How to be a sales superstar?

Be a Sales Superstar: Learn how to get more & better appointments, make more effective presentations, overcome objections, and close the sale.

Ohhh To be a Sales Superstar….That was My waking thought! And I immediately knew what Audio we would listen to today, usually Julie chooses. Today I chose to be a Sales Superstar! Soul and Mindset Food that we love! I am sure you are wondering what is he on about!

Sales Superstar CourseWell lately we have been very busy putting together A full program to help Network/affiliate Marketers, small business owners and HBOs new or old who may be in a funk. If you are stuck and don’t know what to do to generate leads and make the sales you need to earn some extra or full time income online Click Here and take action Now!!!

Many Network marketers have no clue about MLM recruiting or how to close a sale! Most of us believe we are sales superstars when we first start out! The reality sadly is that many have no clue what they are doing, and end up disengaging or worse still judging the NM industry as a scam! Most do not realise that it takes a whole lot more than getting out your wallet to become a decent sales person and actually earn a life changing living! If you are that person I encourage you to Watch the video below right to the end because in the 18th Minute Julie drops one heck of a nugget and at the end is an offer that you should definitely take and change your 2015 for the better, TODAY!

Most of us Home Business Owners, Small business owners & Network Marketers wish to become a “sales superstar”. Did you know its takes just as much effort to become a sales superstar as to stay a mediocre one! Well this morning we listened to Brian Tracy “Become a Sales Superstar” and below are 7 Specific Take-aways we wanted to share with You!

7 tips to be a sales superstarWe focus on 7 because its our special number so in today’s article we are sharing with you 7 Great Ways to Be a Sales Superstar which we have learned along the way from our own personal experiences. BUT mostly from Training we have received from our Mentors! Ladies and gents are you investing in You? Do you have what it takes to be a Sales superstar? Allow Julie and I to share some of our take-aways from the book and audios from one of The best sales superstars of all time Brain Tracy! I now hand over to The beautiful Julie to deliver these awesome tips. We have shot a video below. Grab your pen  switch off all distractions and prepare to learn:

7 Actions Sales Superstars Do that you Must Learn!

Below is the surprise Podcast – Tip Number 7 to be a sales superstar mentioned in the Video 🙂

Some of our team members and fans live in regions where internet connections are not stable, and many don’t have the privilege of free WiFi or consistent data so we have prepared a script of the above video. Simply use this link to download it and share with your team. We hope that each and every one of you along with us becomes a sales superstar, there is more than enough for everyone out there!  If you want to learn about the 80/20 rule mentioned in the Audio & video this is your chance!

Trust when I say that to be a sales superstar you have to learn to hang out with influential people in & outside of the industry! Another sales aficionado Gavin Ingham has some more to say about how to become a sales superstar in this blog.

Remember No one is better or smarter than you, They just learnt how to be successful and practiced those actions every single day consistently! And Good luck to all. Remember sharing is caring so share use the share buttons above to share with your team & friends if you have found value in this article and video and do leave a comment below!

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See you at the top!

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