Out Top 6 Secrets to Succeed Online

Have You started an Online or Home Business and are Wondering How to make money?  In this Article we share Our 5 Super Secrets to succeed online and off line! Plus a bonus 6th! 

Well well this is the gazillion $$ question; what are the Secrets to Succeed Online or in a home based business? We were asked over the Easter dinner…

Trust when we say we’re often asked the question; if there is a secret, a magic wand to succeed online, or in network Marketing aka direct Sales & home based business. See the Secrets to succeed online are ensconsed in Our Thoughts, Vision, Belief, Feelings, Focus, Commitment, Learning and Consistent implementation!!! 

But first let’s ask you… Have you ever seen a new born walk, talk, self-reliant in one day, week, month…? Or an even better comparison, How many offline bricks and mortar businesses do you know opened and on day one, week, month, even 1 year; broke even and were in profit? Well trust me when we say it’s exactly the same in any home based business and more so in online marketing.

That said there are a few things you can do, some of our secrets to succeed online. We & numerous highly successful people use what we’ve put together to help you, they are our 6 secrets to succeed online. You will notice though that they aren’t just specific to online/network marketing. This was on purpose, because if you master the successful habits that work online, you can utilize & leverage same said habits in any business offline too.


Our 5 Secrets to succeeding online unveiled + Bonus 6th:

1. What does succeeding online mean to you? Decide this & Create a Schedule to achieve it. Do you want to earn enough money to pay off your credit card bill, or to take a lifetime vacation? You may want to pay off that 500k mortgage and build a 6-figure business? Do you know what you want to succeeding online? This will help you design a successful business strategy & schedule. Now your schedule should reflect the income level you want to achieve and the time you’re willing to commit to your online/home business success. You could

  • Dedicate 2 to 7 hours per week to your business. See you can earn extra money if that’s your goal thus you work part-time on your business!
  • Or you could Devote 14+ hours per week to your business. This is a great strategy if you want to build a team and a large online/home/network marketing business. So now you have made these decisions, and you are set up, its time to get the marketing done properly!



A USP one of the Secrets to Succeed Online

2. To succeed online you Must Create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) “A USP is defined as something that is unique, different, one of a kind, extraordinary, or rare”. Don’t mix this up with branding it’s not the same thing! Just know that most products/product lines that leverage a USP in their marketing strategy benefit massively in the long run. Once you have a USP tailored into your tagline, mission statement, adverts & anything with your name on it, well guess what you will be branding you inc. Confusing huh…not really! Of course in all your advertising you are using some killer headlines to actually attract your target market. Remember, a USP is the unique advantage that distinguishes your business from your competitors. It really is the important ingredient of your business, & what successful entrepreneurs do!

In order to develop an effective USP there are 3 important points to keep in mind:

  • Form your USP with the end in mind, from your prospects’ or clients’ point of view. You must know what your potential customers need, not what you think is awesome…the two are different!
  • Please make sure you don’t overstate your USP’s abilities in other words deliver exactly what you promise period!
  • Briefly describe the benefits (NOT features) of your USP for your customers or those who may do business with you; ideally in less than 100 words.

Make your USP a major component in the design of your sales copy and adverts. This by the way creates an idea in a prospect’s mind in the exact same way as a brand would. Therefore it’s a much better tool/strategy for small businesses, unless you have a massive advertising budget.

To learn more about creating a USP or how it can help, definitely Contact us for more details!

3. Outsourcing to the right people. Is one of the best kept secrets in how to succeed online in network marketing & offline! You need to free your time to focus on customer acquisition, so if you can get someone else to do a task for $5 -$20 for a couple of hours, for crying out loud DO IT! But you absolutely must vet them first. For instance you could give them a task to perform before you hire them & see how well they get on. This worked for us last year when we were looking to hire someone to do some research for us. Enter virtual assistant.

We tasked him with a research project and content curation, this was to test his capabilities, we really were looking for an excuse not to hire the man. He did great and we knew he was the right candidate, and he did a stellar job. This freed us to get on with a project we had to accomplish by December. And we did! Please do not to confuse activity with accomplishment in a virtual assistant and don’t for goodness sake make excuses for someone you may hire. If she/he doesn’t meet your criteria, move to the Next!


4. Most People miss this stage and its one of the most powerful tips or secrets to succeed online esp. in network marketing & offline. It goes hand in hand with scheduling your time. Know your highest Money Making Activities (MMAs) or Payoff activities. Spend 80% of your time doing those activities. Simple! Most successful entrepreneurs we know & interview say this. Know exactly what you should be focusing your attention on each day. DO IT. Know what is going to bring in the most revenue and what your strengths are. That is exactly what we mean by “Money Making Activities” or in Business Admin lingo “highest payoff activities.” Highly successful people know exactly what brings in the most revenue for the least amount of time and money.

We bet some of you are scratching your heads right now…asking yourself “How do I figure out what my highest pay-off activity is. Well let us help you out here, it’s quite simply… Connect with and Prospecting (We dont like to call it Prospecting that depicts chasing & pitching but heyho), Talk to more people, share your product, program, opportunity with more people…collect more decisions. Better still Close that sale! And to do these, you got to SMP…SHOW MORE PEOPLE it’s one of the biggest secrets to online success. That’s it!

5. Some of these secrets to succeed online or in your home based business are business logic. Make

Strengths & Weaknesses are part of Our Secrets to Succeed Online

Amplify Your Strengths Focused on Going Foward.

a list of your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES. Take a critical look at your list and determine which weaknesses just need some training, GET IT DONE! And Out of your STRENGTHS which brings you the most income in the shortest amount of time…Do More Of that! No one wants to work on their weaknesses in fact our advice is to Focus on Your strengths. We definitely recommend that you delegate your weaknesses, outsource them as Tim Ferris very succinctly encourages any entrepreneur to do in “The Four Hour Week. Elevate & strengthen your strengths and outsource or dump your weaknesses. Be SMART in your choices, in fact do go ahead and read this article by the amazing super woman Trishaly Banack on Smart Choices, the way you have never imagined! Time is a precious commodity, we only have 24 hours/day, so you must use your time wisely to become the success story you dream of. What do you say?

Mark our words and track, and you will notice that you make more money when you spend most of your time doing your MMAs.

In the same way create or make a list of your BUSINESS ACTIVITIES. Split them into

a) Money Making Activities e.g. Prospecting, Blogging, Advertising, Solos etc. And

b) Non Money Making Activities e.g. emailing, Facebooking (not prospecting), webinar replays (restrict these to a time slot and be strict). Now evaluate how much income/money you made versus the time you spent. This will give you a better idea of what brings you the largest income for the least amount of time spent. To suceed online, scale up the time you spend on the activities in a), and most definitely reduce the time you spend on b). We limit these activities to 90mins per day max. If you run your business part time reduce this further to 30 mins max!

6. Our last but not least secret to succeed online is one we hear, even tell others but then subconscioulsy miss…! Learn to affirm your success and be grateful for what you have today and the success Before you get there. Connect to your WHY and your Dreams the real reason you started your home business or network marketing. Focus your thoughts every morning to every reason why you are thankful and affirm these. Every evening take stock of your day and focus on all you are grateful for. If anything didnt go as planned envision it as you would have wanted it to happen & go to sleep with that vison in your mind. This is one of the habits of super successful people and one of the secrets to succeed online and in life in general! You can learn more about the secrets to succeed online and of super successful people here! And you can read more about how to create a Unique Selling Proposition mentioned in #2 above Here!

Hey did you like our secrets to succeed online? Well what’s your biggest take away? Share your thoughts below, like, bookmark… And what are you waiting for, go implement. Be consistent, persistent, focused to DO your MMAs & highest pay-off activities daily. It’s not enough to know what they are. You MUST DO for you! Schedule your Week & Days around your highest MMAs and success is only a matter of time for sure!

We know You Can, do You?

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