How to make the most of Pinterest for business with the changes and Updates! #pinteresttraining


Do you ever wonder how to make the most of Pinterest for your business with all the changes and updates over the last few months? When it comes to traffic and lead generation, it can be a puzzle for many marketers esp. network marketers

This post will help to guide you on how to best use Pinterest whether you are a newbie or a seasoned user. You will understand a wee bit more on why Pinterest is a powerful social search engine and traffic driver for many. Feel free to share with your friends and teammates!

First let me ask you…

Did you know that Pinterest can be an amazing way to getting your brand, products, services and name out there? 

Check this out, there are over 100+ million Pinterest Users worldwide with over 1.5 trillion DAILY RECOMMENDATIONS… 89% of above users have purchased something they found on Pinterest. (Guilty as Charged) 🙂  Do you now realize that Pinterest is not a marketing tool anyone in business and even pleasure users should ignore! Find out more about why Pinterest matters for business with exciting statistics!  

While, we previously talked about Local Lead Generation for your online business!

Today we’ll be sharing with you how to make the most of Pinterest in the new lay out for your business and blog!  

 How to make the most of Pinterest in the new lay out for your business and blog! #pinteresttips Click To Tweet




Recently 2 friends asked me about how to make the most of Pinterest with all the changes and layouts. And does it really help anyone in their business or career? It got me thinking and thus creating this Resource. Learn How to Leverage Pinterest here!



Y’all know I love Pinterest! It has been a major traffic driver to our blogs more than any other social platform. We have 3 different Pinterest accounts. One of them below gets over 2000 average daily impressions. That’s increasing as you can see from image below! At one point we were getting over 60k average monthly views. Before the newsfeed update and changes.  Now remember I said that you dont need thousands of followers and if you follow us you know its true!

How to Best Use Pinterest for your Business - Analytics

Now, you can see that just over 400 are Targeted ENGAGED Pinterest Users. Does this kind of data excite you? It sure does me! So First Thing You should know is to Navigate Your Analytics to understand just how much Pinterest can do for your blog and business traffic! The above Stats are quite humble, compared to some and yet I am not in the business of Comparison. I just share what works for me and how it can do for you too! 


By the way, I  was talking to 2 different friends Taya & Kim recently. Both mentioned that they have been meaning to use Pinterest but can’t quite get the hang of it!  I realised this is a major problem with many people including entrepreneurs, internet marketers, even bloggers!

It got me thinking about everything that I’ve learned since I started my Pinterest journey 2 years ago! I also realized that I’ve never devoted an entire post about the real basics of how to best make the most of Pinterest before. A lot has changed over the past 10 months and its time to share how you can make the best of this literally new Pinterest!

 So today I’m gonna fix that!

A little background: I set up our first Pinterest account in 2014. You see, I discovered Pinterest through a Facebook group post, read the post, checked out the account and spent 3 hours browsing Pinterest lol!

Surprisingly, I found little in the various training products we had on Pinterest, not even our Go-to Training platform! I found my calling! 

To say I was addicted from the start is an understatement. In fact, I state so in the book I wrote for YOU; The Art of Pinterest Profits. I fell in love with Pinterest!

Do get your copy today and find out what drove me to Live and Breath Pinterest!

The Art of Pinterest Profits to Skyrocket your Pinterest Assets Fast!

Anyway, I set out to prove it to myself that Pinterest can be a great business resource for laser targeted Leads and Sales!  At first I mostly used it for home décor, makeup, recipes and fashion inspiration…Then I realised just how amazing it was for our brand and blog!


Pinterest can be a great business resource for laser targeted Leads and Sales! #pinteresttraining… Click To Tweet

Today I want to talk to you about the New Pinterest and how it can help you learn more about your target audience.

So are you like: “I need to build up my Pinterest but I also need to feed the chickens…” In other words, you have been procrastinating. This is just the little loving shove you need!

When it comes to how to make the best use of Pinterest for your blog, its best to understand that it’s not a short term strategy! You must be ready to invest time! Just understand that it’s actually a long-term yet highly duplicatable way to generate leads for your business. For more tips on how to make the most of Pinterest in the new lay out, watch the video below.

The Art of Pinterest Profits to Skyrocket your Pinterest Assets Fast!



Now you have a better idea! It’s not what you expected was it? So, it’s definitely worth sharing with your friends and even business partners or teammates. But I’m not done with you yet…



More New Pinterest Marketing Tips for You:

#7. Little Known Image Creation Resource!

Everyone loves Canva and Picmonkey. Well, have you heard of Relay for Optimized Images? Now you do. Its greats for SEO because you can add keywords to every image. Immediately making them searchable and branded to you of course, as you add your watermark.

Note that relay adds its watermark to Free account users! But that’s doesn’t take away how awesome it is! Yes, it does also resize images like Canva, yet it kicks ass for your Image SEO. The cherry on top is, you never have to worry about your image alt tags!

Word to the wise, avoid keyword stuffing. I don’t recommend it for your alt tags even with Relay. Your image tags must make sense to Google and other search engines and of course to Pinterest, which picks up the alt tag as your Pin description!



#8. Leave Group Boards that are not Serving you.

Pinterest powers seem to have really decided to knock down large group boards. And frankly I see their point. Large group boards are like large public Facebook Groups.

Everyone pins, no one is sharing or engaging with anyone else’s content. THIS WILL AFFECT YOUR RANKING. It is time to cut the cord and see those pins that had been sat on your boards like zombies, suddenly take off!

If you are part of a group board with thousands of collaborators, check your Pin count! You can only do this via your analytics! If you haven’t got much from such boards other than your own save, leave! It is affecting your overall Pin ranking. It scatters any chance of that piece of content raking in search via Pinterest! 

My recommendation is Leave those overcrowded, non-serving group boards, or even DELETE THEM! If you are the creator, its tough luck! Because you also face the potential of losing a ton of followers who were following that board. Unless you can take the time to whittle down the collaborators to may be 50 tops!

Harsh medicine, but we are talking your brand here!

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#9 Make it easy to pin images from your blog.

In addition to the pin button, Use the Sumome Image Sharer tool, it is absolutely awesome!

Ask for the pin – Right below the image add a Comment! “Pin Me ” We always ask, people will always respond to a  direct request! Or you could eembed a small pinnable image at the bottom of your blog post you will get more shares!


Always track and measure your Pin action steps vis-a-vis your results. Or you will never know whether its working for you and when the turn a round happened! Along these lines, next time we shall look closer at how all these changes affect your Pinterest SEO.

And that’s it for today my friend …

Always track and measure your Pin action steps vis-a-vis your results. #Pinterestseo… Click To Tweet


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