How to Pin for Maximum Leverage for your business #pinteresthacks

How to Pin for Maximum Leverage for your business!

How to Pin for Maximum Leverage for your business #socialmediatips

It’s going swimmingly…right! That’s what you and I want to hear!

I am talking about your Pinterest Strategy and gaining traction for your blog! Still in the dark?

Okay I have been going on about Pinterest for Business for weeks and I would like you to understand how you can Pin for maximum leverage for more Traffic and Sales! And in order to do this you really gotta make a decision:

Is Pinterest the right platform for your brand and offers?

See it seems that not all social media sites suit all business types. With that said, I have not seen many businesses which wouldn’t benefit from leveraging Pinterest to grow your online presence, Blog SEO and Make money. Talking of making money we handled this particular menu last week – How to make money on Pinterest, learn more about that here! So today I outline some creative ways to Pin for maximum traffic & subscriptions, that’s leverage!


Lets be real clear here, if you have no clue what your ideal client or customer or potential team member is searching for whether on Pinterest or online you are going nowhere fast. It’s advisable to Zone in by going through your Avatar Exercise, we got you covered simply send a quick message via our Contact Us page and we will send you a Complimentary PDF. To help you zone in.

What topics do they search for on Pinterest before making the buying decision (hopefully as your customer)?


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Then you should go ahead and either create or rename/revamp your boards with your ideal customer in mind. These boards are for them, it’s all about them! What do they dream about that brings them to Pinterest to search & save for later or share with friends & family?

Whatever your niche is…serve your audience with what they need, give and over deliver value. Don’t forget to add a “Call-to-Action” in your Pin description, something we have been neglecting of late. Adding call-to-action to pins could potentially increase your Pin engagement by up to 80%.  And these people will share your content without being asked as they like it, = more leads and sales. And that is how you pin for maximum leverage.



Do you Double Check the Pin URL or Source?

You absolutely should. There are so many unscrupulous marketers who not only redirect other people’s Pin URLs, they completely hijack the image! Also some URLs are broken so no good to your Board. So it isn’t savvy for you to repin that image with a broken link. I talk more about this in the video below!  The only way to check is to click on the pin or Read/View to see where it leads. If you find the source is not congruent, don’t repin it. We truly encourage you to also be integral as “Do unto others what you would like done unto you!”

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Super Tip: You can also track your own website Pins. Something real cool that I shared in  a weekly training before…To do this simply type this url as it is with your website. See ours in the example below so for you it is



And now we dive into this week’s Pinterest Café Menu.

How to Pin for Maximum Leverage- Tutorial:


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