Keep Calm & Boost Your Sales with The Right Message

You Must Boost Your sales if they are Slow, Down, Stop or aren’t coming in at all – Info-graphic.

Do you know how to boost your sales this month?

How does it even happen?

In today’s post I just want to share with you; how to boost your sales, not just for the month but like clock work.

You see when I approached my mentor, he simply said to me: It Means You aren’t Creating a Powerful enough Marketing Message…Mic-drop

So I went back to the drawing board, dug into the training, applied and started seeing a change in my results. That pushed me to share our article on Network Marketing Advertising. I felt the need to follow on that message.

See many adverts aren’t congruent and that is not the way to boost your sales or rather its a fast track to no sales! I see so many adverts in my Facebook news-feed and most of them are simply of no interest to me. BUT here is what I do, I study them check out their message all the same and sometimes I even click on them and go ahead and opt in to see the end result. And then I wish I hadn’t…98% of the time. Why is that?

Well, most home based businesses owners and affiliate marketers send out really confusing marketing messages, and don’t deliver even half of what they promise. They use what we call “Baiting Headlines” and while I, like many others may click on that link once, I wouldn’t do it again…1+ customer lost forever. 

Imagine someone promotes X product today, tomorrow Y and yet another one in 2 months. Many have No Brand awareness and some think that a slogan will do. We see lots of ads about how great company/product XYZ is or how long they’ve been in the game…None of that matters…Seriously it doesn’t, if it does NOT APPEAL to the intended customer!

Some of us have websites and even offices offline & think our mission statement and vision = marketing message. Well guess what, it’s none of these. Below in a nutshell is what Your Marketing Message should be about:

  • It should grab your prospects’ attention.   It MUST tell us why we should trust you, and give you our custom rather than your competitors. Above all how you can solve our problems.


MAKE YOUR ADVERTS & EMAIL HEADLINES “Speak” Directly to your prospect! #advertisingtips Click To Tweet Tweet: @syl_julekalungi - MAKE YOUR ADVERTS & EMAIL HEADLINES “speak” to your prospect

MAKE YOUR ADVERTS & EMAIL HEADLINES “speak” Directly to your prospect.  HOW?

By appealing to your prospect’s emotions, pain, hot buttons, whatever it takes to trigger an emotional reaction. You must research and find those hot buttons…Miss them and you get no sale. How do you do this? ASK QUESTIONS and LISTEN for The Answer.


Below are 3 things you MUST do In your Adverts to Boost Your Sales:

1. Identify the problems that your target market is having.  You must ask yourself the following question: “What problems are the members of my target market having and how do those problems make them feel?” Each target market, individually, has its own frustrations and pains. The secret to putting together a message that will make members of your market sit up and listen is to identify the problem and the pain they feel as a result of that problem. They don’t care about your company, or how great you are, or how long you’ve been in business.  Identifying their pain and suffering tells them that you understand and empathize with them.  Let them know that you care.


 2. Present them with your solution to their problem.  Ask yourself the question.  “What is the solution that I have to offer my prospect?”  Present your solution as a “cure” for all of the pain and suffering they are going through as a result of this problem.  Put yourself in the situation of your customer.  Would you make a decision on purchasing something unless you feel an excruciating pain?  Now is the time to identify all the benefits of your solution.  Identify how those benefits will improve their lives and how great they will feel when you take that pain and anguish away.

3. Explain what makes you different from your competitors.  To start, ask your present customers the following question, “Why do you deal with me rather than with (your competitor’s name).

The Info-Graphic Below gives you the Essential Basic Steps to Boost your sales:

Of course as a internet marketer you are in direct competition with your own Team, Your upline, Your Downlines, and all the other Network/affiliate marketers out there. ALLOW ME TO ASSURE YOU THAT THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR ALL. As Julie keeps telling us and I agree 100%, the universe has more than enough, only we humans have LIMITING beliefs that create the fears we bring forth through our thoughts & actions. So if you worry that there aren’t enough people out there for you, well guess what, you will feel the squeeze. So I urge you to listen to Julie’s Podcast HERE and start to create your abundance, this action alone will definitely boost your sales, better believe it!

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Remember taking consistent action is par of the course so, place your adverts knowing there are more than enough customers and business partners for you and everyone else inc. your team! YES THERE ARE! Affirm success and bless your Business Opp and all in it, Be grateful that it exists and lots of people including you are easily earning a great income from it. And Your adverts even if they may not hit every one of the advertising 101 strategies, WILL ATTRACT your target Market.

This doesnt mean you create any crappy Ad copy or be like everyone else. Make yours Stand out. Be Different in a cool rockstar kinda way. Once you know how you are different from your competitors, you need to communicate your differences succinctly, but not salesy. Those differences need to have a perceived value in the mind of your prospect, so help them along in your message.  It needs to be something they need, desire, or care about. See example below…Go ahead click on it too


I know what I always say to myself when I do any shopping.  What’s in it for me i.e. whats the benefit of this for me or my family? Answer that Question and you are quids in

Again, all of this starts with knowing the wants, problems, needs, and fears of your target market.  It ends with you putting together a message that speaks to those problems in a very compelling and believable way. 

One other way to boost your sales is to offer so much Value you get an endorsement from industry leaders. We just this week received a recommendation and mention from none other than Internet Marketing Rock-star Tanya Aliza We are honoured to share it HERE

Do the above 4 things, check out our recommended resources, follow the info-graphic template and you will create an irresistible message that makes your prospect want to know more and Boost Your Sales…See they’ll pull out their wallet and hit that BUY button…Chaching

Did you like the Infographic…well go download it and share it with your team, like and share this blog. Book mark it for future ref. Above all Share your Views below on how To Boost Sales or if you agree or disagree with above, We love a good ole debate!

As Always I believe in You

Pauli Kalungi

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