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By the time you finish reading this post and Listening to the Interview, you’ll will feel like you not only know Elayna Fernandez of #ThePositiveMom Fame as the absolute Leader she is, you will have a blueprint for your Home Business Success…

By the time you finish reading this post and Listening to the Powerful, Inspiring, Interview, you will feel like you not only know Elayna Fernandez of #ThePositiveMom Fame as the absolute Leader she is, you will have a blueprint for your Home Business Success!

Big Ask…? Nope, anything is possible to them that believe!

If you are serious about being a successful entrepreneur and building a Love Centered business you Enjoy with integrity, you will connect with Elayna Fernandez on Social Media and follow her fast?


Now here is a Surprise, you have heard of S.M.A.R.T Goals Right? Well Scratch those…

Today you are gonna Learn about B.O.L.D Goals and we truly believe they are the bombdigity! We love them so will you”


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Are you ready to learn about how to Get from Zero to Hero? To Inspire others and build your Dream Business starting today…?  Then get ready to meet Elayna Fernandez. We interview her on “Your Power Echoes with Julie Syl” and you want to listen to this awesome lady!

We here at Your Power Echoes would like to send a Huge Massive Congrats to Elayna for her rare achievement. Many are dreaming of this but few achieve it. To be Cast as a Disney Role Model in The Movie ElenaOfAvalor! This achievement can only be got by sharing a massive amount of value and Inspiring others far and wide, freely, not just having home business success & not just within The Industry. Check it out the image below! 

Interview with Elayna Fernandez #Thepositivemom and Inspiration for ElenaofAvalor #homebusinesssuccess



Here is something I learnt from her:


You Cannot DO everything by yourself so Outsource it to God! Success is as unique as your DNA”Elayna Fernandez


How cool is that!

Elayna is one of the most humble yet talented and knowledgeable Success Coaches home business entrepreneurs we have had the pleasure to Interview!

Elayna literally rose from “Zero to Hero.” By sheer self-belief in a Vision bigger than her circumstances presented! At the time a young single mom, an immigrant, no family, no job, no experience, she learnt very quickly that — Your Circumstances Do not define who you are! 

Your Circumstances Do not define who you are '#successtips #yourpowerechoes @thepositivemom Click To Tweet


She tenaciously and with determined action turned it all round!

She is the Author of “ThePositiveMom Brand” You are encouraged to Head on over there and Inhale her amazing nuggets of wisdom, inspiration and pure encouragement. After you Listen to this Power Interview so hang on to your bootstraps!

We put our full stamp of approval on this brand.

Elayna specifically focuses on Mompreneurs! You see she stands by her mantra to

Motivate you to Create Joy, Balance and Success On Your Terms.

Big statement?

You’ll learn soon enough in our interview won’t you…?


One of Elayna Fernandez’s missions is to help as many Moms to Re-activate their self-belief, inner joy, become master of your own destiny and achieve Financial freedom!

By now you know that Elayna is a Woman of Faith and so it’s not a surprise, in fact it’s wonderful to interview someone who has such deep faith. We can see just why she is having massive home business success, results and growth in her personal life too…

Her favourite quote is from Les Brown and they are Close friends so it’s no surprise and it goes:


“You don’t need to be great to get started, but you need to get started to be great.”



You don’t need to be great to get started, but you need to get started to be great. @LesBrown… Click To Tweet

We don’t want to do spoilers so we’re going to let you listen to Elayna Fernandez’s nuggets on creating balance, joy and home business success!

Learn more about how Elayna Fernandez gets productive and how her children are following in her footsteps!


An Interview with Elayna Fernandez on Her Journey to Home Business Success and Much More Below


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Did you catch what B.O.L.D Goals stand for? If you didn’t I urge you to let that baby play to the 40th min! Just listen! You will learn a heck of a lot and your life needs this! 

Do you agree that this is a waaay cooler way to set your Goals and Empowers you to achieve them? We do. 🙂

Elayna Fernandez has shared with us some super nuggets on home business success and building your dream business. Some I felt I should reiterate right here below in case you missed them.


QN: What do you think is worse? Lack of Focus or Lack of Training in Entrepreneurship?

She says Lack of focus is the absolute worst, because you could have the best education, or training resources but if you lack focus you won’t achieve success.  

Lack of focus is the absolute worst enemy of success #yourpowerechoes #thepositivemom Click To Tweet



QN: Your Top 3 books and Your top 3 Productivity Tips for home business success? Elayna Fernandez answered as below: 


  1. As a man Thinketh– By James Allen. This is such an amazing book on Self-realisation. You will learn how much more you can achieve if you apply yourself.

    Tune in to Interview above to learn more! 

  1. Think and Grow Rich– By Napoleon Hill – On how our Desires determine what we want! AND you are so gonna be surprised by the 3rd
  1. Cinderella– By Ladybird & Disney Press – Listen to the Podcast for Elayna’s Insights on how this Fairy Tale Boo Inspires her daily! Absolutely amazing! You won’t ever look at this book the same way again, not just for your home business success but for your life!


Elayna Fernandez’ 3 Top Productivity tips:

1. Calendar things aka Mode of Operation …You want to do this. Dreams stay in the head, Goals are written in a calendar

2. Always be Learning – Schedule it that’s what will keep you fresh and productive! In our industry you can play as small or Big as you wish! 

3. Block Time off for YOU, family and the things you love to do! Take a Break, to breath to regroup, to reflect on what you have achieved thus far. Your body will love you for it. And your business will grow exponentially! 

Elayna Fernandez, thepositivemom a real life mompreneur

Elayna and her Gorgeous Children – a Happy Family


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Well we sure believe you have taken mob notes and grabbed some super nuggets on: Creating Joy, Balance, and Financial Freedom in your life and home business entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial journey from #ThePositiveMom Elayna Fernandez! We urge you to implement and create your own success.


The resources Elayna And #YPE Mentioned in the Interview are:

  1. Her Website with over 1k pieces of value packed content…Go immerse yourself and implement. That’s the Key take Mahoossive ACTION! 
  2. Check out Elayna Fernandez’ products and Coaching here
  3. Find & connect with Elayna Fernandez on Facebook
  4. Follow her on Twitter
  5. Subscribe to Elayna Fernandez YouTube Channel
  6. Instagram She is there too
  7. Outwitting the Devil – Free Audio Book Listen Here
  8. Don’t miss the event that could change your life see banner below!

Elayna Fernandez, Global Inspirational Speaker - Event in Fort Worth


Connect with Elayna and You will find the Integral Leader we have come to know! A Giver. Home business success is hers, it can be yours too if you hang out with the right people! 


As she says; Set BOLD Goals and Focus = Follow One Course Until Successful. Be happy with who you are at today, it’s an inside feeling that brings joy just for being you.

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We hope you have enjoyed our interview with Elayna Fernandez on Home Business success and The BOLD Goals Setting Technique that leads to Your Dream Career or Business!  And if you have, then I encourage you to connect with her on the socials above. Like and share this post, every image & text is shareable and let us know your thoughts below! Also

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I hope Your Power Echoes and Elayna Fernandez have inspired you today to start creating The life you desire and build your dreams!  

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Live. Learn. Love!

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