The Full Amazing 3 Minute Expert Modules in techni-colour!

The 3 Minute Expert Course, Ray Higdon’s New Offering! Is It worth Your Bung? 

We guess you are here because you’re looking into Ray Higdon’s new offering, the  3 Minute Expert course?

We jumped on the bandwagon that’s the 3 minute expert train and today we thought we’d delve into whether its worth your hard earned mullah…

Well it has been & will probably be the talk of Social Media and the online world for a while…Did the 3-Minute expert cause a furore or what! Did you ask yourself “where was I” when Ray Higdon launched the 3-minute expert? I mean every heavy hitter in the online industry that we know, was promoting it. There was a mega prize for affiliate promotion of the training program, boy we saw the likes of Terry Lamb, Tanya Aliza & Cesar L Rodriguez, Mike Hobbs, the Pescosolidos, the list was long and very interesting! There was a whole hoopla about the whole thing…we hhhmm’d and aaaahh’d & had a lil debate on whether we needed yet another course on blogging/branding or whatever! Long story short, we decided to grab it as the bonuses Tanya & Cesar L Rodriguez were offering were crazy insane to ignore…But that’s another story… 



Today we focus on the 3 minute expert bane or super value? And tell you what we have learnt about it so you can make an informed decision!



So, we bet you wanna  know what we think; Yes??? Sure thing, but first who is Ray Higdon…?

Ray Higdon is a keynote public speaker, a pro-blogger, two-time Best-selling author, Principle of Top Earner Academy, Top Earner Success School and a plethora of Training products all aimed at making you a better entrepreneur! He is a household name in the network marketing, direct sales and MLM industry. We believe he is an all-round nice guy! He takes customer care to a whole new level and he adds the personal touch. He officially recognises & thanks his students, customers, partners associates…See below what we received through the mail:

Ray Higdon's Customer Care & Retention is Great Ray Cust Service_n

Below are some links to Ray…

Ray Higdon has an extensive affiliate history, and he is known for being an amazing personal business coach, we are blessed to be mentored by Ray! He says it like it is and takes no prisoners in his approach to helping others achieve their potential! You will get the Ray Higdon daily routine on blog creation…yes the man blogs daily…! In that light he has impacted and helped numerous people to achieve our target results in our businesses and niches esp. in the affiliate marketing world. So when he announced his brand spanking new course The 3 Minute Expert…not only were we intrigued, we were excited to learn what he had up his sleeve…from a distance or so we thought lol!

Well before we dig in, it’s important to note that we do not just endorse any affiliate course that comes our way. When we choose to recommend a program, it is because we trust who created it and we know for a fact that it works…by using, testing, implementing it and seeing results good or otherwise! So you can rest assured when we say that every penny that goes towards his work is worth it, we mean it.




Ray Higdon's 3 minute expert product Modules


27 MODULES  is what is covered in the 3-minute Expert…YES YOU HEARD RIGHT…Did we hear you say Value…you betcha. Ray gave over-delivery on speed a new meaning. Below are some of the Bonus modules, we aren’t even looking at the Main course. See the image above for what you would get…we reckon Ray has gone some kind of crazy giving all this awesome stuff away…What!

1. 30 Sample Blog Titles That Work In Any Niche
2. 10 “Fail Proof” Content Ideas
3. How to Create amazing Professional Images for your Blog & Boost your Social Media Shares
4. Professional Blog Review
5. And 10 Real Peoples’ Recorded Blog Reviews
6. Video Marketing Formula
7. How to Create Your Own Lead Capture Pages
8. 2 Full Days Recorded Marketing Workshop on Invest Learn Teach (ILT) 
9. A Admission Ticket to Top Earner Academy (This is crazy…We are going bonkers looking for someone to child mind so we can go…)
10. 3 LIVE Q&A Sessions

11. Full PDF Transcripts of Each Module!
12. The 6 Keys to Building Authority 
13. Audio Interview + 2 Paid Advertising Pro Videos
14. The BEST Way to Use Ads for Your Blog and Build Your Audience

Read on if you want to know more, we hold nothing back on Ray Higdon’s 3 minute Expert training!



1. New to Blogging – Do I Need The 3 minute expert product?

Take a deep breath and Exhale with sheer excitement. Your journey just got way shorter. We wish we had this course when we first started blogging 3 yrs ago! The silly mistakes we made, the open pitching we did on EVERY blog post, it was ridiculous. The 3 minute expert course will show you step by step how to set up your blog for Profit! You will get ahead and build that email list faster…One of the main aims of a blog really isn’t it! We can sure you this program has saved us some money and effort despite our original thinking that we’re a lil more savvy in the blogging niche! Remember you’ll receive not just video-modules but step-by-step written instructions in PDF!



2. Ah we hear you say: I am a Seasoned Blogger so the 3-minute expert ain’t for me!

Activate Your Abundance, Its a THOUGHT waiting to be happen

Thank God for This

Nope you just might be oh so wrong! You see we were so determined not to buy another info product till next year. After all we have a drawer & PC full of info products we haven’t even touched. Seriously we thought we’re doing great with our blog! Not So Fast bro, how wrong and how arrogant…!

Well guess what we learnt a thing or 20. We are so Thankful for it!  The 3 minute expert got us making some really essential tweaks that we know have helped our brand and can only push it to the next level! For Instance the module on Keyword Research for SEO… We bet you will be pleasantly surprised; it will cut your Keyword Research by more than half the time! Let’s just say we had immediate results from making a few tweaks and we have gone back to most of our blog posts and got them ranking on Page1 of Google sweet! And we have not even gone half way into the Mega Bonuses Ray offers. So be assured that getting the course is a bonus for you and its more than possible that you’ll improve your results.




3. It’s not niche specific…Yup Go Grab it No Excuses!

This course is for any blogger in any niche. Ray doesn’t dwell on network marketing or whatever. As long as you want to Position Yourself As an Expert in your niche whatever it may be entrepreneur, small business owner, corporation, sole trader…You are in for a treat! This is fantastic…right! Yes it is! Ray created this program for you and we agree with him! This is one of the many reasons we really love about it and we are very much British Skeptics… So don’t worry what your blog is about – the 3 Minute Expert bonus alone could definitely do wonders for you!

Become a Credible Expert in Your Niche even If Nobody knows you! The 3 Minute Expert!


4. Are You Making Sales Yet Via Your Blog?

Maybe you aren’t generating Leads yet…Then You will Do so Or increase your results! With the modules in such detailed video sessions, you will implement even as you watch and the 3-minute expert course will get you to generate both leads and sales from your blog.

Here are some facts, Ray Higdon apparently can generate anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 leads/month from his blog. Yes, you heard! This means that on average he gets a sale via his blog daily. Boy oh Boy this is dope. Yet sadly it’s something that most bloggers are never able to achieve…WHY IS THIS? Ray talks about this in a very honest way too…!

Do You Wish to Create at least a percentage of the results above? Then Get The 3 Minute Expert course simple. Our job is done here…time to fire up the bbq. 

Before we pop off, we can assure you that by acquiring the course you will equip yourself with every single tool to start generating leads and making sales via your blog in the long run. This is genuinely one of Ray’s aims for creating the 3 minute expert training platform!

To be honest you might think we are a lil biased since we were Featured among the Product Testimonials …but don’t worry we are Totally Professional:

Our Testimonial on The 3 minute expert Product Page

Our Blog Mentioned Under Testimonials on The 3-Minute Expert


Guess what Ray Higdon has done it again. He has actually revamped this Product and a whole new Plethora of Bonuses in The 3 Minute Expert – Attraction Marketing….If you haven’t heard about this its because you aren’t a member of MLSP…What? You want to position yourself and stand out as an authority in your niche don’t you? This was launched along with the much awaited MLSP Sites Learn more about that in our Short Video Below:

So what are you waiting for? Get the new revamped Product on steroids here. You can learn some more about this product on Coach Tara Woodruff’s review right here




STOP PRESS – The 3 Minute Expert Program is NOT for YOU

If you aren’t interested in Blogging, Don’t have a website, Do not wish to become an expert in anything. If you Don’t wish to generate leads or make sales via your own Prime Real Estate online, then DON’T GET THE 3 minute expert!

When you consider the volume of training, the credentials of the man behind it, and the fact that you get access to the Ray Higdon Customer hub you’ve got to hand it to Ray, he has a fantastic training course here. We put our Full Stamp Of Approval on the 3 minute expert!

Feel free to contact us for more guidance on how to best leverage it for your blog as we have done our own tweaking to get more value from it. 

You waiting for the heavenly bells to toil for your blog or brand…Or you still wonder why you should get the 3-minute expert product? Don’t believe us go ahead and Google the 3 minute expert reviews…We aren’t the only ones shouting it from the rooftops!

And sorry to disappoint you…We do not have any more reasons to give you, you either get it or you don’t…either way you are right! 

Well we hope you got some guidance and direction from our “Unleashed Review of Ray Higdon’s 3 Minute Expert Package.” If so feel free to share it with your team. Did you get it? If of so why and how has it served you. You didn’t you get it, why? Share your views below! 



We’d love to hear from you


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