Facebook Mrketing, Algorithm Changes Review

Facebook Marketing Has Definitely Changed. In this MUST READ Article we Review briefly the Fan Page Post Changes that kicked in January and How they’ve Affect Businesses – PODCAST!


Facebook Marketing 101 could take us forever…BUT A friend prompted me via ASK JULIE and I simply have to do the needful! She asked me to explain how the January page post changes affect relationships on Facebook esp. for network marketers and business owners.

Janet, expressed concern that her notifications/posts arent getting many comments including me…! She asked if it was personal…! Sadly NO. Its Facebook algorithm and it affects Facebook marketing, posting, status updates, newsfeeds and the worst hit have been Fan Page posts! When We warned about the effect the changes would have on network marketing and small businesses in our article on Facebook Page Post changes, we had no clue how much! Unfortunately like thousands, Janet is not leveraging Facebook Marketing to her advantage…in fact she could face an FB slap…aka Facebook jail eeeeeiiik!


Embrace change to Facebook MarketingSo listen up, if you use Facebook for business. You may be in the same situation as Janet and it’s no fault of yours. But it will be if you do read this post and keep doing what you do!

Our first observation is facebook wants consistency in our posting. Consider your page to be about customer service, it’s not a sales page anymore…yeah yes I hear you, you started it for Facebook marketing and promotion…well Read on…

Let me make it clear that over 80% of the people I know on Facebook are promoting something or other so they are Facebook marketing. Now Facebook Claims that it’s all about our Audiences, Fans and Subscribers! Facebook wants us to build relationships and be social. And I agree with this…! Dont shoot yet…I really love to empower others to succeed and that’s why I am doing this review.


Any Advantages to the Fan Page post Changes and How it Impacts our Facebook Marketing!

In the beginning I thought the changes sucked, you can see that clearly in this article. But on following and doing what I should have been doing anyway on social media, I noticed some advantages. In my humble opinion I and many other savvy home based business owners who leverage Facebook for organic traffic have realised that Facebook is forcing businesses to focus on Our Fans & Customers! And this cannot be a bad thing at all! WHY?


1. Well all should Build a mental image of who our ideal customer is and find them. Well Facebook makes that job much easier, it has spent a fortune on research and has our ideal customer down pat, all we have to so is leverage their research and resources to find them! We’re supposed to use our Fan Pages to attract said customer through our content, posts, images, updates, quotes, lifestyle shares etc…exactly what we should do on social media…which many seem to have totally forgotten and made Facebook an online Public Market place. Well Mr Zuckerberg isn’t having any of that anymore! And I agree with him on this. Get to know people better; find out their fears, what keeps them awake, what do they like/love, what do they do, are they happy…but do they SEE your posts..hmm! We must think of how we can help them, be that person they come to with their pain. Be normal, imagine having a conversation with someone you meet at a bbq…You wouldn’t possibly say:

“Hey Hazel, I saw you here and I realised you like to make money online, I have this amazing bombastic fantastic money making scheme that just launched and I know you will make a fortune within 2 mins.Join me and I will make you rich…”

Holy Moley…Hazel would walk away from you so fast…Yet on Social Media we expect Hazel to jump with joy and thank her lucky stars you found her! It’s time we aimed to being the leaders we should be & Facebook’s sweethearts. This is where Facebook trusts you and the content you put out. By respecting Facebook rules of play. Our content should reflect that we understand their mission and vision. That we respect the users. Facebook has a right to protect their circle and so should you if you value your account and want to continue using Facebook Marketing as a resource!

Show people that you care about them, build trust and loyalty on your fan page and Status updates. Share things that affect humanity, Your Lifestyle, Your advice and ENGAGE with Your “Friends” posts. Don’t just like and move on, actually say something nice and encouraging. Avoid negative or abusive statements, avoid engaging in negative posts…you will be penalised.

2. Are you one of those people that believe Facebook should let everyone run riot & spam everyone List_Building in Facebook Marketing, is it a A dying Art? all for free…? And you are building a business using their platform right! Think about the kind of people you are attracting! Remember the Law of Attraction…the vibes you are sending out are coming back to you! Facebook marketing is about being a people person not a corporate mind! How would you feel if your business weren’t growing? Exactly, so Facebook has the right to grow, change and diversify…! Don’t get me wrong I feel the pinch when we post our articles and get only 1-3% post reach on our fan page or status update! I know I have to build the trust and prove to Facebook that I have integrity. And so should you! HOW? By being professional


Don’t ask people to buy something, download stuff or even downright asking them to engage with your post like, comment etc. Facebook frowns on this kind of thing! In their view that’s not what Facebook marketing is about! Free Promos are literally out! Regurgitating or sharing stuff that everyone else seems to be sharing doesnt work anymore! So be a lil more original!

3. As a business owner you must have a marketing budget. Get people to come to you. It’s what advertising is about. Your local Walmart doesn’t beg you to go. Use your Fan Page to target your ideal customer…your posts, images, shares, quotes should all be aimed at your Ideal Customer…aka an “Avatar.” Give so much value people naturally love what you do and come to you. Honestly chasing people isn’t necessary if you do the right posting! OR Advertise officially and let the resources Facebook has put in place for business help you. If you don’t know how to leverage Facebook Ads Get in touch with me for help!

I have found that On OUR Fan Page images get more interaction as long as they don’t have links to them…! “Facebook Likes” are no longer effective. Someone must either comment or SHARE! If more people share your content, Facebook feels you are trusted and shows more of your stuff. If your post or status update sits there for hours with no engagement, Facebook buries your content even faster! How do you think this affects your Facebook marketing campaigns…business death! So how do you remedy that? By being more social, comment on and share other people’s original stuff and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS…so that other people are happy to comment on your updates, Look for your content & share it too! By the way the quality of comments matters… so think twice before leaving a short: Thanks, Great, Hey, etc…MAKE CONVERSATION, COMMUNICATE with your friends like they are with you…be social! Remember bbq chat…you would make conversation as opposed to single word responses wouldn’t you?


My experience and personal View of Facebook Groups:

Most of us are members of various “Closed Groups” for purposes of Facebook marketing, engaging, syndication, exchange etc. I noticed the 80/20 rule at work in most of the groups I am a member of. Guess what Facebook is watching. I have it on authority that if you are a member of a group and you aren’t engaging as per the group rules, this is hurting YOUR PERSONAL and BUSINESS posts reach too!



Most people visit a group post their link, might read an update or two and leave. They don’t leave a comment, they may not even check out other members links, they are takers not givers. Facebook has already penalised you…How are your personal newsfeed posts  or Fan page posts doing? You get what I am saying here…? So you have two options. Leave some groups if they aren’t useful to you anymore! (I am talking closed, secret groups) OR Get active GIVE your time, BE SOCIAL in these groups. Results…you will get noticed and more people will come to you, as they trust you. You are social, you engage and YOUR personal updates will get more engagement from said people and others; give & receive! You will also get more people engaging on YOUR Fan Page. Facebook is Monitoring and Tracking your activities linked with their brand online and your actions are hurting your brand and marketing strategies! If Facebook slaps you, it takes months to regain their trust so be very careful about what you do!

Visit your successful competitors and see what they do within Facebook Marketing, Do it too.


a) If you are using videos to market on Facebook make sure they are between 60secs – 2mins max. WHY? Because most people will watch a short video thru and this makes FB bots think your audience likes what you are sharing! Which is great for your fan page post reach and of course other posts too!


b) One of the best ways to leverage Facebook marketing & get engagement is to post an image with a great description! But lately I noticed that it’s better to leave the link in the description if you are asking people to check out something; as opposed to deleting the link and using the image as the link…I guess Facebook finds this sneaky now…!

Every time we use Catchy aka Baiting Headlines even on an image, we get a lot less post reach. We’ve done some research and advise that DON’T USE baiting headlines in your description. Facebook frowns on these & is tracking! If people don’t engage with said content e.g. a video…well it hurts your post reach for the future! Facebook isn’t bothered that masses are leaving, it wants quality users not masses of spammy tammys as my friend Angel Balichowski jests!

My View on the future of Facebook Marketing

Facebook has to store all our images, articles, updates, videos etc…Space is the issue…You must agree there is a finite amount of space to display billions of information. This is a quagmire that I think limits Facebook’s breadth. PLUS it’s a business with shareholders, so it had to monetize the limited space & keep them happy! The only route they felt they had is to display posts by “Users” that pay the most money. I am afraid this effectively eliminates general and personal users and small businesses that don’t boost from the newsfeed because Facebook is loyal to its shareholders & profit margin. I Believe Facebook Marketing is now as commercial as Adwords and begs the Qn is Facebook social anymore? Irrespective of what they say, you either pay for your “billboard space or 15 Sec TV Ad” or get buried!

If you aren’t following the new rules to the letter and aren’t making Facebook any or much money, they’re systematically eliminating you from the newsfeed. I know a brand that had over 800k organic reach and this dropped 95%+. Personally I didn’t find any like-baiting, and their images are quite original i.e. branded! I got the feeling Facebook punished such organisations success… they didn’t need to pay for Ads, they’d built an active fan base…Now they must pay or leave!

Some believe this spells the downward spiral of Facebook. Jon Loomer blasts one such post Here!


Wrap up: In order to keep in Facebook’s good books with your “Marketing,” via page posts & status updates, its best to play their game. Boost a post at least once a month for $5 that isn’t much. It makes you a “Loyal user” & keeps you in their good books! Keep up with the trends and share such (Buzzsumo, Feedly, scoop.it & Google are great resources). Use videos & ensure they are shared and get lots of views. ENGAGE with your friends…they are your friends aren’t they? So connect more, visit their newsfeeds. Facebook has empowered people so they can filter, unfollow, hide & block your posts. So Enamour your feinds and followers so they want to see, hear more from you and the Facebook algorithm changes wont hurt you so much! You will become a trusted user and more of your posts will be shown to more people…Or will they!

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