6 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Exotic Dangerous Animals I Battled

6 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Exotic Dangerous Animals I Battled.

By Ryan Biddulph! 

Blogging can be equated to many things, yet we had never equated it to dangerous, exotic, wild animals until we hooked up with today’s guest writter.

Neither is it often that we have the pleasure of having a well of wisdom share their nuggets on how to create success by blogging.

Well, today we have the amazing Ryan Biddulphlifting the veil on the blogging Lessons learnt from Exotic Dangerous animals he physicaly battled. When Ryan shares his titanium nuggets, we pay attention. Why?

Because, Ryan is a blogging Juggernaught, a New York Best selling author and entrepreneur. 

Ryan is an extremely prolific blogger, internet marketer and online publisher, who prides himself on writing at least 6000 words per day. He set out to self-publish one book per week and he is a thought leader in the blogosphere and Internet marketing space. Ryan Biddulph is the CEO and owner of “Blogging from Paradise,” a blogging and social media marketing expert and an Author of a whopping 126 Blogging Books Published on Amazon

He has been featured on Entrepreur, The HuffPost, Forbes, New York Times, Google, the list is loong! 

When he isnt busy writting up a storm, and sun worshiping, Ryan is a hubby to Kelli and a Travel Junkie…Just like we are! 

And, without further ado, Welcome Ryan!


Julie asked me to surprise her and you fabulous folks.

So…..instead of playing it small and reaching for a pea shooter I went for the Howitzer.

I have circled the globe for the past 6 years, living in exotic locations like Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica for months at a time.

Slow travel had enabled me to see, do and experience some wild things.

Forget about the wackier people I’ve come across, including 2 Thai ladyboy prostitutes who stalked me in Bangkok. 2 wild men in Nepal who attacked me (1 punch, 1 bite). And a somewhat enlightened but irascible individual who due to a wicked war injury and a strong sense of detachment once interviewed me wearing a cape and nothing else.


Nah….the humans are for another blog post. Today we are talking about the animals.

I learned 6 successful blogging lessons from encounters with dangerous, sometimes deadly, wild animals or creatures!

If you are struggling terribly with your blog and need some inspiration sit back, relax and soak up these golden nuggets.

Just look over your shoulder a few times to make sure nothing is crawling toward you. 

6 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Exotic Dangerous Animals I Battled.


1: Size Matters – Blogging Lessons from Bullet Ants in Costa Rica.

My wife Kelli and I once lived in the *deep* remote jungles of Costa Rica for 6 weeks. We saw everything; toucans, Mealy Amazon parrots, snakes, army ant colonies marching through the house, monkeys, scorpions, poison dart frogs, centipedes and…bullet ants.

Bullet ants are HUGE ants which pack the most painful insect sting on earth. Feels like you’ve been shot. Hence the name.

These guys were a dime a dozen deep in the jungle; everywhere. It was harrowing. One minute you’re cruising along a jungle path enjoying the peace and quiet. The next minute brutal jaws seem to be making a beeline for your feet.

I once used a dish towel to whip a bullet ant from the kitchen sink; if I was a second slow I’d have been in agony for 3 days.

These guys taught me that size matters. They are huge, spanning well over an inch. Big jaws are housed on a sturdy, stout body. Can’t miss ‘em.

Like a regular ant on enough steroids to turn the Geico Gecko into Godzilla.

Size matters with your blog posts too. 400 words usually ain’t gonna cut it. But writing 1,000 to 2,000 word posts – or longer – grabs attention spans, appeals to search engines and helps you build a rock solid brand through your blog.

2: Blunt Works in Some Situations – Blogging Lessons from a Centipede in Thailand.

Ryan Biddulph on Blogging lessons learnt from Dangerous Animals!

A few weeks ago an 8 inch long Scolopendra centipede sprinted into the kitchen. These legendary guys are renowned for their aggressiveness, their ridiculously powerful venom, their armor like coating and their blinding speed.

People stung by the pede often suffer pain for months. Some folks even die after being bitten.

I immediately threw the dog to the side, grabbed a broom and proceeded to hunt the centipede around the house.

He hid in dark corners. I roused him out. After 20 minutes of cat and mouse I pushed him into the open and batted him out of the house, Babe Ruth style. No way in paradise I could take a delicate approach. Blunt was the only way to go with a highly venomous, insanely aggressive, dangerous and lightning fast centipede in the house.

Bluntness sometimes works with blogging too. Being clear and direct helps higher energy folks understand where you are coming from. Lower energy folks may get offended or annoyed or agitated but that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

If someone attempts to barter in regards to freelance writing rates I email back: “rates non-negotiable.”  I waste zero time with tire kickers. I treat my rates as goods with price labels. Some call it bluntness; I call it clarity.



3: Blogging Lessons – Bring the Right Tools (Spitting Cobra in Bali)

When living in Bali we dealt with a spitting cobra that raided the chicken coop. 2 baby chicks and the mom were killed.  Fortunately, one of our fellow house sitters dispatched of the spitter with a spade.

He called us to the other end of the compound with a request: bring a spade, there’s a snake in the chicken coop.

We arrived at the scene. A spitting cobra danced left and right as our friend positioned himself well outside the venom spitting range. These snakes could blind you if they nailed you in the eyes.

He shined a flashlight in the snake’s eyes to disorient it and moved in quickly with the long spade to decapitate it.

He had the right tools for the job.

Bloggers, you need to use the right tools to build a successful blog. A domain and hosting, a WordPress blog and a healthy library of plug ins are the minimum. Using the right tools positions you to succeed. Using the wrong tools – or no tools at all – is as deadly to your blogging career as facing a spitting cobra with a twig.



4: Sometimes Ya Gotta Have Cajones (Bird Eating Spider in Thailand)

Ryan Biddulph on Blogging lessons learnt from Dangerous Animals!

These days, I am showering with a bird eating spider. Don’t worry; my wife knows this.

A Thai black tarantula – aka the Thai bird eating spider – has set up shop in the bathroom. We see him nightly. He is a juvenile but still darn big.

They are hyper aggressive and venomous, a wicked combo, but if I don’t want to stink. So, I nut up and take the freaking shower. 

I’ve become so accustomed to facing my fears during my world travels that I simply proceed as if he is not there. I also know that 99% of the time, no creature attacks unless you threaten it. So, I shower and gain power by facing my fears.


To succeed with blogging, you gotta face your fears. The fear of failing, fear of being criticized, fear of losing it all. All of your blogging dreams lie on the other side of fear.


If you are struggling with your blog, stop cowering to your fears. Knife through them. No matter how uncomfortable the experience, this is what you need to do to succeed with your blog.


5: Spot Patterns Blogging Lessons from Krait in Bali

I saw the bright blue band move through the tall grass.

Why would the staff throw away a candy wrapper on the property?

We lived at a huge villa in Bali in 2015 for 6 months. One quiet afternoon I saw a bright blue form in the bushes and one kitty we were watching an inch from the form.

The Balinese staff would never toss trash on the grounds, so that meant…..snake!

I grabbed the cat – who ripped into my hand out of sheer surprise – pulled him away and the snake vanished in seconds.

I spotted one pattern, and one deviation from a pattern.


1 – For the deviation, seeing what I thought was trash on the spotless grounds was a red flag.

2 – The split second after the red flag registered I filtered the bright blue color as a venomous snake, which turned out to be a deadly krait.

Cat safe, patterns saved the day.


As a blogger, you’re in the business of spotting patterns. Which blog post gets the most comments? The most shares? Why did someone buy your online course? Or eBooks?


Build a profitable blog – and save Balinese cats from lethal snakes – by spotting patterns.




6: The Delicate Touch Works too (Scorpion in Thailand)


Biddulph ain’t some brute; I use a delicate touch too.

A few weeks ago in Thailand – seems to be a running line here – a 4 inch long scorpion sauntered into the kitchen. He was chill, really. I gently coaxed him out of the house with a push broom. On the first love tap his pincers and stinger went into attack mode. He was scared, ready to defend himself. Pushing harder could result in a nasty sting. So, I patiently and softly redirected him toward the back porch, calmly nudging him toward the garden.

The delicate touch works on the blogging front too. Moving your opt in form one widget higher, above the fold, can boost your opt-ins at a sick pace. A subtle blog post title change can yield an extra 500 visitors.

The gentle touch works sometimes.

Your Turn

What blogging lessons have you learned today?

Have you ever seen these critters in the wild? (Excluding me)



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More About Ryan Biddulph: 

Ryan gave up his boxed, restricted, boring life back in New Jersey and “retired to a life of island hopping,” to inspire others to do the same through smart blogging. He has travelled all over Asia, South and Central America, Europe, and is based in Bali. In his own words:

I’ve successfully engineered an island hopping, globe-trotting lifestyle based solely on my blogging income.

I’ve been able to retire from my 9-5 job to become a full time professional blogger.

My blogging success has afforded me the ability to live for months in places like Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Peru and Nepal.

My first 2 blogging eBooks were endorsed by world renowned business genius Chris Brogan, a New York Times Best Selling Author and business advisor to brands like Coca Cola, Disney, Google, GM, and luminaries like Richard Branson, Paulo Coelho and Tony Robbins.

Wow, Did we say Wow? Well how about you? 

Share your thoughts, insights and experiences below. Like, bookmark, and what are you waiting for, go reach out and connect with your audience better by applying these blogging lessons. Start with Ryan on Twitter right here. Consistency, a healthy dose of patience, persistence, focused action, gets you The Results you desire

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