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Here is what to do If your URL falsely or Accidentally Gets the Facebook Block – Proven Step by Step Guide and Resources!

Have you ever had your online properties flagged, blocked or tagged as unsafe and abusive? A Facebook block of your website for no clear reason could lead to a drastic loss of traffic, and SEO rank!  

We are assuming that you aren’t a prolific secret spammer or perv…! 

Well, thank your lucky stars. Do not forget to keep your fingers and toes crossed that this never happens to you.

See, we have noticed that, you are not creating waves until you have haters report your value content as spam! ~Julie Syl

In this episode, we’re going to share with you how to get the Facebook block removed. We will get your website or files unblocked by Facebook bots.

Its happening more and more lately. Many integral entrepreneurs are being affected by the almost daily Facebook Algorithm changes and busy bots!

They say that if you don’t have haters yet in your entrepreneurial journey, you are not successful yet.

And the only way our site could have got the red flag, would be maybe a hater or lack minded competitor reported our video and recommended resources on our Live Q & A Friday Session last Friday.

I can tell you that Facebook in a bid to protect users, or so they claim has allowed people to report “Spam or abusive content. They of course give the reporter anonymity. BUT they also in a not too clear way give the benefit of doubt to the person/brand that’s been flagged or reported.

If this has ever happened to you, you will agree its frustrating, and you can easily waste hours getting your brand reputation back on track. Hopefully if its done within 24 hours, you keep your followers and subscribers.

So below is what we did to get the Facebook clock or red flag off our URL!

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What to do to Remove a Facebook Block on your URL or File as unsafe:

First of all, keep your hair on and dont go panicking and sending Facebook red letter hate mail..Although we were sorely tempted! What an Idea lol! 

Okay here is the juice…

The first step is to, send them a message via their recommended help contact page right here!

Or visit the Facebook help page and follow instructions. 

But here is what I did next after I realized our weblink was being blocked by Facebook bots! 


I simply visited my profile and clicked on the

 Question mark right by the Notifications link and sent a help request. I believe in covering all bases. See where to find your Facebook help center where you can report all kinds in image above.






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The next steps we took to get our site re-classified as safe within 24 hours:

First, we put our website through the Facebook Debugger to ensure we got no red flags. And we got a clean bill of health:

When Facebook Calls Your URL Unsafe: How we Reclaimed our Brand Reputation FAST!

We contacted our Webmaster and web host simultaneously: And had a full security scan carried out. (If you do not have a Webmaster, you can still do this yourself.) If it all sounds like Greek, feel free to reach out to Us here for help

We also sent the message copied below to Facebook via their report link above.


When Facebook Calls Your URL Unsafe: How we Reclaimed our Brand Reputation in 24hrs!

We also had our site scanned via the well known scanner Sucuri at: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/juleskalpauli.com

And again, a we got a Clean Bill of health: they were not able to detect any malware injections. Mind you we have our site Scanned daily via this resource. A powerful bouncer if you ask me! 


You MUST clean your online assets Daily to protect your brand reputation. #Technology… Click To Tweet



In some cases you can find some gremlins hanging about, but then again that’s what daily house keeping is about right? Just as you clean your home daily, so should you clean your online assets to protect your brand reputation. 



With that in mind we checked our canonical redirects and found way too many. Thus, we had our web host removed the HTTP to HTTPS redirection that was in our .htaccess file and currently your website is opening via a secured connection by default. We cannot emphasize enough having a reputable web hosting service, and a dedicated server.

Here is why…

If your website is hosted on a server with a rogue site or spammer, yours will be dinged along with the others. so this could be the cause of your troubles, Although it wasn’t the case here!

That’s why we recommend SiteGround! Not only do they have amazing Customer Service, they are rated #1 by Trustpilot. You can avoid the pain we went through with our prior web host, learn more about that here. And use banner below to get our discount on SiteGround!

Best Dedicated and shared Web Hosting 2017


Not ones to go half measures and to avoid any claims of spam, we submitted our site to Brightcloud. We did this to ensure we didn’t need to request for a reclassification.  Thus, we went ahead to submit it with Trendmicro via this page as well. 

Truly, we value our user’s and clients safety and security. So, you can understand that we wanted to be sure that our site hadn’t inadvertently got attacked. Did we need to request for a “Reputation change?” Our site reputation came back at 92%, a very high SAFE SCORE,  meaning we don’t need to request for a reputation change!






NEXT STEPS TOTAL PEACE OF MIND: Then we proceeded to go to Facebook’s Security Partners Trend Micro and put in a “Re-classify Request” for our URL. We used this site: https://esupport.trendmicro.com/en-us/home/pages/technical-support/1096819.aspx

Click on the relevant box for URL or File. Then follow instructions for Submitting a URL reclassification request. You will be re-directed to this page: https://global.sitesafety.trendmicro.com/index.php Follow instructions and submit your request. And believe that all goes well.

We really went to town to make sure our website is secure, safe and trusted for our users and clients. So we went ahead and checked with McAfee trusted Source Website Advisor and as you can see our site has minimal risk.


When Facebook Calls Your URL Unsafe: How we Reclaimed our Brand Reputation in 24hrs!


And…that was it. We knew there must have been a mistake or malicious report. Either way we were not having it! This is how we had the unfair or accidental Facebook block removed within 24 hours of realizing it. 





Now here is what you need to do. Please follow the following steps to unblock your site URL from Facebook



Step #1

Check your URL via the Facebook Debugger

Have a full Security scan via your Webmaster and Web Host. This eliminates any possibility of a malware attack and ensures you have a clean website. Thus, make sure your domain is hosted on a Clean Server!

Write an appeal to Facebook that they have mistakenly blocked your website. Use this resource to appeal.


Step #2

After writing to Facebook wait for 24 hours and then test your URL by typing it in a status update. See if it gets flagged as unsafe.

If your website is still flagged/blocked then you MUST scan your website link on the following Facebook Security Partners. These are also the common Antivirus companies’ websites. We used the sites below to scan our sites for free:


  • McAfee SiteAdvisor
  • Sucuri Sitecheck
  • BrightCloud, and
  • Trend Micro Site Safety Centre


Step #3

The Scans above should all come out clean or they will tell you what needs to be fixed. (Ours as you saw above came out clean.)

 If your site is marked safe by these scanners then you can again write to Facebook and inform them that they have mistakenly blocked your URL. You can use this gateway to do that!

 Here is the something we would frown upon, but I this case go for it. You see, writing only once won’t get Facebook even bothered, so write 3-4 times a day until they unblock your website URL and Reclassify it as SAFE!

ON THE OTHER HAND, if your site comes up with any flags or it is marked as dangerous, then please clean up your brand. Your Brand Reputation is absolutely Key. DO NOT MESS ABOUT with it. If you don’t know what do to, pay a Webmaster to get your site cleaned up.

 you have to make proper corrections. Try to find out that your site contains any malicious links or codes or not. If your site is clean, then send reclassify request to those antivirus company.


Step #4

Once you have done all above again, and had your site reclassified. Write to Facebook to alert them that they have mistakenly blocked your URL using the afore mentioned resource.

LAST RESORT: If you don’t get any joy, i.e. all above efforts bear no fruit, write to Facebook with all the communications, screenshots and actions above. Address below. 

Facebook Headquarters,

1050, Pagemill road,

Palo Alto,


United States of America.


International & Europe:

Facebook Ireland Ltd

5-7 Hanover Quay

2 Dublin


And that’s all we did minus the last option! Check and test your site on Facebook 24 hours later and it should be back in the good books of Mr Zuckerberg’s gift to us!

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