Video View Services to Jumpstart your Lead Generation, Visual Marketing Part 3 #videoviewingservices #videomarketing #contentmarketing

How To Become a Better marketer With Video Viewing Services In 60 Minutes – Visual Marketing -Part 3 (Infographic)

So we have shared with you the Video & visual marketing Secrets Part 1 Go check it out here and the Video Creation resources in Part 2. Again if you haven’t read the two above this bit won’t make much sense to you. Coz we will be jumping straight in short and sweet into your video viewing services and distribution resources.

We have shared before some months back that if no one views your video within 24 hrs of publishing, chances of that video ranking and being shown among related videos on youtube are very low. You might also like to understand online video viewing habits a lil more as well. 

video viewing services help in our understanding of how we watch online videos. #video #videomarketing

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The video viewing services and resources we are about to share with you, will give you that edge and advantage that your show will be viewed within 24 hrs. Unlike Youtube where you need to actively promote it to get any traction. Now be warned that some are paid resources, you are in business to make money right!

WORD OF CAUTION & DISCLAIMER…don’t get dragged into purchasing BOT TRAFFIC…you will get your YT channel banned and that ain’t cool, nor is it our aim in sharing these resources with you.

So let’s get it



Video Viewing Services #1 – workingyoutubeviews

Don’t Waste Time! 7 Video View Services to Attract More Leads! #woringyoutubeviews #videoviewingservices

Workingyoutubeviews; Used to be one of the free video viewing services or tools. Doesn’t exist anymore. 

Now we werent sure of the quality of the views, but we can say it did help build views for your video & channel credibility fast!

The fact remains that the more views your video gets the more YouTube serves your video to more people as well. Great for building website traffic too. Remember you added your link to the description and ANNOTATION of course.

Pity it doesn’t exist anymore. 


Video Viewing Services #2 Vagex

How to Gain more viewers and website visitors leveraging Video Viewing Services! #vagex #videomarketing #contentmarketing

With vagex you can increase your youtube views in 3 simple steps. This is a view exchange site that will show your video to thousands of members to help you increase view count.

Good news…vagex is entirely FREE All you have to do is sign up & view others videos using the vagex viewer…”Give-Receive” simple. You stack up credits, which others get when they view your videos. You receive 50 free credits at sign up…Sweet!



Video Viewing Services #3 Virool

Virool is another resource to share your videos, and they distribute it to the right people. It has free and paid plans. But first you create a FREE account and launch your first campaign. With Virool, you’ll engage the modern viewer with premium placements that don’t hinder the user experience. Check it out and let us know your experiences & results!



Video Viewing Services #4 tubetoolbox

7 Ways To Become a Better marketer With Video View Services In 60 Minutes! #tubetoolbox #videomarketing /viralvideos

Tubetoolbox is another of the video viewing services to get more eyeballs on your videos and get it ranking higher on YT and of course more website traffic! It is a YouTube Marketing software, apparently one of the best on the market leveraged by YouTube partners! You will find a multitude of user testimonials on this video viewing software home page. A good thing we think considering that you want to build your channel and views not get it shut down! 



Video Viewing Services #5 UTubePlays

Now UTubePlays state that they offer you 100% human traffic not bots and re-emphasizes our earlier caution. This is one of video viewing services sold on Clickbank too, its not free! Your call! 



Video Viewing Services #6 YouTube Video Ads

You didn’t think we would avoid this didja? Well every time we click on a video there is an advert running which you can skip after a few seconds. You too could tap into that if your budget allows it. This type of brand marketing and getting video views is a serious entrepreneur route. Its measurable and you can track your results effectively just like any PPC campaign. This type of video viewing services leverages the power of sight, sound and motion to market, connect ad persuade your viewers. Remember this type of marketing is targeted at driving website traffic. Video ads are a real-time media targeting tool. Giving you the benefit of launching a targeted and sophisticated campaign within minutes. You can leverage this type of video viewing services via brightroll,  tubemogul or advertise directly via the YouTube advertising service.



Video viewing Services #7 View Maniac

This is a wild card. You may be a budding artiste, musician, comedian, etc. Then this final video viewing resource we share today is your bag. Viewmaniac is really tabled for artists and its marketing base is targeted towards that industry! They lay claim to have worked with some of the biggest brands in the music and arts industry and boast to have promoted labels like 50-Cent, Katy Perry, Rihanna, T-Pain etc So why not you…try them hey. Keep us posted


Like we said this was gonna be short but definitely sweet. Getting your video seen by more eye balls is by creating a video viewing strategy aka video marketing! Using video advertising services will help connect you with a targeted audience on a higher scale that organic views. The higher your video views, the higher your chances of getting more targeted website traffic. And that can’t be a bad thing for your bank balance

Not even clever, viral content can guarantee you the amount of views you need to become a success online. There’s simply TOO MUCH noise. You have to actively market your videos so using video viewing services could be something you consider seriously as a home business entrepreneur! Our job here is done. Invest Learn Teach rocks and for the cherry on the cake an Infographic to help you understand why video drives sales and traffic from MultiVisionDigital here is their website



Well with all the info from our Video and Visual Marketing Mastermind. We want you to promise one thing….share your results with us and keep us posted of your successes. We love to share what we know and learn because it’s in sharing that we too learn it better ILT rocks. We also find such joy in giving and sharing.


So let us ask you one more time, have you got value from our 3- Par Visual Marketing series? How about this part 3 on video viewing services? We sure hope so coz we’ve held very little back and we would love to hear from you. We encourage you to share with your team, friends, like our posts. All images are shareable, text is shareable, whats not to like. Make it a fantastic day


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