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Online Brand Website and Blog Monitoring Resources, Tools & Services. This is Our guide to the Resources we Use or have tested to help with your Brand Reputation!


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Whats up mate, thanks for stopping by we really do appreciate you and to show you how much, we are going to share with you our tried ad tested online real estate aka brand and blog monitoring resources and tools.

So now you got your Page rank ticking along and in order to stay on top of things you  want to make sure your website or blog is up 24/7 and not worry about it right! If you have no clue what we are on about Go check out our last post here.  

You do know that for some unforeseen reasons your website does go down in certain locations and you don’t even know when! 


As a home business pro and online marketer building your brand, you also provide services and paid offers, so your website is a major contributor to your business and brand success. You thus must know that you want it functioning in tip top condition for your users experience.

This my friend can make or break your brand website and/or blog. And one of the criteria that can affect your blog, page rank and customer experience of course is your website up time.

Imagine if every time you went to your local grocery store it had a “be back soon sign,” in online parlance that could be a 404 error sign! Your website/blog must be available when your customers or audience need it period. 404 errors usually result in loss of readers, business, and reputation as unreliable. You absolutely mustn’t take that chance!

So today we would like to share with you some blog monitoring resources that will help you keep abreast for unexpected website down times.

We will also share the benefits of 24/7 website monitoring. This will help you to fix whatever is causing that downtime immediately. Failing to do so will cost you traffic, customers, money, and brand trust. That is priceless or money down a plughole! 

Website and Blog Monitoring Resources that work! #SEOtips

Website Monitoring Resources: Your Blog Setup and Design:

Your website or blog is the heart of and virtual representation of your online and offline brand, right? Your audience will judge you whether they know you physically or not by how your website or blog look, design, layout colours, text etc. This is where attention to your blog design is super important! 

Lets give you a practical example: You manage or run a restaurant offline. Would you allow your chefs and front line staff like waiters to serve your clients dressed in a shabby way, no attention to smartness, maybe no uniform either, unshaven etc? By having a specific colour, smart, clean, uniform policy, you are letting your customers know that you care about brand and service quality.

Well guess what, this applies to your website/blog. If your website is not done by a pro even if its a DIY job, it must present a professional aura. Let your web visitors know that you care about their experience. First impressions do matter whether off or online. 

So make sure your website is well laid out. We did talk about colours in the diy branding mistakes article which you can read here! Make sure to give your visitors the impression that you have given meticulous attention to every detail and you care about your online brand and their experience. Seek webdesign help if you need it, nothing worse than pride and “I can do it all attitude” to take you round in circles. Have anything branded to you and your blog well designed e.g. brochures, business cards, letterheads as Tesco keep telling us, every little helps. Always think about that smart dressed Customer Services Officer or Waiter. You are your biggest online brand, website and blog monitoring Resource

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But you want some automated geekery right? 🙂 So…

Why 24/7 Website or  Blog Monitoring Resources?

  1. You receive immediate alerts as soon as your site goes down. You choose what form those alerts will be in our case text message and email. That way you get to fix it fast…any “downtime = lost income.”
  2. The alerts also usually contain multiple reports and data on your blog/website performance which are time specific, i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual operations of your site. These in turn give you an overview of when is your website most susceptible lock down.
  3. You receive real time website monitoring as frequently as possible. Could be every minute, 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes etc. You also will know when its running slow, and when its ticking along smoothly. This helps keep your online real estate up and running.  So without further ado let’s  share with you the resources we have tried and which are proven to help you in monitoring your online brand and blog below. Note that some do have both Free and paid packages: 



Website And Blog Monitoring Resources that Work! 

The simplest site to check your site that is on the fun side too is:

Down for Everyone or Just me

One of the most fun blog monitoring resources, this one quite simply tells you if yours or any URL you check is up or not. That’s it. No extras no complicated statistics! Simply enter the domain you are looking to check without the www, and click “Or just me?” You will receive a response like below if the site is up.


Website and Blog Monitoring Resources - #downforeveryou

But we all want statistics right? So let’s dive into the blog or website monitoring tools that give you mob stats!


This tool returns exact location reports i.e. web speed, response time, size of your site in your time zone or whichever you choose. We were totally blown away. This site or blog monitoring service comes with an instant free check and also has paid options. You can see form the image below that our website seems to have 10 locations where its experiencing down time and we gotta learn what’s causing that & fix is fast!


DNS health check for juleskalpauli.com


You can check your Site server vulnerability or Health and make a decision to improve security depending on your results.  

You can check if your IP or Domain/site is DNS blacklisted anywhere! Try it out Its Free to try.

Blog monitoring Resources - Health check for blacklisting! #webmonitoring #SEOtips



This website or blog monitoring service checks your site from worldwide locations and alerts you instantly via email OR text message aka SMS when it becomes unavailable. You will also receive detailed statistics and reports on uptime and performance.

Website and Blog Monitoring Resources & Tools: Your site’s Uptime! #siteuptime #SEOTips



This gives you 50 website/blog monitors 100%  FREE. You will receive stats or logs through notifications via e-mail, twitter, text message, or push notifications for iOS. After the 50 you decide whether to upgrade or drop the service, your choice. 

Uptime Robot - Blog monitoring resource!


Site uptime is slightly similar to Service Up Time above. If they do your website monitoring services; you will receive instant email AND SMS alerts if/when your website becomes unavailable. View detailed uptime statistics and performance reports for your website monitors.



Well while this is a Paid service, it allows you 30 days Free Trial…So we thought why the heck not, lets test it for comparison purposes. Pingdom website or blog monitoring is pretty similar to the services above in that it checks on your site, server and network performance, up-time or downtime. They do send you notifications of any errors that may be caused by down times.


the most highly recommended website and blog monitoring resources online!

Saved what we consider the best for last as we like to ensure that our audience is reading the full post. One of the most highly recommended website and blog monitoring resources online. It comes with Free and Paid options and it absolutely is a must have tool in your Web speed and caching resources too.

If your hosting service provides such services, you are blessed, If it doesn’t I suggest you literally pause this post, and go register with Cloudflare its free to register anyway and it will take you less that 5 mins to get your site running faster. It Will ALWAYS be online even when for some reason its down somewhere.


CloudFlare saves your site settings when it was last cached so your audience will not know any different. Also it ensures that your images are not taking up so much of your server space. If you use WordPress and you didn’t activate Cloudflare via W3 Total Cache, you can actually use the Cloudflare Plugin

Lets just say without the technical mumbo jumbo, YOU NEED CloudFlare or a similar CDN resource!

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Now we don’t believe in giving you web and blog monitoring resources and not talk about testing and comparison; so let’s talk about tracking and testing shall we!



Split Testing of Website Monitoring Resources:

Split Testing is how you learn which of the resources you leverage works best for your brand or offers. This is now so much easier online because of the abundance of website and blog checking resources available. You can compare 2+ resources, messages, adverts, sites, marketing strategy or tool etc. and choose which work best for you.

It’s absolutely essential as it will save you cash spent on what doesn’t work in the long run. Split testing gives you instant results on your marketing resources and efforts strengths or weaknesses.

Usually split testing is tried out using 2+ web pages or advert messages targeted at a specific audience. You can also split test via email. We do this via Aweber (try it for $1)


You can test different web traffic sources as well. We have done this before using a resource called 7Search We can see who visits our website, location, gender, time of visit etc. For an Online marketer this info is gold dust!  We are able to plan aour campaigns thus more efficient and cost effective marketing, resulting in better profitability.

But the best resource we have tested for testing purposes is one absolutely amazing Tool.

We use it for Keyword research for our blog posts too, for Pinterest campaigns etc. It’s a treasure trove of tools and resources to help you keep your website ticking along sweetly too. What is this split testing tool then?

Seo Books

SEO Books used to be completely free to access. Then sometime in 2014 they decided to limit it to only Signed up users. STILL FREE but with paid options. If you wish to hire an SEO other than ourselves of course, we can’t recommend SEO Books enough!

In addition to the above uses, you can leverage this tool get a very good idea between two A/B Ad campaigns or any other test you may be making in your marketing. You can test effectiveness of two or more CTAs (Calls to Action) to find which one is getting more clicks etc.

And to wrap this all up, we all know who the king in Testing and Analytics is…None other than Google!  You need a google account to use this resource and No you don’t have to pay. Not unless you actually use the google paid packages! TWEET BELOW you rock. 🙂

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Now we are sure you know some blog monitoring tools that we haven’t mentioned and we absolutely would like to ask you a favour! Would you head over to the podcast and share in a comment what they are. And we’d love it if you left a comment below!

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