How to Handle Challenges and Create a Great 2017 in 7Steps!

The Art of Creating Life & Business Success from Challenges!  Winning Mindset

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Are you inundated with challenges to your dreams, career, health, or life in general? In today’s post I am gonna empower and kit you out with the 7 steps you can start taking today to create a turn around and create life, career, health or Business success from challenges

First I want you to know that Challenges are not brought to us to break us and bring us to our knees. Rather, they are meant to strengthen our endurance muscle, and bring out the strong beautiful, healthy, successful person inside! 

Yes, yes, I know it sounds easier said than done. especially so if you are facing a huge challenge and think: that Julie is only saying these things because she ain’t going through what I am going through…

Trust me we have seen some days….From a high flying practicing Solicitor & Engineer working with a World Bank project. A newly wed couple living in our own spacious home, with huge dreams. To an Auxiliary Nurse (no disrespect to this noble profession).

We came to UK from Uganda as two highly qualified professionals…The jobs were not forthcoming for me Julie. Paul was a full time student, we had a 1 yr old baby…We lived in a dark, damp, freezing cold flat, a far cry from our home in Uganda…Flu and coughs were constant visitors! Yet we understood the challenge we had, after all we had only just arrived in UK! 

I purposed to build a new career out of the support work/nursing & support my lil family. I worked like a woman possessed to prove myself worthy of a permanent job at the end of the 2 years.

I worked night and day, and God heard our prayers I got offered an apprenticeship in Social Housing, following hundreds of Applications. I couldn’t afford to give up the auxiliary nursing job. We had bills, a little girl, plus family to support back home. 8k wasn’t enough! (This was 3-4 nights/week PLUS all weekend). Long hours, sleepless nights, unreasonable supervisors…It got to me. I was missing our little girl’s special moments as a toddler. Left to minders for hours on end.  I was home sick, missing my fun filled life and career back home…I was always cold (British weather lol)!

Then I got pregnant with our 2nd child 2002…A whole new set of challenges arose!  Long story short, if you focus, believe, plan, Smile, laugh, dance, LIVE your life thankful for what you got and work your plan, life changes in magical ways…You can learn more about our early challenges in an interview Erik Christian did with us on Internet Marketing Success here

Well guess what, You might be going through that thing right now, but remember you aren’t the first, nor will you be the last…and It too shall pass. Hold that thought as you head on to learn a bit about us on our about page

Challenges? We have gone through our fair share and know there are more to come. It is called life! 

The Art of Creating Life & Business Success from Challenges! A Proven Blueprint. #motivationmondays #successtips #newyeartips





And for our Audience who prefer text or have hearing challenges Below are the Subtitles and full text Version on:  

How to create Business Success from Challenges! 

#1. Business Success from Challenges – Acknowledge the Challenge.

Not as a negative but as something to learn from. Something that has come to you, to get you to a better version of you! If you don’t acknowledge and face it, you will never be able to overcome it!

#2. Business Success from Challenges – Look for the Solution.

Ask yourself – HOW CAN I Solve this, what is the lesson in this? If you are a praying man/woman, then ask Source: Where is the lesson in this and what do you want me to learn from this and teach others? Ask this Question every day, several times if you can. AND PAY ATTENTION for the answer. It could come from unexpected sources and May not be What You expect!

This is a lesson I learnt from Graham Cooke a powerful man of Transformational Speaker and man of God!



#3. Focus on what’s good in your life, what works, anything that brings some light back into your soul! How to Create Business Success from Challenges #successtips #YourPowerEchoesConsider all Joys when you are faced with trials, challenges and speed bumps. Tests produce endurance in us and endurance allows us to stay the course to get to the other side. To shine our light out so others can see thru the darkness too!

Smile thru the pain because you will attract more to smile about! Submit yourself to the good, because that challenge too shall pass!   



#4. Business Success from Challenges – Seek help

Yes find and ask those that have been thru the same; how to get you to the other side. Could be a friend, family, a workmate, a Manager, a Mentor! Reach out to me. Let’s talk about it! Sharing is halving that load and that someone you share with may see things different and thus give you a perspective that gets you out of desolation to positive action! A Mentor will give you a road-map to a solution, to the results you wish because they have been there!



#5. Business Success from Challenges – Focus on What You want.

Look at any challenge with the End Result in mind. #successtips #YourPowerEchoes Click To Tweet

Look at any challenge with The End Result in mind. NO ONE WANTS a bad ending, a bad result. With this mindset see yourself Victorious, Successful already. Making huge sales, ranking up, Walking that Stage. Healthy, strong, getting that promotion etc. What is it you want? DO NOT focus on the problem, rather the solution! Force your mind to focus on the good, and the great! It’s not enough to think it, be 100% Persuaded that you are in control and you are loved and enough to overcome! This is FAITH! Be absolutely convinced that source wants an amazing outcome for you. Have Faith in Your ability to Find the victory in the challenge! 

Have Faith in Your ability to Find the victory in the challenge! #Inspirationalquotes… Click To Tweet



#6. Business Success from Challenges – Take Control of your Thoughts:

Well “As a man Thinketh, so he is” Ever read that book…Go read it.

Believe that You are victorious, visualize yourself in that place already. That better version of you after the challenge is done and gone. Do you know how to Visualize? Go to my website and check out the Winning mindset category for more on Visualization. How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as successful or as a failure? What you see in your mind/thoughts that’s what you will get in 2017 and beyond. So, I highly recommend that you see yourself as Awesome, Amazing, Great, Beautiful, simply unbeatable, Abundant. Start today to renew Your Thinking, renew your mind about your situation as an over comer!  This will open you up to see what Your Inner man, the source of all good things sees you as.

Start from a place of greatness, irrespective of your circumstances! The environment doesn’t determine the outcome. It’s Your Thoughts, what you confess and affirm with your lips, your words. That’s what will determine what happens to you in whatever situation, challenge you face. So, if this year has been harsh, you are still going thru some things, you have the power to breakthrough to an amazing outcome! Your Business and career success lies around the next step you take…Take that step, in SERVICE to others.

Your Business and career success lies around the next step you take #Businesssuccess… Click To Tweet



#7. Take Massive Positive Intentional Action towards your Dreams. This is the real McCoy, the key! Action is the antidote, the medicine to all ailments in Business, career and in most cases life!

Tony Robbins recommends this and so do all the Transformational Speakers that I know. If nothing seems to go your way, go out there and SERVE someone else. GIVE to someone, it may not be money. It could be your time, Resources, Skills, your ear, your smile. GIVE and Give abundantly, with ONE HEART and with NO Expectation to the outcome.

Work knowing victory is yours!

Do not make any allowance for defeat whatever the situation. Look for the victory, there is always one, So, go find it 1 Cor 15:57!

“but thanks, be to God, who gives us the victory [as conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ”

Victory is your starting place! There is an outcome a victory already assigned, yours to claim. If you rejoice in that victory and focus on the Action Steps towards it. Gratitude is thus the doorway to That Success. Be thankful in everything!

Every challenge carries with it a greater result. Graham Cooke calls it an Upgrade! So, in every challenge look for that point of connection to Your Upgrade. 

In every challenge look for that point of connection to Your Upgrade. #breakthrough… Click To Tweet

A negative mindset will only drag you into deep debt, lack, disease etc. It robs you of the power to become awesome!!!

Challenges refresh us, they build our endurance muscle so we can emerge and build great things and live our best life! So, keep a positive mind around that situation and confess awesomeness. There is nothing you can’t do, if you set your mind & focused intentional action to it!  Turn that challenge into a Celebration! You have the power!



Business Success from Challenges  Final Thoughts.

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