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Content Marketing can be a Hit & Miss for many! Here is How to Drive more Traffic to your Web Page (With No Budget)

Content marketing is a learned art and for many a frustrating experience & guess what, It doesnt have to be! Do you spend hours drafting an epic blog post or newsletter,  publish, check back 24hrs later & Its as dead as a morgue …? Not a single visitor showed up!  Absolutely Zero social engagement & of course Zero conversions. It used to be that you write quality content and you are king! Not anymore, today you have to actively promote your content & learn how to drive more traffic to your website; and because we’ve been there, I would like to introduce to you a content promotion idea that will seriously explode your web page visitors if implemented!

It is not hard to Piggy back on an industry leader’s piece of content and Generate Leads that way as long as you give credit where its due!

Below is a Content Marketing Idea that I’d like to share with You; Scoop.It

Scoop.It is a content curation platform, and is one the best ways to promote content and build quality backlinks all in one…we love this tool. We only just started using it and I can tell you we’re seeing a higher rate of page visibility on our blogs than before! The way this works is that people collect their favorite content from across the web and publish it in a format similar to Flipboard.

The best feature of is the high  page-rank with tens of thousands of active readers looking for YOUR content! And here is the deal and why I’m excited about it…Its FREE to create an account & start getting jiggy with other scoopers! Yessss! Lots of high ranking Websites use top among them being Digital Marketer in fact I first learned about via DM training.

You can literally get thousands of page views for your content/blog post for instance as of today the blog below got more that 40k viewers and scoopers…! Can you imagine what this type of content marketing & promotion could do for your website rankings & brand? Short of having the worst offers or no offers at all, you will get people opting  into your offers & buying…kerching! Content marketing idea

To get your content featured on these pages, like I said you create a Free account & enter a keyword related to your content. You could also use the grid button to check any high level category related to your niche, simple! The trick is to make sure the content is related to your niche & has a large number of page views, some pages go into 3 figure views! The more the followers, the higher chances of most being on Social Media like Twitter, Facebook etc. where you can link up as well and you are in content marketing business, with a highly targeted and interested audience! These same readers can also share your content to various social media channels directly via, it cant get any better than this! Remember to pepper your content with links to older posts altogether tied in with a link or two to your offers or products and you will be getting some lead juice as they go through those older posts and find even more of your offers. Remember the longer they stay on your website the better, so make sure some of your back links are to some of your older posts, this is one of the ways to rejuvenate & keep them fresh, and to drive traffic to them too in the process!

Back to For better content promotion, I recommend that you to follow people with popular pages & large Twitter followings. You will be hitting double home run here! When you are looking for ranking pages you must “suggest” your content too. Here is how you do it: Navigate to one of the Scoop.It pages meeting your criteria and click “suggest”, you then enter your URL and select the appropriate Scoop.It page from the menu and click on “Suggest” again.Content Marketing Suggestions

This alerts the owner that you’ve suggested content for their Scoop.It page. If they like your content, they’ll post it to their page and you’ll have a link referring targeted traffic to your site. And get this, many readers do “re-scoop” the content to their pages, and share it on social media thus more social signals. More links. More traffic. Content marketing & promotion at its best 🙂 Awesome!

This tool keeps giving! One of the best ways to share even more of your content is by using the drop down next to the search bar. Scroll through the categories and find a topic most related to your content/niche, click the “Recommended Topics” tab. This is how you to drive traffic to your website or blog Free! How, by you suggesting your content to any related pages. See image below for guidance

Drive traffic to your website

Scroll through and see what topics each user is curating. If the topics are related to your content, click through and see what type of traffic they get, follow them &, remember in giving you receive, share some one’s scoop and they will check yours out, follow you who knows what mutual benefit will come out of this! Check out this Blog Shares, Over 1.5k; think outside the box, its now all about being social & connecting with influencers. Your Content could be simply what John D already posted weeks ago, but with curation & a growing following you will rank way higher and get more page views than you ever imagined! You will get followers! And this is how you do your Content Marketing on It is a great tool to earn links and Drive more targeted traffic to your web pages & content! And did I say you can do this with ZERO Budget, whatever you’re promoting on or offline…! Next time we shall talk about content curation…Watch this space!


Watch this very well set out Tutorial on how to Use for your Content Marketing

So what are you waiting for..Go Scoop.It and If you enjoyed this Post, by all means share it and leave a comment below! Happy Content Marketing y’all!

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