What is Pinterest? 5 Kick-Ass Steps to Create Traffic Grabbing Pinterest Images Like A Ninja! Part 2

 What is Pinterest used for? The Anatomy of a Pin Image that Attracts Traffic! An Extract from “The Art of Pinterest Profits” by Julie Syl Kalungi

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So, What Is Pinterest and how do I use it? 

So you have decided to dive into Pinterest and  save/pin some awesome content! Do you agree that having an eye grabbing title or text on your image is the key to getting more re-pins and sharing of your content?

It is your very gravy train to increased Pinterest traffic and expanding your reach, audience and circle of influence.

On Pinterest like other resources, you want to know what serves your audience and what are they looking for? This means doing some research and that’s not a bad thing right? So your Boards should reflect those subjects that interest and attract your Target Market!

But we Jump ahead of ourselves. I want you to understand Pinterest even more.

In my mind Pinterest is a girl… 🙂 Yes she is! because she loves pinks, reds, peach, yellows, azures, bright primary colours. She also loves em lean and long! Oops Stay on the straight and narrow Jules! 

In my mind Pinterest is a girl... 🙂 Yes she is! #theartofpinterestprofits Click To Tweet


Here is a post that enumerates 5 Kick-ass Tips craft and Create clever Pinterest Images that attract traffic. This post goes a wee bit into the psychology behind a pin image, and related useful tools to use. http://rccace.com/taopp

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What is Pinterest – Extract from The Art of Pinterest Profits?

Quite simply Pinterest is an intensely visual platform and a social search engine.

In its purest form, Pinterest is a content sharing platform via Visual media where users share Their content via Photos or Images, this could be blog posts, offers, products, services, brand, Audios and Videos that lets you put your best foot forward in your niche. It comes with recommended measurements to ensure you and your images look like a million bucks every time. You can Save, Formerly Pin or Re-Pin, Like and send direct messages to anyone (that’s an important one). You can also collaborate with like-minded individuals and build your influence, and most importantly, attract fans, followers, subscribers and BUYERS!

For your business, it’s a way to take advantage of visual content marketing and SEO in the 21st Century and beyond.

So your images have to be freaking breath-taking and attention grabbing, every single time. If they’re not, you’ll feel short changed by all the hype about being able to build a business from Pinterest.

And Good is NOT good enough on Pinterest. Your audience is looking for unique, one-of-a-kind high definition images that tell a story. Your images must look BATSHIT AMAZING. Use Canva to give your images that boutique look, you will thank yourself later. DON’T pin any old image you pick online, you won’t be getting any results with that!

Get in the habit of taking a moment to imagine what emotions your image elicits in the person looking at it. Is it desire, fear, happiness, rage, pride, or empathy?

It used to be enough to use a slick graphic picked from stock images, overlay with text prompting Pinners to take action.

This post is inspired by my love of sharing value and is partially an extract from my New Book. The Art of Pinterest Profits:



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This post was also inspired by another article we did way back on Bad-ass Killer headlines and blog post Headlines that’s Grab Attention. I highly encourage you to read that post. Download the Infographic, which you can use to create infinitely better blog titles, Pinterest image names and text overlays, And Newsletter headlines!



What is Pinterest? The Anatomy of a Pin Image that Attracts Traffic:

#1. Your image must elicit a specific emotion.

Could be interest, curiosity, desire, fun, even anger.

Why is anger okay? Because an angry person will click to see what the freak’in heck you are going on about. They also will share with others in a bid to get them to agree with their point of view! Have you seen those YouTube Videos, by the way check out our post on YouTube Video Views if you use that platform at all!

Or have you seen those posts that go viral, shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, re-tweeted by angry people or even haters and their followers or fans? We call them #confusedadmirers 🙂

It could all be derogatory…But guess what, Search engines can’t tell whether someone is angry or not, they see numbers, Traffic, time on Site aka bounce rate…!

Unless or even if they leave a really bad comment, you have the power to edit said comment or obliterate it and block said angry bird lol!

So sometimes it doesn’t matter if someone is mad at your Pin/Post, as long as they are sharing it! Therefore, in your Pin, make sure your potential followers and haters and content audience are pulled in like magnets by the image and text you add! Make it as irresistible as possible!



Share some practical tips in a piece of Content Create an image to anchor said content and add a catchy title e.g. “How to Create Amazing Capture pages in 2 easy steps!” or “How to organize every space in your house.” Do you dig me?

What is Pinterest and how to use it - Image with text overlay

Original Image pinned by justagirlandherblog.com what emotions does it elicit? 

Be interesting, entertaining in your visuals. Be creative and yes keep a lil mystery going! It’s what gets the click through…right!

So now that we know how important your Pin name or title is. How do we make it happen consistently?



#2. Numbers don’t lie

Well not if they come from an integral person! So how about you use numbers in your Pin Image Text Overlay (see example below).

What is The Anatomy of a Pin Image that Attracts Traffic? #pinteresttips

When you create your awesome piece of content be it a Facebook Update, Tweet, LinkedIn Post…Yes all these can be pinned. Open your mind to the possibilities of cross promoting your content and offers across various platforms and your world will change in ways you can’t imagine.

Anyhow, back to numbers…Numbers are like a magnet that draw people’s attention to the piece of content or image that has them. Esp. if you give the number in Digit Form, (this works even better, research proven).

Give it great prominence on the image as above! Someone is almost hypnotized into finding out those tips, techniques, steps you are sharing. It’s a challenge a gauntlet so to speak! Your Audience also knows exactly how much they are getting and can calculate time they can spend with you!  A call to respond and check out the information! So use Numbers on your Pinterest images!



What is Pinterest? This Video Gives you the Answers 🙂

Pinterest Traffic Domination Cheat-Sheet!



#3. The Anatomy of an Attention Grabbing Name/Title/Headline for your Pin!

We are visual beings so we absolutely are attracted to vibrant primary colours! This is the essence of Pinterest! Images that are Clear, Sharp, Colourful, Informative and Point to further information to inspire, educate, entertain, solve our problems, fulfill our desires or simply give us some awesome Offers!

This is the essence of Pinterest! Images that are Clear, Sharp, Colourful, Informative… Click To Tweet

So your Pin Title or alt tag should have a catchy thought provoking adjective if it’s your Keyword, even better! This is Pinterest SEO at its simplest and will help you attract traffic to your pins and offers! 



#4. Be Integral in your Pins and Text!

What do I mean by this?

Because lots of people used to not hesitate to switch out another person’s links and swipe a viral pin. Literally re-directing traffic from the original content! Fortunately, Pinterest cottoned on to this and disabled that ability.

Still other people find an image that’s killing it, download it and re-pin with their own content URL! This is very misleading, nasty and not what any heart-centered entrepreneur or blogger should be doing at all! In fact, it is stealing!

Never intentionally mislead your intended Target Market!

Never intentionally mislead your intended Target Market! Click To Tweet

Make sure your title and content are congruent. Don’t use click bait in your image text, or title. You will be find most people bounce and that will lose you search engine ranking both your offline and online reputation will suffer. Although as stated above, use of clever catchy adjectives is allowed! Again I use iminstituge.org to check the strength of my Pin/image alt tag aka name and title!



#5. We all Love the How-Tos

Heck you are probably heard this so many times…Ohh well its because its freak’in true! 🙂

Yes, and on Pinterest it’s no different. See how you love to read those blog posts with: “How to become an expert in your niche in 3 minutes?

Well then by all means share with us “The HOW-Tos” in your sphere of expertise. You don’t have to give us the whole shop and keys to your kingdom. Just give us enough to keep us coming back or better still to subscribe to your feed! That’s most pinners aim, next to making sales of course!

We all have such busy lives and intrinsically lazy. So we want guidance on getting things done without re-inventing the wheel. I go to search engines and what do I type in the search box? “How To…” questions or; what Is…

Now do you understand that not only are people searching for your value, even the search engines are doing so? Powerful stuff…for someone with a vision!

And we know by now that Pinterest is a visual social search engine, of course you do!  

Well all is well that Starts well…There is no rest for the Blessed! If you have been wondering: What is Pinterest and how do you use it? I have a whole training to help you answer that Question and above all a Whole Resource on Amazon You can read on your gadget at leisure and Apply the techniques there in! 




The Art of Pinterest Profits – A Full Illustrated Book – Order Your Copy here

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So, I bet you are chomping at the bit to go Create Images that drive traffic via Pinterest for your business right now! If that is you, do go right ahead, we are rooting for you. But first Like our post, share your views in comments below, Pin the image below, and Share on Social media… 


As always You deserve more

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