How to Get Unstuck in a JOB you hate Today! #successtips #motivationalmonday

How to Get Unstuck in a JOB you hate Today in 3 Proven Steps!  Time to Activate the Law Of Attraction in Your Life!

 You can get unstuck in a job you hate today! #MotivationaMonday #Successtips


I hear this lots and I sadly heard it again over the weekend!

“I hate my job, I wish I could change, you are so lucky Sylvia…Hmmm!”

The thing is you can get unstuck from a job you hate today! BUT do you have the guts, grit and the balls it takes to do so? I asked her right back: Why do you work in and keep applying for a job you are so obviously unhappy with? I wonder, why do people actively search for and stay in a job they vehemently dislike? See I have looked at the numbers…


Some statistics…

In 2015 60% of UK workers weren’t happy in their jobs! And the case wasn’t much better in USA where only 1% were happy…And the saddest lot 39% just drifting along…neither happy nor unhappy…the worst state to be!

Interestingly in UK, job satisfaction is deemed more important than pay (44%), while 30% rate feeling valued at work by management quite high according to the UK investor in people report . Now this is quite similar to entrepreneurs’ esp. Internet marketers who rate Rank Advancement and Recognition on Leader boards and at company events as right up there on numerous dream boards globally! You can see what experts say on UK Job satisfaction… a lil confused don’t you think! 

 How to Gte unstuck in a job you hate #UKjobs


My first thought was “You are what you think about!” Seriously Focusing on what YOU DON’T WANT, propagates it more into your life. If you inundate your life with how much you hate this and that…well you get more of that. So today I urge you to Stop looking at your job as a monster out to get you. Be thankful you have a means to survive, save some capital to INVEST in YOU and change your life!

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How to Get unstuck in a job you hate this year!


Anyone can Get Unstuck in a Job you hate! #successtips #biztipoftheday

How about you try this? After all It keep you warm, fed and ticking along!

#1 Get unstuck in a job you hate – Believe it, See it, Act on it and it will come true! And Fear by the way is one of the biggest things that keep us stuck. You don’t have to be stuck in a job you hate if you face that fear in the face Listen to our Podcast on how to deal with fear and Obliterate it. What, you expecting a magic wand?…Read on 



#2 To Get unstuck in a job you hate – Whats your Skill or Talent? – Instead of feeling stuck in a job you hate, how about finding that which attracted you to it, over and above the pay check or find something you like about it. Focus your thoughts on that part of your job, or business and let that feeling expand, shadowing the less attractive parts. If you only got that job for the paycheck, FIND something good about it…if its only that paycheck, ten start today to appreciate it like never before! 

If your job is something you are trained to do or you are talented in, how about truly tapping into your talent or gift and start to reach out to more people and helping them with your gift! Decide today what you want to do with that talent say in 2-5 years’ time. How do you develop that more and get it to “Pay you.”  Don’t let your work environment, that manager you think has it in for you, your unproductive business partners, the customer who cancelled the order, the downlines that quit or don’t produce, the upline who abandoned you, don’t focus on these things, because you will attract more of that. Instead focus on the customer that made an order even if it was months ago, how do you serve them more and better. Focus on the results that are helping more people out there. They will become your brand ambassador. Your current circumstances shouldn’t be used as an excuse for being unresourceful. Start today to hone your talent and serve others more and you won’t be stuck in a job you hate for long!

get unstuck in a job you hate! Find & hone your talent!

This is that time of year and there will be moments in your life that are natural turning points. When a window is open to help you stop being stuck in a job you hate or help you turn your business around. This is when you must follow your instinct and focus on YOUR Talent or Skills! This is when to plan on Your Happiness! WHAT Do you want to do? Trust your Inner man more. Learn to tune in and trust YOU! The answer will come and it can be in any form! Don’t worry about the How!  

So let me ask you….

What is your talent? Can you nurture that talent to take action towards your dream job OR build a business or build a life that you want? (We have to agree that not all of us are entrepreneurial, just as not all are astronauts, engineers or street sweepers!)


Our Super Tip: Find your Skill and/or talent; base your life or 80% of your time building that talent and skill up whether in your work, business or life. You will be happier day by day, you will find that the job you hate, is actually not so bad, your business will start to bear fruits and well, being stuck in a job you hate…which job? You love what you do.

So your job today is simple! It’s time to get uncomfortable for the short term, in order to have Long term gain and satisfaction! Tighten your belt, save up and INVEST IN YOUR SELF EDUCATION for a talent un-nurtured is a wasted talent! In order to have what you want you gotta BE the change you want DO the actions you Must and you will Have what you want. Be willing to do what others aren’t willing to do. Coz you will have what they cannot have! Luck is created. That job won’t be nasty, you won’t mind working a lil harder. For You are a pen in God’s had and thus the author of your own book on your life.

How to Get unstuck from a job you hate! #inspirationalquotes

You are the author of your Book! Write a good one!


#3 Get unstuck in a job you hate- Embrace Change – Yes, you are not a toddler or highs school babe anymore, 1999 is a long gone memory just as 2015 has been and gone. Meaning CHANGE happens. So if you embrace change and look forward to it, you will attract it…What you focus your thoughts on though, The POSITIVE CHANGE or the CURRENT status quo is what you will attract. See this is how you activate the law of attraction in your life. The key to unlock your new career is Your Intention! Human intention has been proven time and time again as the key to attract what you want, Make it your POSITIVE mission to get what you want! If you allow yourself to get into a numb state of working the 9-5, or allowing your business to got to rot, then misery or AVERAGE will become your portion! You must reach for something bigger than you. Change your vibration from numbness to Positive ACTION aligned with strategic plans towards your dream Job or Business = results! I have learned over the last 3 years that everything we go through started with a thought! In my mind or someone’s! 

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You can watch Casey Zeman’s Full Scope on the USA Job stats here. It’s almost the same in UK. Only UK is way smaller literally and thus the stats sound more dire! 

Get more committed to your dream job, than any hope or reality going on right now. You want to stop being stuck in the job you hate right! You desire the key to the law of attraction activation in your life? Well its possible with your Targeted focused Action! Heck you start today to change your life, invest in something that will change your status today, in 2-5 years’ time you will reap the fruits of your labour and thoughts. This is how to get unstuck in life or career. Yet do nothing and well there will be no fruits, no change! Its time to repair your life Create the Change you desire! Doing the same thing year after year is not the way to get unstuck from a job you hate or a life you despise and dislike! You have to change You to see change in your life. In fact you need to change what you say to change what you see…Listen to the broadcast with his same title below to understand what I mean! 


I have been so blessed to have a partner that supports me in my journey to change and who has stood with me as I went from one platform to another. 3 Yrs today we chose this vehicle as a means to learn the ropes and grow as a brand and we haven’t looked back. Today we have an authority blog and work with an amazing team of people! I can work in any part of the world as long as there is an internet connection…We travel the world as VIPs and we love our life. WHY because we embraced CHANGE! Today you too can make a decision that you no longer wish to be stuck in a job you hate! That you are worthy of more, that you have a dream and it’s time to take daily action to the direction you have always desired

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You are absolutely amazing and deserve more…

Live. Learn. Love

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