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Welcome to your Pinterest Party, Celebrating The Launch and 1st Month of Publication of The Art of Pinterest Profits eBook

Wow, it’s been a full month since the launch of an amazing resource for your pleasure. A dynamic game-changing guide to Pinterest Marketing for Profits. Together with my team we decided to hang fire and wait for the month to pass so we really have something to celebrate in addition to the launch! On that note, Welcome to Your Pinterest Party, celebrating Authorship and the Launch of My 1st Amazon Published eBook: The Art of Pinterest Profits!

On 2nd October 2016, I Published my first eBook on the Amazon Kindle KDP Program.

This followed 14 months of research, application, testing, and creating a work of art, a “labour of love.” I couldn’t tell you how excited I was to be able to do that. So much so, I made my first rookie Publisher mistake. I sent out an email broadcast before publication letting my subscribers and some beta testers know that the book would be available for pre-order at a promo price of $.99cents…Ha The Kindle KDP program quickly educated me on that mistake…

Lesson learnt, we all must learn from our excitement and over enthusiastic mistakes! So, moving on…The launch went super well so much so I literally have been focusing on tracking, responding to suggestions and ideas to enhance the book. Even as Pinterest itself adds more and more exciting changes to the platform.

So, I can say today I am a Published Author. With thousands of Downloads of my book via Kindle readers. Somebody Pinch me.  

It is only fitting that you Follow Us  here on Pinterest before we go any further…right? 🙂

Next step is to work towards becoming a Best-Selling Author. I believe I was created to serve millions of people worldwide…Sharing this with you puts me in a place where I have to make it happen…You are now my Accountability Partner!

The Art of Pinterest Profits on Amazon!



I also shared some results on Facebook recently. I got so many congratulatory messages, it would be remiss of me not to hold this online celebration and promotion since many of you our amazing blog audience and supporters we live oceans apart. (Anyone know that song, crank up the sound and sway to it as we celebrate today.) Because, I will be right here waiting to serve you always… 😉

On that great note….

I would like to share some of the amazing 5 Star Amazon Reviews I have received so far. Before I do, I urge you to go on and give us a review on so that others can find this amazing resource and be helped out of their Pinterest Funk too!

Sounds cool? Here are some happy customers below:

The Art of Pinterest Profits _Amazon Reviews



Readers Bonuses & Incentives

I did put my hand up over my eager beaver mistake above. This doesn’t mean I cannot incentivize you my awesome readers. You are the reason I strive to learn, test and share more so you too can have more.

So here it is, I decided anyone who orders: THE ART OF PINTEREST PROFITS, via this link right here and/or banner below, in the month of November until December 3rd 2016 will receive a Private Training I gave on Pinterest SEO that will have your Posts Ranking on Search super-fast valued at $97. This training is only available to my Clients and those who purchased The Ultimate Pinterest Road-map.  

The Art of Pinterest Profits - November Promo


All you have to do is forward to me proof of your purchase i.e. amazon receipt to julie[at] You will be sent the training PLUS a surprise bonus that will put a huge smile on your face. And without further ado, allow me to reiterate that…

I Celebrate You, Let the Fun Begin!

I appreciate you dropping in on this promo and e-party celebrating the successful launch and growth of Your very own Pinterest Resource and eBook: The Art of Pinterest Profits. As another way of giving back, here is what we are gonna do…We are gonna celebrate each other.

So why not share your awesomeness in the comments below!

Share your link, website or blog with us all present inside of your comment. Share with our community what you do, your favorite topic, or most recent post, have you written a book? Tell us about it as well in other words, today You can add Links to your Comments.

You are definitely welcome to follow so that we can continue to wow you with amazing nuggets, tips and even parties like this.  

So, let the toasts continue, enjoy some aperitifs, and do definitely let everyone know about this party so they too can drop in for a Glass of champers.

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The Art of Pinterest Profits_eBook Launch Party! #PinterestTips

Consider this a networking event, share who you are and why we should come check you out, invite more people so we can get to know them too.

By the way, this is how you could meet new friends, JV partners and clients too!

So, do share and let more people know about this Party. I really appreciate you sharing too as more people will find resources that they may have been looking for via your shares in comments below! 

You are all The Greatest and I hope You enjoy this as we Party on 🙂  



Party Doggy Bag for You 🙂

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How to Use Pinterest for Internet Marketing – Learn more

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Enjoy the networking and Champers 🙂 

As always You deserve more

Learn. Love. Live


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