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Network Marketing Tips

If you’re looking for ways to keep you or your Online Network Marketing team motivated and duplicating then these tips are going to really help you out in your business.

We had this awesome opportunity to grab 15 minutes with an Internet Marketing Rockstar & India Leader. A Recruiting Machine to put it mildly. CEO & Founder of Team RockstarsGlobal & MLMTraining  & all round cool dude Ankur Agarwal!

He has made a fortune & continues to crush it online. He hit his first online Million $$ at age 27 & he literally enjoys the “Beach Lifestyle” every blessed day! Very briefly he gives us some Network Marketing Tips – Golden Nuggets to succeed online and we list some below:

#1. Use Own Domain Name

Instead of a company provided one which could come across as Spam & you will not stand out as any different from any other affiliates.

#2. Have a medium to capture your leads

A capture page or Squeeze page. It’s best to create your own, many tools online to do this Free & paid.

#3. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else

Esp. the gurus out there. Focus on generating 5-10 leads Per Day, Build a relationship, build a rapport with them…If you want to know what we are doing right now Crushing it literally do not hesitate to >>Check this Out <<

One of the most important nuggets we gleaned from Ankur Agarwal was: The Money is not in the List, Nope….But we don’t want to steal his thunder…Find out where the money is & what he does to create a steady flow of leads & cash flow in this Video, he gives you His Network Marketing Tips…

Interview with Ankur Agarwal Internet Marketing Entrepreneur & 7-Figure earner

We are positive you have got value from this interview & some ideas on how to get going. For more details on working with Our Team Use this Link

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