Facebook Fan Page Vs Facebook Group: Apply our 3 Secret Techniques To Improve your reach!


Quick question; which one is working best for attracting targeted leads and building your list: your Facebook fan page vs Facebook group?


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How did we grow a creative, heart-centered, content marketing and social media focused-group with almost 100 new members PER MONTH from scratch?

By the way, we haven’t used ads, boosted posts, or any press releases. Nor did we invite friends who aren’t in the industry! Frankly, it feels good knowing we are helping and supporting those ready to help themselves to grow their social influence and get higher post and general blog rankings!

Let me tell you now, Fan Pages are a lot of hard work and the results can be quite elusive! If you disagree we would love to see your page engagement statistics and the secret sauce to how you are keeping the gravy rolling.

With that said.

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So back to your Fan Page vs Facebook Group; what steps can you take to grow a focused active group?



WHICH ONE WORKS BEST FOR LIST BUILDING: FACEBOOK FAN PAGE VS FACEBOOK GROUP! Our 3 Step System to list building on Facebook! #facebookmarketing


  1. Get yourself Some Training on Facebook Marketing targeted at use of fan pages and Groups!

The thing is there’s a myriad of training products, some truly appalling. So what does one do to find the right guidance? We are gonna share what we know and a resource we use in a moment! Before we do that, listen to this…

Someone made a bold statement in a group we are members of: Facebook pages are Dead! What?

Well she then qualified it by saying:

“They have no engagement, no reason for people to get to know you – or you them. It really depends how much time/effort/goals you have but groups have a bigger effect for sure. I know some of my members by name around the world, and slowly get to know their stories. Powerful and So authentic to me.”

First off, can we agree that most pages have barely anyone truly engaging with the content? This is something we pointed out in our Review of the Unlimited Fan page Profits. You see, most fan pages aren’t as useful or even attractive to your followers or fans predominantly because:

– They don’t check their Page notifications.

– They are not incentivised to engage, and

– They can’t really share on the Page news-feed in a way that is empowering like they can on a Facebook Group!

So some people use their pages for memes, news, posting their blog posts, quotes and updates, share viral posts and the one thing that keeps pages from going totally extinct: Facebook Ads.

In our view Facebook Pages are very much alive and kicking and attracting Leads for those that know how to leverage them. So if you don’t know what to do with your fan page anymore, I urge you to Quickly get a hold of the Unlimited Fan page profits to skyrocket your page engagement and actually generate organic Facebook leads.



But if finances are tight, let’s look at your alternative…A Facebook Group!

We also go deeper into why it’s a better option for you. So let us ask you a question…



  1. What do you do to encourage people that are in your group or your Facebook Fan Page to join your list?

Here is what we do: we share free tutorials on how to build your business using social media. You will notice a bias towards, internet network marketing, affiliate marketing, home based business and MLM strategies!

We share training, resources, tools and tips with practical application and how-tos. We undertake training and further research and create road-maps and guides as extra downloadable resources! We do Facebook Live broadcasts and build the trust, like and love!

If you do the same, you too will see more and more of the group members subscribing to your list and even buying your products, services and joining your business!

Do your best to give people what they want without being salesy or pushy! #socialmediatips… Click To Tweet

In other words, we do our best to give people what they want without being salesy or pushy!  Simply put; go respond to your fans and audience needs. In most cases you gotta raise the flag so they learn about said needs. Share a solution before they even know they have a need!

But, how do you do this? By planting a seed, via Questions…Ask a Question, give your views and ask their insights!

Those that ask the right questions in the right forum to the right person have learnt the Art of Communication. And they are raking it in, How about you?

Back in 2014 Pauli and I found an online marketing training platform that not only changed the way we manage and promote our business, but how we generate leads too and this is no minor feat!

This platform taught us to ask the right questions. It has been serving the entrepreneur community since 2008 and growing by leaps and bounds. So if you’re looking to build your business on Facebook or any social media for that matter! To attract and generate way more leads while hanging out with the most supportive community in the entire industry. We totally, highly recommend that you check out this platform. Your growth depends on it and you deserve more! Talking of which…


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Back to Facebook fan page vs Facebook group and list building, the thing is….

  1. Are you  willing to invest a lot of money to boost your posts and ads? If not, then your Facebook Fan page isn’t going to get a lot of visibility due to the Facebook algorithms. Facebook wants you the entrepreneur and blogger to pay to play. So those that do pay get some engagement on their pages and even make sales! But they do spend quite a bit of bung on their adverts, split testing, ab testing and trying to beat the control! And…

Unlike Pinterest marketing, people go on Facebook to “socialize” or vent about their day. People love to share their pains and such. They don’t like links and promotional material in their news-feed or so Facebook makes out. So they literally don’t serve your content however awesome it is if you don’t promote it hard!

The thing is people didn’t mind these ads, they simply ignored what they didn’t want. I find that Network marketers shout the loudest about hating being sold, yet they want everyone to check their content out and subscribe…A bit of a disconnect there! I say kudos to the brave marketers. So bring it on show me Whatcha got, if you have the silver tongue I might bite! Although I don’t have Shiny object syndrome!

Yet Facebook decided to simply block almost all linked content posted on personal profiles.  Hiding behind user experience. Unless one has a really interested audience like Gary V or Grant Cardone.

Even all the new Facebook Emojis haven’t helped the entrepreneurs’ cause on your fan page!

You would think that since they say market on your Facebook fan page, that your content would be shown at least to your fans…Yet at an abysmal 1-3% rate, it’s simply a long shot in the dark for most unless you have tens of thousands of followers!

So that’s why you find its way better to focus on a Closed and/or Private niche Facebook group where people actually engage, communicate and share! Join in the fun, and attract the right attention…build your tribe!

And on that note…





  1. If you are the group admin and creator, always welcome new members and ask them what they expect from the group in a welcome message! Not many admins do this. Guess what, you will stand out and also some will respond with their pain points or questions.

Bingo…You got a blog post suggestion, a Free Downloadable PDF in response, as an offer! You could also point them to a piece of content you already have or resource, product, service. Without expecting anything back! You are building trust! 

For instance, I created a full blog post on How to promote your blog posts and how often to blog in response to questions posted by members of the Social Bloggers hub!  

You could also ask members what they want to accomplish? Then create posts and quick course or training, video or podcast, around those items. (See how this totally removes cobwebs, guesswork on what they need and creates engagement?)




  1. Post CONSISTENTLY at least once a day in either yours or a group you are part of. Answer questions regularly in detail, pointing to resources preferably free.  Over deliver in your answering. Slowly but surely people will start to come to you personally for answers, they will refer their friends to you and above all they will visit your blog and opt-in to your offers too!

While this isn’t a short term quick win strategy, it definitely delivers amazing results for you in the long term! You will be the authority in that niche and a trusted source of good info!

Answer questions regularly in detail, pointing to resources preferably free. #facebookgroupstips… Click To Tweet




  1. If you create a group, make sure you lay out the terms and conditions clearly so new members who join know what it’s about, who it serves, the group aims and rules! Give it a Keyword Rich Name, that way when people type that keyword in search, your group pops up as one of the top suggestions by Facebook! Make sure to add tags as you create your group, again this makes your group easier to find by those you are looking to attract.

6 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your reach and not worry about Facebook Fan Page Vs Facebook Group!

As you can see, the group above is called “Social Bloggers Hub.” It is aimed at bloggers, creatives, writes, vloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, social media enthusiasts, who are willing to give and receive!

Once people know what they are getting into you will find your group growing daily. We find at least 3-5 new member requests every blessed morning and the same before we go to bed.

We started this group on 12th February 2016 and we haven’t advertised or anything all this is organic growth. Never make the members feel sold to, but do encourage them to connect with the group admins for easier communication of any private messages! Members get to know you, they are your target market AND VICE VERSA i.e. you too are their target! market.

Consider your Facebook Group a powerful platform, to showcase your expertise.  Help and impact as many people as possible and of course attract targeted optins into your funnel! An open invitation with very low resistance for your Target Market! ….!

Consider your Facebook Group a powerful platform, to showcase your expertise. #facebookmarketing… Click To Tweet



  1. When you create or join an active private Facebook group, and share value, answer people’s questions and be diplomatic as stated in #1 above, then sooner or later you will build trust. Then and only then will people respond to your suggestions and Calls to Action!

Let me ask you a question, do you like pushy, salesy techniques or content pushed at you?

Don’t you prefer someone to at least offer something to you that helps you or solves a problem before you are sold to. That way you do actually feel almost obliged to choose the recommendations they make for your pleasure! This is the better way!



  1. This is something I learnt in a New list building challenge I just stared, I also tested it out briefly for about 2 weeks and Got 6 opti-ns via our Fan page offer! So what is it then Julie?

Used the “free” banner space in your personal profile to guide people into your Group or Page” See the Image I had for a while before I changed it to My New book Banner!

These 6 Tips Will Change the Way You Approach your Facebook Fan Page Vs Facebook Group for List Building!

Your Profile Cover photo is premium real estate don’t miss an opportunity



  1. If you are not the group admin/creator why not set aside time to visit at least 2-3 groups per day, find posts and simply give value. Answer questions, leave comments and also with permission, invite members to your own group if you have one or suggest a similar not competitive group to other members! You will find that people will join your group in numbers. And guess what your list too! J Without any resistance or feeling pressured. Post the right content and your list will grow as fast as your group does!

By the way, not all people who join a group are serious about doing anything in there. Most are observers or they found the group isn’t what they were looking for. They simply stay, But, guess what, they still get notifications of the group updates and unless they start spamming or breaking the group Terms and Conditions, let them be!

A Facebook group is definitely more open to members engaging, sharing, taking action and building your list than a Facebook page will at this point in time unless you spend some moolah on boosting your posts or Facebook PPV!



What’s the Verdict then on Facebook fan page Vs Facebook Group?

Frankly its up to how you use either of them, your aims, the quality of posts, how often you post and engage with the members, whether you even reach out and connect deeper with them!

Fan pages are used by many as social proof, i.e. that they are popular and have a target audience already built. More so if you are looking for joint ventures and/or brand collaborations! Still I wouldn’t spend cash on a Facebook Likes campaign if you haven’t yet zoned in on:

  • Who are your target market?
  • What are their needs?
  • How you can you serve them?

This is because you won’t get the right people liking and visiting your page if you don’t have the answers to the above questions. Plus, nobody really cares how many likes you have if you over deliver amazing great content, value, inspiration and show how you got your results.

With that said, you will find greater engagement, on group news feeds, than pages! Also if you don’t know how to set up a leads magnet via your Fan page then it’s likely you aren’t attracting any leads or making much progress via the page.

In can’t recommend enough for you to take a look at The Unlimited Fan Page profits to help you create an attractive, branded to you, leads generating Facebook fan page!




Final Words: We believe we all can be part of a group create a fan page or group that serves your target market, and you feel good about! Both fan page and group are a way of communicating your message in a way that doesn’t put off people, that adds value to their lives and help solve their problems! Only and only then will you have an unstoppable flow of leads, opti-ns and sales via either Facebook Fan Page or Facebook Group! 



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