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5 Top Blogging Tips to Super Charge Your Business, 3 of them are explained in the Video

Hey its Julie here, are you creating what doesn’t exist…?
Well that’s what my MITS mentor Vince Reed says you have to do! In order to create wealth and rise above others, you have got to make what doesn’t exist, exist… well I’ll leave you to ponder that! In this post on Blogging Tips I am sharing today, you don’t have to be a perfectionist or re-invent the wheel! I also share more super cool Blogging Tips in the 4 min Video so make sure you watch it to the end.

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Your blog Design Basics, You must have your Face in your Banner! Remember you are Branding You so people need to start relating you, putting your face to your content & adding value to their lives, you have to show your self so they start  to feel like they know you personally, it engenders trust, these & more are some of the blogging tips that our mentors Tanya Aliza & Ray Higdon emphasize! 

As part of growing your brand & blog audience always have a Free Give Away as close to the top of your website as possible. Give them something sexy, real interesting, something they need & will stay up at night just to get. There is nothing worse than a Bad Give Away,… No Give Away. That giveaway makes them come back just to receive again and again, so refresh your give away every so often. You surely have Lots to share, Freely. People will come to you for more including your business because of your give-aways if they’re truly valuable, something they can implement in their business/system/website. So if your give away is telling people to “Join My Newsletter“, it wont cut the mustard or get you many opt-ins, unless you are already a super star. Here below is an example of a cool give-away on our Blog:

Blogging Tips

An Example of Give Away

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Blogging is meant to grow your list and ultimately your business & brand unless you are blogging for pleasure. So make sure your blog has some Interesting images, that are tagged. This helps break the monotony of text. Ensure you have a P.S. Line in every Blog…for the same reasons as above, below is an example of one:


Blogging Tips

An Example of a P.S. Line

If you are still camera shy, get over it NOW. Its easier, holds your audience on your site longer and this makes it rank better i.e. lower bounce rate! So  if you can, shoot a quick 4-6min Video instead of writing a whole text book and post it on your blog, just like our video below with even More Blogging Tips 🙂

For More Blogging Tips, Watch The Video Below:


These super simple Blogging Tips will help you to Promote your Brand and Business better, position you better as the Leader you are meant to be & in the long run super charge your business. So what are you waiting for, go implement, and Happy Blogging If you gained some value from this please drop a comment below & Follow us on The usual social media.


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