7 Super Cool Video Creating Tools to Rock your Website Traffic – Part 2! #videohacks #contentmarketing

 Video Creating Tools To Rock your Website Traffic & Lead Generation – Visual Marketing Part 2

7 Super Cool Video Creating Tools to Rock your Website Traffic – Part 2 #videocreatingmadeeasy, #visualmarketing



Why do you need video, or video creating tools for that matter?

If you prefer Visuals then Julie kindly obliged. Watch the Video below BUT you’ll need the links in this Blog content below 



So this is a question our son asked us months ago…and here is my answer a lil different from what I told him.

We create videos so they are seen, to share knowledge further than we can do so in person. So the idea is to get a message to as many people as possible and increase sales. What better way than to create a video using video creating resources online and create an article that goes viral!

Here is the deal, if you know Neil Patel, then you know he doesn’t write about something unless its trending. Well he just posted a blog on clever ways videos can attract new customers for you via Quicksprout…Need I say more! 

Okay so you are a newbie or you just need a boost in your video creating plan. Today we are gonna share with you some video creating tools and resources that we have learnt in this Part 2 of us sharing some of the juice we learnt at a Mastermind!


Trust me the copy and paste days are long gone. People are savvier; they want detail yet no lengthy videos. Attention spans have grown shorter yet our hunger for information has grown huge! Yet Video does help us build a sense of trust with our audience. So below we share with you some video creating tools to blow your mind. We didn’t know most of these. One of them we already shared in Visual Marketing Part 1 go check it out.


You can shoot and create super professional looking HD quality videos. Even if you are scoping, via online resources that make the process like child play. You can even upload a video from your PC, export from Facebook, or any other social platform. Then you get to play with some video creating and animation tools that will surprise you. You can add text, music, join two videos, slow or speed it up etc. Guess whats exciting; these tools aren’t limited to our PCs, we can download apps on our smartphones and tablets. Thus you can create a super video anywhere and with a swipe of a finger share it with friends, family or professionals. So what are we waiting for, let’s share with you 7 of the video creating tools we’ve learnt about so you too can create awesome videos in minutes, impress your target audience and make more sales. You will keep us posted of your results won’t you! Here we go:



Video Creating tool #1 Commoncraft

As per the commoncraft website, this is a “Handcrafted Media for Educators…” with a huge library of Cut-outs means you don’t have to create presentation visuals from scratch…sweet!

Video Creating Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These 7 Tips! #commoncraft #videomarketing

So you if you are still a lil face shy, start with this and get your message out there! Julie is not shy at all…But don’t ask me yet!



Video Creating tool #2 Sparkol

This is what the Sparkol creators have to say: Sparkol makes tools to engage your audience. They’re like nothing you’ve seen before and you don’t need to be techie to use them. Your story. Our software. Let the fun begin.

• 7 Secrets About Video Creating They Are Still Keeping From You! #sparko #videohacks #videomarketing


Video Creating tool #3 Animoto

As already said this video creating resource called Animoto or tool was introduced in the last blog post. Julie actually shot a short 30 sec video for you. Go check it out here!



Video Creating tool #4 Stupeflix

Looking to make amazing videos in seconds? Then studio.stupeflix is your bad boy.  You can create unlimited FREE videos of up to 20 mins long. Be warned that they will be public property. So if you wish to create a private show, you may have to go for the Pro/paid option. Mashable apparently approve this video creating resource! So who are we to say it ain’t cool



Video Creating tool for Slides #5 SlideRocket

We’ve always got tired of creating slides via PPT then shoot a video etc. then upload it. Now there is a tool to do just that and upload the lot to slideshare. Our slideshare account might see some action soonest. Sliderocket is your slides video creating presentation software for the webinar lover. You don’t need to download it, you just have to create an account with them. You are looking to drive quality targeted traffic to your blog and slideshare is a great place to do that with this awesome tool.

7 Secrets About Video Creating They Are Still Keeping From You! #sliderocket #slideshare #visualmarketing



Video Creating resources #6 – Royalty free Videos

Now while this is not strictly a video creating tool, we felt that you will find the information useful. This is a great option if you need blog content or an ad video without paying copyright fees. There are some resources to tap into and we are gonna share a couple here!  A lot of philanthropic independent artists and photographers take amazing images and footage at various events and locations and offer them royalty free. Usually you pay a onetime fee and you OWN THE images or videos fully. The first place you might know about to check are resources like Shutterstock and Fotolia.  You could even check out IstockPhoto. But have you heard of Clip canvas or Video Blocks? Neither did we. 

Please be informed that these video creating or image resources are not free, they are simply ROYALTY FREE! So under this umbrella we have shared 5 images, footage, audios and visual effects resources royalty free for your professional video creating pleasure!



Video Creating resources #7 Your Video Distribution Tips!

You didn’t think we would give you all these video creating tips and not help you out with getting eyeballs didja? Once you have created that video above we couldn’t let you just upload it to youtube and go to sleep. YT is simply one of many. As Neil Patel stated in his article on the 6 questions you must ask to create content. You must play big and play to win. There are now 40% more bloggers all looking to make money via their blog so you gotta get creative. Julie and I are upping our game.



So there’re services that allow you to publish your video to all your online social platforms, video & photo sites, not forgetting our blog. Just like you syndicate your blog, you can syndicate your videos. Of course there is a fee involved in some. This was a mastermind not a free coupon session. And as an entrepreneur we believe that video creation is a major part of your content marketing strategy! So below are a couple of resources to syndicate and share your videos:

#1. Fiverr – Yes you heard lolol. There are several people on fiverr ready to do the work for you for a mere $5. Like virtual assistants only one off. Simply head over to fiverr.com and well search make sure you chose someone with lots of Great reviews and do ask them some qns about their service speed, deliverables and authenticity of reviews.

#2. One loadoneload is the Hootsuite of video distribution. A service for content creators and advertisers. Looking to seed your video to top social networking sites, this is your bag!

The Next 7 Things You Should Do For Video Creating Success! #oneload #visualmarketing #contentmarketing


And trust me I am not forgetting the Hot and trending Periscope and Blab.im. read our review of these two here! In fact Julie did a Video on creating a better customer experience by leveraging Surveys. 


Info overload alert…..

And in the next episode…We will share some cool tricks gurus NEVER TELL YOU on how they get so many views on their videos and convert more blog readers into customers. Even when you use the exact same Keywords as they do, you still get a few vies most of them from friends or a few clients…Weeeell we got the sauce and we feel its time the masses knew about them! So there will be a PART 3…just because we love ya


So did you get value from our “7 Super Cool Video Creating Tools To Rock your Website Traffic” post, then you’re gonna love Part 3. Meantime, please do like, share and let us know your thoughts below.

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