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What Is List Building & why is a Mailing List So Important To Your Success?


Let Me Ask You a Question…Are You Building Your List? Why am I asking this…because list building is the only way you will create a viable income on or offline simple!

Today I watched people goggling a dress trending on social media, looking & seeing different colours at various angles…Wow if only its owner or the Vendors knew how to monetize this viral trend, list building gone viral… See #TheDress on twitter & Facebook. We are all confused as to its true colours. I see gold & white lol. Is your  List building strategy allover the place too?

List Building & the dress

Whats #thedress got to do with List Building?


Well, list building is where you take certain actions to collect people’s emails, with the intention of sharing with them specific information at a later date! A mailing list is basically a database of email addresses used by an individual or organization to send an email to multiple recipients at the same time. (Not spam). A list of people who have opted in for more information on a set topic. In this part 1 of the list building series I am gonna take you thru some hard bits maybe tell you a lil story…in order to emphasize the importance of list building to your home business!



Julie & I have been involved in Internet Marketing for over 31/2yrs (at time of publishing) and we have seen a multitude of insane claims about cracked codes and push button, autopilot solutions to create a fortune online out there and still do! Yet Research has proved that 97% of HBOs are struggling and not making a penny…So you ask yourself whats with all the money photos, the claims, the posh cars online…Well Have you ever heard of “Fake It till you make it…! By the way Don’t Do It! Image below tells the Real story of people’s lists (Click it to enlarge)


List Building puts you in the 3%

Majority of Marketers aren’t building their List…thus Aren’t making money

How many times have you been burned? That’s right. You thought you saw the light at the end of the tunnel, then BAM! Something turned it off. You found yourself holding the bag. Sound familiar…We have been there too. What would you have given then to know or have had the ability to properly analyze such “opportunity” before you decide to spend a dime?

I am positive you too have been sent links with some super hyped claims about the game changing offers that promise to make you $253,187 from home in your Jim jams in 1 week! 

Let me put it out there this very moment and if you don’t like it feel free to Leave Right now. It’s extremely important you know that EVERY single one of such claims is a scam

Let me Say that again: every single one of such hyped up claims of push-button, autopilot solutions to making money today or in a week etc. without putting in any work is a SCAM!

Fact: push-button, autopilot profit machines without sweat & effort don’t exist… 

with ONE exception


If you’ve built a responsive mailing list that trust you, you can write an email with an offer affiliate or otherwise in 25 minutes… Broadcast it to that responsive List, be it Hundreds tens of  hundreds of thousands of people – all at the click of a mouse, or a push of a button. And Guess what….

Once you hit ‘that send button’ your job is done. You can go watch your son’s soft ball game, go for a swim in the ocean, Go do that Zumba thing, play golf, or simply roll in a Turkish mud bath – whatever rocks your boat! And with your trusting and trusted responsive list – sales WILL start rolling in on autopilot… That’s what List Building is about, its the sole aim of most business owners!

Or is it all that? See you have missed out on a Lil something…

Even if you KNOW about the mailing list business model, most people have no idea how to manage a profitable list building system. Most people email their list as and when they have something to offer…in other words “spamming” sorry….

So today –I am here to tell you that even with a responsive list, It’s not WHAT You are selling to them, it’s HOW You Sell it to them! There must be a relationship built as we said in our email series before and you have to be Consistent! Tell me have you purchased a ton of info from emails you have received? Was it from a total stranger, or someone you feel you know and trust because of The consistency of VALUE they keep sending you DAILY or at least weekly?


Want to learn how we and others do it? With a Profitable Mailing List You can Make Money By “PUSHING A BUTTON” This Is The Only exception to Push button make money claims!

You need a mentor to learn about List Building the right waySee One of our mentors Ray Higdon does exactly this! He sends out a broadcast DAILY sharing his knowledge and experience every single time. Every so often Ray recommends someone else’ product or his own.and guess what, I can guarantee you that I and numerous others have pulled out our credit cards and purchased…Kerching…Residual income on a Push of a Button….

BUT is it just one push?


Nope. Its daily, consistent, value giving, selfless sharing, building trust, creating relationships and getting people to believe that they know You enough to Buy on YOUR recommendation. This is HOW a List Building Machine that actually pops out money on autopilot every time you Push A CERTAIN button works! All others are a pure lie!

I can tell you another of the most ardent proponents of building a responsive list and who is raking the cash is a man from Wales UK called Alex Jeffreys, he gives away his stuff FREE so often its crazy


Are You going to start today to kick start one of your own list building systems? Well I sure Hope So! Because there are customers in all sorts of niches, Health & fitness, Porn, cars, travel, info products, baby food, shoes, cats… you name it and they are waiting to hear from you!

The reason we do our best to help so many people and why we keep wanting to help more people is because we remember when it was so frustrating. We know where you are and what you’ve been going through. We remember when we were buying every single product out there. I remember Julie trying to make money getting nowhere fast. I remember her getting very little sleep and I have to tell you, we were getting stressed.


Are you in this place today?


List bulding will help you get out of debtNot making much if any online. Most of your online purchases go on credit cards and, things are getting really out of hand. Spiraling into a whirlpool of debt? If your email inbox is anything like ours was, then you are receiving a nonstop flow of emails selling you stuff. Is that correct? Email after email of somebody selling you something new. A hundred a minute…Well you’re on their list!


Are you sure you want to carry on that way? There is a great way to Build your list and we show you WHAT IT IS because we have seen so much and still managed to build a List of thousands of subscribers, you might Like to try it out too!

We also did get with the right mentors and are part of the best team culture, training and support that there is online hands down…(I honestly believe so)! We consistently believe we share Value. We have built our list by creating a website where we share said value. But we started with a free WordPress blog again sharing value, and boy delayed gratification we have had to drink that cup in gulps!


Why List Building – The Power of the List

Mazimize Traffic

The Right Traffic = Great list & Conversions


You definitely understand that traffic is the key to making money online…You believe that driving traffic to a website & Lead generation = making money…right? Well wrong my friend if it’s the wrong kind of traffic, it’s a waste of time! Its not WHAT is being sold to You nor the Traffic …Its HOW its Sold that matters! And the Key to traffic is NOT driving traffic…Its OWNING TRAFFIC…HOW? By building your own list!



When we spoke about delayed gratification, we didn’t mean go home pray, and switch the telly on and wait…Nope! You have to do some work upfront without getting paid. You have to have & USE A list building system the correct way. You have to either find one or build one & automate it. Once you got that sucker automated, that’s when delayed gratification starts to pay off! This is what successful people do, this is what we did last year and are continuing to polish and build our list this year!



It’s what Ziz Ziglar always said and its true today. It’s never really about you, you have to understand it’s about them; the subscriber, customer, what do they want? If you can marry up with what they want and give it to them, then you’ll get what you want too!


List Building & The Key to Making Money

The key is simply Reciprocity: Once you have built your list, you start to deliver value to them, whether you create it, or you get an expert to create it. Your subscribers will want to give back a certain percentage. Let’s say you give it to 4000 people, %ge of those are going to want to give back to you too. That’s just the law. By buying into the value you offer with their cash!

You can build your list faster by Offering something of value to other list owners in exchange for plugging your list. This has been done by 6-7 figure earners for years. Ben Settle suggests a strategy to do this. Using his unique style he was able to receive dozens of new (targeted) subscribers by spending just a few hours of his time. Learn what it was in this article.


Well there is More to list building, but not today…watch this space for Part2 on List Building secrets – “The Machine…”, So very exciting! Until then…comment below, share & connect with us on our socials…



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