have gone loopy talking about visual marketing…So let’s break it down for you!


See since time immemorial humans have used imagery to communicate and get the point across…The Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, heck the internet world today is alive with visuals…aka photos, images, videos, Instagram, Pins, you name it. Everyone is getting in on the act of visual marketing. We did talk about video marketing a while back and this post was received very well, one of our most popular posts. Now let’s get this clear visual marketing should be part of your content marketing strategy as a content creator. CLICK TO TWEET

So why not you?


Visual marketing is not just about your social media image sizes although the Social Examiner handles that beautifully! Its way more than that! Visual marketing in form of images and video allows you to communicate your message in a friendly, informative and attractive way. Video goes further and shows the person behind the message and can go a long way in promoting your brand.

By using visuals to market your offers, you get a fantastic range of effects and styles that help you build your brand and grow your subscribers & customer base. So lets jump into the real meat and potatoes of visual marketing and how you can get your content going viral!



Our top Visual Marketing Submission Sites include:

Facebook – do you even need this explained?

Instagram – A visual marketing and content site, people share their images in real time letting the world know what they are up to. (Click link to follow us)

Pinterest – A visual bookmarking site for content via images, and Julie’s Love…seriously she spends hours trawling this site it sometimes makes us green! 

Tumbler – another visual driven image faced media

YouTube – 2nd most visited site in US and fallen behind Facebook on Video Marketing! (Subscribe to our channel Here). Now let’s Start with YouTube




Visual Marketing via YouTube:

We learnt of a super useful site that helps you enhance and get your YT videos ready for upload and its called classynemesis, a custom YouTube embed resource with bells and whistles! It’s easy to get started on YouTube and create a super professional channel. Get your YouTube Channel art created via Canva as it offers the exact measurements as dictated by YT and all other visual marketing platforms. Making life so much easier for the busy entrepreneur.

It’s very simple to assume that creating a video and uploading it will get you hundreds of thousands of viewers…Sadly it won’t unless you went through the following steps: CLICK TO TWEET



Video visual marketing tip #1. Search for your niche or video title in Google search, you’ll definitely get some results and below is an example of what I searched for – using visual marketing as keywords of course

Video & Visual Marketing Secrets They Don’t want you to Know! – Part 1- Keyword Research #keywords #googleadwords


Check out a video by clicking the link and you’ll get related videos on the right hand side bar. Grab the link of the video with the most number of views and either right click anywhere on the page to see & get related keywords or use the youtube free keyword research tool.

(Caution: don’t use google keyword planner for content as your results will be completely different. Not what you want)

Note the keywords you wish to use in your own related video. Make sure it is congruent. Don’t just use keywords to drive traffic, for if the content isn’t similar your video could even be reported for misleading the public and get your account shut down.

We usually use long tailed keywords with about 2000-5000 search volume i.e. low hanging fruit. You don’t want to battle with the big guns, it’s a losing battle!



Video visual marketing tip #2. Go create your cover photo, make it stand out Reds, Blues Yellows Apparently do grab attention. (That’s a whole other topic!) You should create your own images. Remember we are focused on visual marketing so images that grab the attention of your audience are essential. With Picmonkey, Canva, free stock images all over the internet e.g. imagebase, freerangestock etc. you have no excuse! Below is a view of imagebase page free visuals for your content. 

Video & Visual Marketing Secrets They Don’t want you to Know! – Part 1 imagebase. #freestockimages #visualmarketingsecrets

Here is a super tip: you can create videos using free stock images with music or your voice in background. Write some content and create a ppt or simply use a video converter for ease of the task. Creating content for visual marketing is not as hard as we all make it.  See visual marketing has become super easy. Below is what is said of the above video converter tool: CLICK TO TWEET


Article Marketing meets Video Marketing. Just copy and paste your article into our software and we’ll convert your article into a LIVE TALKING video.”

This is for the lazy marketer, or one who is scared of cutting videos with their face in it! . Turn your articles into videos.

You could use Animoto to create awesome videos with lovely styles, add captions, titles etc. Some of the videos you see on Facebook with beautiful captions & titles are created sing this resource. Try it, Paul & I found out about it last week.  Check out the 30 sec video we created below



Video visual marketing tip #3.  Remember your keywords? Well it’s time to use them. Upload your new video to YouTube and add them as tags. Make sure to use the main one in your title and description! Then go share your video on video bookmarking sites for more views other than organic youtube traffic. Try tubemogul

Visual marketing- video marketing Top sites for video submission Royalty free viral Services #videosyndicaton #videoseo #freecontentpromotion

This is the sauce…coz with tubemogul you are provided with a resource to upload your video to other top video and social networks and you also get great analytics on your video viewers.



Go Viral with Visual Marketing the Secret Sauce!

You have created your video and uploaded it to YouTube and now you think my visual marketing job is done…! Wrong. It just begun. That was content creation. Now for the proper visual marketing strategy!


You already went thru the 3 steps above, so now you need traffic, eyeballs and subscriptions. Assuming you added annotations, used Youtube cards and added a CTA and your link in the description, you will get more eyeballs to your content and website if you share your video to some or all of the sites below:

#1. Viddler: a video tool for learning and engagement. Great if your video is a guide to something, tips, sharing some content that helps others learn something new!Visual marketing- video marketing Top sites for video submission Royalty free viral Services - Viddler! #videosubmissionsites #videomarketing #contentpromotion

#2. Break: Well you may not have known about it, a known site in other circles to upload and share videos. You want eye balls on your content & Subscriptions right! Well go share.

Visual marketing- video marketing Top sites for video submission Royalty free viral Services - Break!

#3. Clip Moon: is similar to Break above. You share your videos with the world. A lot more targeted with a business category. We assume you wish to upload and have your videos seen, you’ll have to go for at least the Basic account at mere 5 Euros.

#4. Tubetorial: Now this is a really good resource for internet marketers to get your offers seen and get buyers. It uses Google Feedburner to register and here is the interesting bit. Every time you publish it will automatically receive your RSS update and if there is a video…Bingo! Sweet isn’t it!

Visual Marketing Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips on Tubetorial! #tubetorial #freevideosubmission #viralmarketing

Why is it awesome? First because its FREE unlike clip moon. 2nd because it’s a good place to share and upload affiliate programs, training videos, watch others, grab tips and get subscribers and buyers. Do we hear let’s get it….!


Now here is news for you if you didn’t already know. While YouTube was the 2nd biggest Video Marketing site its been overtaken by Facebook Videos. And here is the thing, when you post your YouTube video on Facebook it may not get much traction. Why? Because its the competition…

Because its not getting served unless you syndicate it or have a highly plugged in audience, hungry to hear from you and actively search for it.

Video visual marketing is in and facebook got on the video bandwagon. So now if you upload your videos direct on Facebook, they get shown all over. You get way more organic views and if you use exactly the steps above like you were going to post a YT video, but instead upload it directly on Facebook, you will get some really great organic views. Check our one Julie posted recently and it got over 600views in 48 hrs. WATCH THAT video here.

The video visual marketing battle of giants is on…We don’t see YouTube or Google taking this lightly. They like being the Big Mamas, so the battle is truly on! CLICK TO TWEET

Pass the popcorn and the comfy chair…! 



Visual Marketing – Part 1 Last Word! 

Word of advice, as an entrepreneur you want to use every tool, trick and tip you can to grow your brand and business the integral way. BUT don’t let the search engines do all the work for you. SEO can be a hard master. Search engines do use your content to rank your site so if your content seems to be viewed by many, and you link it to your blog, website etc. you will start to see an increase in website traffic and subscriptions! Depending on your site user experience and offers, more traffic could lead to more sales. So promote your content beyond SEO and these visual marketing ideas should get you going.

If your website or blog is also your main traffic target, then its likely its content driven, you blog regularly or update it regularly. So its absolutely essential that you create images and videos to jump-start your visual marketing as part of your content marketing strategy. Always add your website to your videos as a place to drive your traffic. This could increase your website visitors and subscribers. Thus the more people see your Video or images the higher the chances of them heading to your website and offers  CLICK TO TWEET


In part two of our visual marketing drive, we are gonna help you out and share our secret video creation sources! So comeback & check it out!


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As always you deserve more…

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