Local Lead Generation | How to Generate Leads for your Online and Local Businesses!

Local Lead Generation | How to Generate Leads for your Online, Home based and Small Business!

Tune in to the Audio on Local Lead Generation in 4 Super Steps!


Ever wonder how to use the internet to generate leads and actually Make Money in your Network Marketing or home based business?

We are doing it every day and in this short but powerful value packed Video training, I share EXACTLY how. Facebook is one of the platforms we love to use, as it is a great resource to communicate with people, build rapport and get to know them too. So if you haven’t yet read our last post on List Building via Facebook fan page vs Facebook group go do so as we wait here…

Okay so back to Local Lead generation and the training I am about to share…

Those who attended the Facebook Live Broadcast said it was one of the best training they have had.

I share EXACTLY what to do to attract laser targeted leads that are ready to not just subscribe and grab the freebie, but to buy so you can make money in your network marketing, small business, direct sales or home based business. So this training is not company specific, anyone can use these tips for any product, service or network marketing company.

If you have struggled with Lead generation and attracting people to your offers and joining your network marketing business without chasing family and friends. Or becoming “that salesy person” …This training shows you exactly how to crush it in your lead generation for more sales.

Toward the end I cover some pretty powerful resources we use to build our business online so be sure to watch or Tune in  to Podcast above till the end.

Local Lead Generation | How to Generate Leads for your Online and Local Businesses!

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Local and Online Lead Generation in Home Based Business’ and Network Marketing!

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If you attended the Facebook live show or watched the replay, you missed the last 3 steps. The Wi-Fi did cut us off. Either way, drop me a comment and let me know your biggest takeaway.

Let us know what you liked most about it and feel free to share with others.


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