Make Money on Pinterest – My Unique Strategy for Pinterest Traffic 2017

Make Money on Pinterest – My Unique, Battle Tested Strategy for Pinterest Traffic 2017 #3 is our Favorite!

How do you get more Pinterest traffic 2017 and beyond and make more sales with this platform?

In this post, I will share the 4 Simple yet effective steps that we are using to attract more traffic to our offers from Pinterest, and make more sales in our primary home business and training products!

This 2017 Pinterest Strategy, we come up with in the last quarter of 2016 and have been tweaking and testing out to fix some things coming into the First Quarter of the year 2017

In this free training, I share the steps we have taken to improve our traffic and Opt-ins and How we get Traffic from Pinterest on Autopilot!

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So, what are these Steps?

Maybe you have been out there pinning saving and wondering how come you aint getting that much of a ping from Pinterest! and you’re prospecting a lot of people online or offline and just not responding to you. Here are some suggestions for you.

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I truly believe that you can make any platform work for you with the right mix of passion, skills, action and AUTOMATION! 

For those that know Paul and I, we also love to enjoy our lives and travel for fun. So we truly have to ensure we automate as many processes as we can in our business. We share some resources in the video above to help you do that too, because we are pretty sure yo want to free your time to enjoy more of your life as well!

So, below is the breakdown of Our Very Simple Strategy. Plus, the 4 Simple tweaks we have made, to keep pulling in traffic from Pinterest! 

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Make Money on Pinterest – My Unique Strategy for Pinterest Traffic 2017



Pinterest Traffic 2017 #1 – Keyword Pin Descriptions

Okay this is something I find a bit sad, as a description gives your audience a snippet of what they are gonna get as opposed to bare words. But this is what is working for a Pinterest Rockstar like Jamie Oliver, so why not for me and you!

So, instead of giving a Snippet of info in your Pin description like below:

My 7 Steps to Travel more on a Budget, without becoming a hermit of a bore.

Do this: Travel tips| Travel on a budget| Budget Travel| Save on Travel| How to save on travel

You get the picture?



Pinterest Traffic 2017#2. Refreshing or Pin Looping 

This is when you save/repin your content and move it to the top of your boards again. We have boards that are Branded to us and we Pin ONLY OUR content to these boards. This is great for tracking and scaling purposes and is absolutely essential for you to do asap.



Pinterest Traffic 2017 #3. Automate your Pining process.

No need to carry the donkey 2017+ use Tailwind to do that and let it get to work for you! Automation & killer analytics/tracking of the process via this resource. I build the trust factor via our posts and follow up sequence and we get targeted leads who ultimately choose to buy!



Pinterest Traffic 2017 #4. Less is More. 

Pin less often while doing more to your most popular or best performing boards.  Yes, I know I have been preaching the gospel of pinning lots and giving your pins a chance to gain traction. But if you follow the process I share in the Video Below, you won’t need to do much of that.  (We have lately tried out the pinning less strategy and seen better quality traffic to our website.)




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